Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Foolish Games.. (18)

Alrighty! So, this was supposed to be posted like.. 2 days ago? But I totally got sidetracked and stuff! *slaps self* bad Lilo! But there wouldn't have been anything to post anyway since I just started working on it, so yeah -.- I'm sorryy, I'll askit now and start typing. You know, there's this purple ribbon thingie I wear around my wrist everyday and I took it off yesterday before going to "sleep" and by sleep I mean reading in bed, anyway I couldn't find it this morning! I just found it wrapped around one of the porcelain dolls' heads, bandana style, and now I can never get it back! :( They creep me out, akhaf I reach out to untie it and it suddenly comes to life and bites me or decapitates me or something along those lines *shudders* creepy! I hate those dolls wai3 wai3 -.- Someone come untie it for me? Please? *sniff*
But I digress! Next post now? Yes? Alright! Mm this post is very blah? Inshalla next one will be better, I just really don't know where things are going now so I'm buying time shwaya until I do! Love you guys! :*
Ma7ad proof-read this, itha fee mistakes, let me know!:(


Ritaj's procrastination ranged from constant coffee/chocolate breaks, to removing her nail polish and suddenly acquiring the memory of an elephant and telling me stories she conveniently "forgot" until she had to answer a question or recite a formula. Even through her exercising every method available to deter us from studying, we miraculously managed to finish the previously agreed on chapters with time to spare.

"That's it?" She asked disbelievingly with widened eyes. "No way!"

"Yup and we would've finished about an hour ago if you would've paid attention for more than 10 minutes at a time!" I admonished.

She rolled her eyes and threw an empty water bottle at me, "Shasawee?! It's boring! Kila numbers w formulas w tables w definitions and YUCK!" She defended.

"Well nobody forced you to take it, you're majoring in English Lit. and you insisted on wasting a free elective on it! What possessed you to do so, seriously?!" I asked incredulously for the millionth time that semester.

"Madri, I thought it'd be a piece of cake! I figured a-ccounting.. counting! Who can't count, right?" She asked as she got up and stretched.

I stared at her blankly for minutes in silence.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing, your logic just knocked the wind right out of me, that's all." I replied.

"What-e-verrr, I'm gonna go take a shower, 1o minutes I promise, I feel like my hair stinks of numbers!" She exclaimed as she walked away shuddering.

Instinctively, I knew there was no way Juju would be done in less than 20 minutes and I debated the merits of calling 3azeez for about a split second before I picked up the phone and punched in his number. It rang once.. twice.. three times... I felt like I was being too pushy and was about to hang up when I heard his groggy voice through the phone.

"Hello?" he barely whispered.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry! Khalas go back to sleep!" I whispered back.

"Hmm bossy, I like it." He teased. "Hala bilGhala kila."

I giggled involuntarily and ignored his comment, "Did you know that there isn't a word in the english language that rhymes with month?"

"La walla?" He asked surprisedly, "Wait.. Bonth, conth, donth, fonth, sonth, tonth.. ee walla, chena mako? How'd you know?"

"I have a lot of free time on my hands, I read it somewhere online I think?" I replied.

"Hmm interesting, but I doubt you called to share random facts with me, what's up?"

"Nothing.. I figured I'd play the part of the dutiful girlfriend and let you know I'm going out.. and there might be a slight chance that I'm using that as an excuse to talk to you 'cause there might be an even SLIGHTER chance that I might be missing you. Bas shway. Stop smiling."

I heard his contagious laughter through the phone and resisted the urge to slap myself for my uneccessary confession.

"Baby, I miss you more, trust me." I smiled a little smugly at his insistence, "Wain ray7a?"

"Chocolate bar.. It's Juju's reward for finishing the first 3 chapters of the final! Joori's picking us up in about 10 minutes or so." I added.

"La walla? How'd she get out of the family gathering?!" he asked.

I laughed at his irritation, "Madri but I'm so glad she did! I love that girl, she's such a sweetheart!"

"I'm beginning to think maybe you hooked up with the wrong cousin.." He trailed off teasingly.

"Me too!" I joined in and laughed, "Wait, she's calling me, this is my cue to ditch you!"

"Khalas 3ayal 7abeebti, go have fun. I love you."

My heartbeat accelerated to a frantic pace, I don't think I'm ever gonna get used to hearing him say that.

"I.. uh.. love your dimples." I replied awkwardly.

He burst out laughing, "WHAT?"

I blushed and berated myself for my lame response, "I gotta go, take care, bye!" I said quickly and hung up. I covered my face with my hands while I waited for my heartbeats to return to normal. I looked up to find Ritaj looking at me questioningly.

"You love his dimples?" She asked, amused.

"Chub. Joori barra, yalla!"

I applied concealer and blush in record timing, threw on a grey cardigan over my white top, pulled a pair of grey boots over my jeans and ran to the car.

"Call waiting, haa?" She asked as she wiggled her eyebrows, "Who were you talking to?"

"Who else?!" I asked exasperatedly and attempted to pull my hair out.

She laughed, "Laish?? Shimsawee!"

"Nothing, he's just so.. madri!!" I replied and proceeded to communicate in sound effects and "aww"s

"Umm.. ee 7adda!" She replied confused.

"Nevermind me, how's you?" I asked enthusiastically, it felt weird talking to Joori about her cousin so I seized the opportunity to change the subject.

"I'm great! One more week left til freedom, any plans?" She asked.

"EE! Baroo7 London 3ind Khalood for 2 weeks!" I exclaimed as I drew hearts in the air.

"Aww yaay! Allah i3een 3azooz!" She said teasingly.

I laughed and replied, "I'm sure he'll do just fine. I told him to come with, don't think he's going to though."

Ritaj finally decided to join us and we made our way to chocolate bar with Joori providing entertainment in the form of lame jokes.

At the table..

Joori was acting strangely jumpy the whole time. She kept checking her face in the mirror or looking around the place expectantly.

"That's what's different!" Ritaj exclaimed suddenly, "I've never seen you with that much makeup on before!"

"Is it too much?" Joori asked worriedly as she checked her face again.

"Noo killish!" I reassured her, "It's just different than usual, you look really good."

"Aww thanks!" She replied and turned around to scan the room again.

I exchanged confused looks with Juju, "Are you expecting someone?" I asked curiously.

She hesitated a little before answering, "Ha?" She asked and giggled nervously, "Why would you think that? I'm not."

Ritaj shot me a knowing look and turned to give Joori her undivided attention, "What's his name? Spill!"

She still seemed a little hesitant to share any details about whoever she was waiting for. I forgot that she might be put in an awkward position considering that I'm her cousin's girlfriend.

"You don't have to worry hun, whatever it is, it's not my story to tell!" I reassured her.

She smiled understandingly, "Wahab." She said as she turned 7 shades of red.

"Awwwwww!" We exclaimed in unison.

"What are you awwwing about! I still didn't say anything!" She said as she mock-glared at us.

We burst into a fit of giggles and composed ourselves before waiting patiently as she filled us in on the details. Apparently they had met 2 years ago and have been together ever since. They were both attending the same lecture and he encountered her on the stairs where he told her, and I quote, "Tara intay 7ilwa." Joori was caught off guard by his random statement followed by his laughter, missed a step and fell on the stairs. She ended up breaking one of her heels so she stayed put and he sat down next to her. She kept on ignoring him but it didn't stop him from talking to her, she eventually gave in and they spend the hour in the quiet stairway talking about everything and nothing.

"Aww are you clumsy ba3ad? I think I'm falling in love with you more and more!" I said.

"Haha, sorry but no! I was just shocked, I mean, who says that!! You know?" She explained.

I laughed, "Yeah, we get it." Ritaj replied smilingly.

Joori's eyes were staring at something by the door, we followed her gaze to find a guy standing there smiling lovingly at her. We silently whispered awws to eachother as she motioned for him to come to the table. He didn't as much as look in our direction, it was clear that he only had eyes for her. He belatedly realized she wasn't alone and took a step back, she told him it was okay and he came over. She blushed as he kissed her forehead and sat down.

"Wahab, this is Ritaj and this is Ghala.." She made the hasty introductions.

"It's nice to finally put faces to the names! Wait.." He said as he turned to face Joori, "THE Ghala? 3azooz's girlfriend?" He asked and she nodded.

"Wow, I'm famous!" I joked lamely to hide the surprise that he knew about me.

"I grew up with 3azooz, we're good friends, it's not like the whole world knows 3annich, bas ana, I didn't even know your name ila min Joori." He clarified.

I sighed in relief and smiled. Juju managed to work her magic and break the ice between us and Wahab very quick and we got to know him a little better. He was funny, easygoing and very down to earth. Most importantly, he seemed to worship the ground Joori walked on, and she told him with every look she gave and every secret smile she hid that she felt the exact same way. It didn't take a genius to see that they were a match made in heaven.

"You know what would be funny?" Juju asked out of the blue, "If 3azeez was to come in here to surprise G and find his close friend sitting with his cousin all lovey dovey and what not.. okay maybe not funny as much as OH EM GEE but yeah!"

"He wouldn't..would he?" I asked Joori

She exchanged a secret smile with Wahab and told him she'd call him when she got home, we said our goodbyes and he left. The moment he left Joori let out a big contented sigh. She remained that way for most of the day, she was on her little happy cloud, barely acknowledging anyone's existence, lost in her own thoughts of Wahab.

I waited expectantly for 3azeez to "surprise me" but he never showed up. I didn't even go to sleep early in hopes of him coming through my window at any moment. No such luck. I was just about to call it a night when my phone vibrating.

1 New Message

Remember Me?

Outgoing message

I should be asking you that, I was beginning to think you gave up on me ;p

1 New Message

Not in a million years :*

Outgoing Message

You expect me to believe that you'll always be waiting for me?

1 New Message

For as long as it takes, yes.

Outgoing Message

My phone vibrated again. Incoming call. I took a deep breath and answered.

"Hi." I whispered.

"Because your eyes disappear when you smile."

"Huh?" I asked confusedly.

"Your eyes, they disappear. And your smile takes over your face, and for those few moments, nothing in the world matters as much as keeping that smile plastered on your face." He paused to take a breath, "You're worth the wait. Goodnight."




love ;** said...

he is such a charmer, but not in a sleazy way in a loving way!

And you describing Wahab and joori's looks and smiles gave me goose bumps, then I teared up but thats a good thing lool, it just reminds me of my baby ;(

once again beautifully written, tadren ina I found out a few days ina its you Lilo writing this ;**

TeenagerAtSea said...

3ziz is so blunt, bs in a good way.
Joori w Wahab are so "awww" w hem Ghala w 3ziz.. inshalla it stays that way 3ad;p

SlouchyPants said...

When I saw that you posted I actually threw my mobile away with the McDonald's delivery guy screaming "Ma'am, ma'am" :P that's right, I gave up my precious cheese burger for you!

Then my stomach started to rumble so I stopped reading and ordered. Sorry, junk is very important to me.

ANYWAY! LOVED IT AS USUAL! bas the guy in the end, he's not 3azeez?

sexy_sour_sweet said...

but who was the guy???


love;** ;7araaam lol *hug* allah ikhaleekum 7ag ba3ath! aww thank you :* lol wayid people don't know, the whole multiple account thing is confusing!

TeenagerAtSea; lol inshalla ;p

SlouchyPants; LOL flattered! Haha in your face McDonald's hmph for a few moments anyway! yaaay <3 Imbala he is? I was half asleep when I wrote that part lol sorry if it's unclear! :*

sexy_sour_sweet; YAY :* 3azeez :(

Starlight<3 said...

This post was amazing, You doubt yourself too much ;*

"I.. uh.. love your dimples." I replied awkwardly.

LOOOOOOOOL! I adore her, I love the fact that I can read a love story from time to time where the girl is imperfect, she doesn't know what to say at the right times, how to behave when she's around him and the best part, he wouldn't have her any other way.

I like reading stories like your because it makes me feel like I'm not the only one who can't walk in a straight line and will trip on air, and jumbles up her words for no reason. ;p

I'm sitting here sick with a cup of noodle soup and your story just put a gigantic smile on my face as always. You make my day :)


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, Ghala and 3azeez are the CUTEST <33

Post soon xoxo

Noodles said...

this is my fav. part ever!
wahab <3

CuteandCuddly said...

cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!
and my eyes are tearing because of how cute he is :)
i am so jealous :(
can they clone him for me :)


Starlight<3; aww thanks babes:*

I'm glad you can relate to her lol and I'm even gladder that fee people that clumsy! You guys give me hope <3 most of my friends are painstakingly coordinated, it's a huge blow to my ego being around them -.-

matshofeen shar hun! :( aww your comment just made mine! :*

Anonymous; Yayy glad you enjoyed it <3 Min my eyes!

Noodles; LOL figured ;p

CuteandCuddly; LOL aww as soon as they perfect the cloning process, I'll be sure to make them send a 3azeez your way;p

Lost b2amreeka. said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Goosebumps!!! GOOSE EFFIN BUMPS!!!! WOYYYYYYY!! chalb 7aqeer tais shyabi 7abeebich hatha! -.- but yeah... la yistahlich! I push you on him:D madri laish! -.- kaifi! Iyanin -.- 7mar. WOYYY JOOOORYYY<333 tyannin also<3 LOL ritaj! So moi!! Im supposed to be typing up a midterm paper! *gasp* ok... I go now! Bye;** Love youuuu! W loved itttt!! Yumminess! Ufff a7es wahab is HOTTTTTT!! Zawjeehom!!!! Ok chub stitch! bye!


LOL 7ilwa shyabi 7abeebich hatha ;p I love joori-o also <3 She's copy pasting everything I said about her and wahab to everyone she knows LOL too effin cute! Inshalla ;p Love you more :**

Xo Xo-Gossip Girl; yeaaaaah.. no. Again, won't dignify your comment by keeping it on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh why won't you dignify her comment shisalfa what's going on;p... No I'm serious when I say this : whoever says a negative comment about your story or writing or any detail concerning this blog is JEALOUS and FATHI. I think this is one of the most interesting stories I have read on a blog. Your writing style is impeccable and the comic relief is witty and charming. Anyyywaaay what I'm trying to saay is that it is unique, which to me is the highest compliment. Fuck the hateeers!;p.. Oh and please post the next part soon;p


Anonymous; =O inti meen? 7abaitich!!! <3 No seriously. lol your comment just totally made my day, yo! :* thanks you wayiiiid *blush* I STARTED working on it bas now I am SO finishing it tonight ;p

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it made your day haha.. Bs walla your writing is amazing.. Keep it up! And maybe you should consider teaching as a profession because we need more proper english speaking youth in Kuwait don't you think? And yaay as soon as i came on the next story was posted;p.. Yalla going to read it and on behalf of all the readers thank you;**

Pearla said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL i loved this post hahahah ,, "i love ur dimples" LOOOOOOOL i seriously laughed mn gaalb when i read that LOOOL hahah ..
i'm heading to part 19 :D yay .. seriously your story i can't get enough of one part lazm two wara
MWAUH , well written sweetie ;* 9dg mshalla 3leek ;*


Anonymous; lol I have no patience for teaching babes.. like whatsoever :(lol lucky you ;p i joke i joke.. people need to stop thanking me, into thank you 3ala your comments walla:*

Pearla; lol glad you liked it!! aww you're too sweeet ;** *blushes* I LOVE YOU!!

MOTH said...

the way you ended it ma9adeg its HEART STOPPING
I love the way you write, I love your plot line, i LOve everything about this story
Its funny (you had me laughing out loud at the i love your dimples part) cute (juri awww) and romantic...


MOTH; your comment totally just made my day *blush* you're too kind walla, if I wasn't suffering from writers block right now, I'd totally disregard my little break and start writing again just because of it! lol thank you ;**

bo-jassem said...

I've got to say, that was really good,, the use of vocabulary was flawless, it was very well structured, and as far as I can tell the storyline was well thought out,, I've only just read the first few posts and plan to continue on, but this was truly a joy to read,, and they say that arabs cant write ;P
allah iywafgich inshallh

Lilo♥ said...

Actually it's not well thought out at all, I'm making it all up as I go along.. Hence the lengthy gaps between the posts lol but thanks! Your comment totally put a smile on my face <3
I had no idea guys would be interested in reading this;p not that I'm complaining!
Ajma3een, thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Abraham said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Goosebumps!!! GOOSE EFFIN BUMPS!!!! WOYYYYYYY!! chalb 7aqeer tais shyabi 7abeebich hatha! -.- but yeah... la yistahlich! I push you on him:D madri laish! -.- kaifi! Iyanin -.- 7mar. WOYYY JOOOORYYY<333 tyannin also<3 LOL ritaj! So moi!! Im supposed to be typing up a midterm paper! *gasp* ok... I go now! Bye;** Love youuuu! W loved itttt!! Yumminess! Ufff a7es wahab is HOTTTTTT!! Zawjeehom!!!! Ok chub stitch! bye!

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