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Foolish Games.. (21a)

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"Are you sure you don't want to crash on our couch?" Khalood asked teasingly as he drove me to my hotel after dropping off his family at their appartment. "My roomate's not that bad once you get past the cape!"

I rolled my eyes exaggeratedly for his benefit, "As chivalrous as your invitation is.. I'm going to have to pass! You know I live for hotel sheets and pillows!"

"Afa! So when it comes down to it, you choose pillows ever me?"

"Hotel pillows, K, hotel pillows." I clarified.

"Ma3thoora! Actually, how do you feel about me joining you there?" He asked jokingly.

"Haha, I don't think 3azooz would like that very much!"

"Yeah, come to think about it, I don't think Mya would appreciate it either." He casually added.

I stared at him incredulously, "M-who now?!"

"Umm my girlfriend, Mya." he said as he adopted an inscrutable expression and stared blankly ahead, waiting for my reaction.

Minutes passed in total silence while I absorbed the bomb he callously dropped. I was positive that with a little more focus, I would be able to hear the sound of my eyelashes fluttering against each other. In the back of my mind, I knew my reaction was a little extreme considering my comprehension of the whole Haifa/Khalid fiasco and the odds associated with it, but I couldn't push that thought forward enough to get past the shock of him moving on after years of pining for her.

"I don't understand, last I heard, you were still into Haifa, what happened?" I said, finally breaking the silence.

"Nothing "happened".. I just realized that my feelings for Haifa might've been nothing more than a crush blown out of proportion.. I guess I just got caught up in the romanticism of unrequited love and all that bullshit." He shrugged and flashed a grin at me.

I tried to find the merest hint of bitterness in his voice, but he genuinely seemed to have let go of whatever feelings he had for her once upon a time. I was surprised to find myself admitting that he seemed content with his new found revelation. I quickly abandoned my disappointment and played the role of the encouraging best friend again.

"And? Tell me about her! Seriously Khalood, am I going to have to pry the information out of you? SPILL!" I demanded and held up my fingers to pinch him again. He quickly got the message and put his hands up in a surrendering motion.

"The thing is, you wouldn't believe me if I told you!" He exclaimed.

I raised my eyebrows threateningly, "Btitkalam wela shlon?" I asked.

He signed resignedly, "Fine. But if you don't believe me, I'm going to throw you in the street right now and leave you to fend for yourself, agreed?"

"Agreed!" I confirmed.

"So I was going up to my apartment right? And I saw this girl, couldn't be more than 14 years old, sitting in the stairwell all huddled up and playing with some action figure of some sort, I thought she was a relative of one of the neighbors, so I said hi and she barely acknowledged my existence and went back to stuffing her face with the lion bar she had.." He said before I interrupted him.

"PEDOPHILE!! Why were you trying to chat up a fourteen year old??" I exclaimed.

"Shako! I was being polite. And if you interrupt me again, I'm not finishing the story." He threatened.

I pretended to zip my mouth shut and threw away the invisible key, looked up at him pleadingly and motioned for him to finish it. He rolled his eyes at my pathetic attempt at cuteness and continued.

"I waited for a few moments for her reply but she was too busy trying to inhale her chocolate, so I gave up and went inside. Minutes later, while I was changing, I heard someone banging on the door. So I run to see who it is and as soon as I unlocked it, I was greeted by the same girl.. she came barging into the apartment with her hair pointing in every possible direction. She pointed at one of the rooms and yelled "what's that coming over the hill, is it a monster? IS IT A MONSTER?" I didn't react to that, cuz standing up and talking, it was clear that she wasn't fourteen.. and that she was quite attractive.."

I interrupted him again, "I'm sorry but can we please skip this part? Is this really essential to the story??"

He laughed and shook his head, "Guess not.. Anyway, She stared at me for a few minutes waiting for a reply but I couldn't offer her any, so then she asked me to use the bathroom.. Without even thinking, I said yes. She comes out minutes later, flashes a smile at me, calls out a "Thanks, home slice!" and leaves, banging the door behind her." He concluded in a way suggesting that was all there was to the story.

I waited, not so patiently, for the rest and he eventually gave into my pathetic squiriming and continued.

"I went back into the hall to find her, she seemed like an interesting character, to say the least, but she wasn't there anymore! Later that night, I went to the bathroom and discovered that there was water outside the door.. I opened it to find the whole floor flooded. I went inside to see the source of it and was greeted by her doll, which turned out to be a Pikachu, stuffed inside the toilet."

I had a feeling my eyebrows reached my hairline at that point. "YOU LIE!" I screamed incredulously.

He swerved the car into a bus stop and the brakes came to a screeching halt, "Barra." He calmly ordered.

"Screw you, Pinocchio, I'm not leaving!" I replied petulantly and crossed my arms. "If you touch me, I will tell your mom about the vase that mysteriously went missing. Now continue the story."

He sighed resignedly and drove off.

"Nothing for a while, I looked for her for the longest time ever! I was dying to know the story behind the flushed doll but no such luck! Then one day I was in kinky little sex store, the one in front of vue cinemas, getting some stuff on a dare and surprisingly enough there she was!" He concluded with a huge smile.

I was clutching my sides and laughing hysterically. I always thought how I met 3azeez was unconventional but their story danced circles around ours. "Please tell me she had a part time job there or something!"

He shook his head fondly in memory, "I wish I could, but to quote her, she was there for "research". That's all I ever got out of her, but I will admit that I'm more than just a little bit scared. Scared enough not to stupidly ask and get any information I would've been better off not knowing! We talked a little, flirted inappropriately and I asked to see under circumstances that were a little less crazy, she agreed and that's pretty much it."

"I aww now?" I said while beaming.

"If you must." He said, knowing the inevitable conclusion to his story. "But first, nizlay!"

"You can't kick me out, I didn't say anything!" I yelled.

"I know, but we're at your hotel. I'd help you check in but I have to get to class babe." He clarified as he stepped outside to get the bags out.

I sighed theatrically, "Fiiiine! Wait for my aww though!"

"Ma 6alabty shay!" He agreed as he got in the car and drove off. I silently cursed the back his car as it disappeared into the traffic. I sighed, flashed a smile at the concierge and followed him inside.
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