Thursday, April 21, 2011


Good morrow to all and sundry! *wipes dust off of blog*

I'm aware that I've said this many, many, MANY times before. *sadface*

It's been so bloody long, I've literally forgotten how to ramble. Surely that's a sign leading to the impending apocalypse!

My apologies for the sudden disappearance. I honestly have no other excuse other than a sudden lack of creativity and time.

I'm thinking of writing again, not sure why. Need to find yet another way to procrastinate, it seems. You know, 'cause all the time I waste on World of Warcraft isn't enough already. (Yeh, I play WoW, what of it? Hmph.)

I suppose more than anything, the point of this post is to see how many people are still reading this. So... holla' at me if y'all still be readin' this, yo'. No? Not fitting? Fine.

- Lilo.
Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration