Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Foolish Games.. (15)

Yes! Another post =O See how good I'm being? T7ibooni? (a)


I knew I couldn't stand one more minute in that house without inevitably softening towards S3oud or stomping upstairs and demanding to know what was stuck up my "boyfriend"s ass. I settled for sitting on the steps leading up to the house and rested my head on my lap and thought about the drama-filled evening I just had.

I missed Khaled. I smiled at the thought of him coming to my rescue, marching up into the house and bashing their heads against each other and pummeling them to the ground. I rummaged through my bag and found my phone. I punched in his number and waited for him to answer. I got his voice mail. I sighed resignedly and left him a message.

I gathered as much enthusiasm as I could and injected it into my voice. I knew it wouldn't make a difference, Khalood always had this ability of picking up my mood from the way I said "hi". I decided not to burden him with my issues, he already had a lot on his plate so I settled for giving him a daily dosage of randomness.

"Did you know that if the steps on a staircase were off by as much as HALF a millimeter, it causes people to lose their balance and can cause accidents? So in actuality, I'm NOT clumsy, I blame modern architecture. Now all I have to do is find an excuse for tripping on air and I'll die happy. I love you, I miss you, hope you're settling in okay and that you're doing well. Call me when you get a chance, did I say I loved you? Yeah, well I love you! Bye."

I rested my head on my lap again and felt someone's arm wrapping itself around my shoulder. S3oud, no doubt.

"S3oud, go away. I'm all talked out. I'm not re-opening that chapter with you again, please leave me alone" I said as I shrugged his arm off my shoulder.

"W ana? Are you going to re-open it with me?" 3azeez asked.

My head snapped up and I was greeted by an adorable lopsided grin. This would be much easier if he wasn't so.. 3azeez. I'm doomed.

"No, but I will smash your head on the pavement if you touch me again." I threatened and turned away.

"Can we at least talk about it?" He asked.

"You can talk, I can listen." I clipped.

"I'm digging the attitude, its very reminiscent of us 3 weeks ago."

I didn't reply, I wasn't going to make this any easier for him. I still wasn't over the shock of his accusation and I wanted an apology. No, I needed one.

"Are you gonna look at me?" he asked.

"Are you going to get on with the explanation?"

"Ouch. Look Ghalooy, I'm sorry. I'm an idiot, I admit it. It's just that I really like you, more than I want to show, more than I thought I could. I walked in and saw his arms around you and I flipped, I know what type of guy he is and I jumped to all the wrong conclusions and I want to make it up to you if you'll let me."

I raised an eyebrow, "And what type of guy is that?"

"Ma lah da3y agool, suffice it to say that you don't fit the profile of the girls I usually see him with." He answered diplomatically.

"I'm going to disregard what you're insinuating and tell you that I was with S3oud for about a year, give or take, and other than the way we ended things and the last few weeks of it, he was nothing less than a perfect gentleman, things between us never escalated further than hugging, you kissed me after 3 weeks of knowing me, what does that tell you?" I replied defensively before realizing what I was saying.

"You're conveniently leaving out the part where you kissed me back Ghala, I wasn't exactly forcing myself on you." he defended.

I laughed derisively and stood up to walk away from him, he grabbed my hand and pulled me down on his lap. I struggled to get up and he forcibly wrapped my arms around my body and effectively stopped all my squirming.

"Wakhir!!" I exclaimed indignantly.

"Forget it, we've had misunderstanding after misunderstanding from day one and I'm sick of it. I won't let that ass ruin everything between us, fahma? Now you will stay there quietly and listen to my apology and accept it, we clear?" he asked angrily.

I resisted the urge to kiss that adorable frown away from his forehead and kept quiet.

"Ha! Ridday, we clear wela la2?" he asked again.

"Oh, so now I'm allowed to talk?" I replied

"You're such a brat tadreen?" He asked rhetorically as he lightly kissed my neck, "Yabeelich discipline."

I laughed nervously, "You are so not the man to be giving it to me." He replied with another kiss, "3azooz, your apology? The one I'm supposed to be accepting?" I reminded him.

"Ha? I'll get around to it, but you smell really good." he replied as he nuzzled my neck.

I couldn't take it anymore, I managed to free one of my arms and elbowed him as hard as I could, "3azooz! I want my apology! W use your words! You can't just kiss all our problems away!" Translation: You could very easily kiss all our problems away but I don't want you to know the effect you have on me.

He sighed and moved his head away from the general vicinity of my neck, "Fine. I'm sorry walla I just couldn't stand hearing you defend him anymore, not after I heard what he did to you. And no, I wasn't spying, I don't think you realize you were screaming at him. And I'm really sorry you had to go through that, he's an ass and he doesn't deserve any of your precious tears."

I was so close to throwing my arms around him and forgiving him completely but I didn't for two reasons. One, his arms were still holding mine prisoners. Two, there was still a question I needed to ask.

"But why were you so quick to believe the worst about me and think I was up to something? I mean, I understand it was a compromising situation to walk into but you should know better than that, the fact of the matter is; you don't trust me." I stated.

"Baby, no, don't think that, please. It was just a stupid overreaction, it's not going to become a habit, believe me. I trust you implicitly, it's just the beginning of a relationship and I don't know, there aren't any words to describe how beyond idiotic I was." He admitted.

I bit back a smile and eyed him suspiciously, looking for any signs of insincerity.

"Lail7een mu m9adga? Do you want it in writing?" He asked as he raised an eyebrow.

I giggled at the absurdity of his suggestion, "Magool la2."

"Is that a laugh I hear? Ya3ni rithaitay 3alay?"

"Ya3ni." I replied as I shrugged my shoulder petulantly.

I turned my head around to see his face break into a huge grin and mine couldn't help but to mirror his elated expression. No words needed to be spoken, it was clear that all was forgiven. He let go of my arms and hugged me. I hugged him back for a few moments then grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled it hard, he looked at me with a bewildered expression drawn on his face.

"If you ever, EVER think about accusing me of something like that again, I assure you, they will be the last words you will EVER speak, fahim?" I threatened.

"A7! Ghala, min wain nazil 3alaich hal violence?! Let go!" He exclaimed as he laughed.

I pulled his hair harder, "FAHIM?" I asked again, louder.

He laughed helplessly, "Fahim, walla fahim!"

"Good!" I replied as I dropped a quick kiss on his lips, let go of his hair and settled back in his lap. His arms encircled me and I put mine over his.

He laughed again, "Well, that was a side I've never seen before." He lamented.

"Yeah, I'm full of surprises, you better watch your back!" I said warningly.

"I'll bet." he agreed as we exchanged smiles.

"Oh yeah, there's something else I wanted to ask!" I exclaimed.


"I'm your girlfriend?"

"Yeah, do you mind?" he asked teasingly as he held me closer.

Melting, seriously melting. "Not at all." I replied as I blushed.

"Good, so what do you say we go back inside and try to salvage what's left of our evening?"

I burst out laughing, "Honey, I think we're WAY beyond that point, besides, unless I'm mistaking the vibrations coming from my bag for the past 5 minutes, Juju is outside. And unless you want her to come marching into here with an assortment of knives and shotguns, I think it's my cue to leave.."

He looked disappointed, I felt bad but it was his fault after all. I hugged him one last time, got up and straightened my dress.

"No goodnight kiss?" He asked.

"Hmm.. not tonight I'm afraid!" I replied, "Ba3ad, if I'm going to train you I'm going to have to put together a reward/punishment system!"

"Train me, huh?" He asked, amused.

I laughed and started walking away backwards, "Goodnight!" I called out and blew him a kiss. I turned around and made my way to the car.

I got inside, looked at Ritaj and smiled brightly, "Hi!"

She stared at me silently for a few minutes, unfastened her seatbelt and reached for the handle on the door.

"JUUJ!" I exclaimed, "Wain ray7a?"

"Ray7a as2al il7mar shimsawee, laish bachya??" She asked angrily.

I laughed, "Juju drive babes, it's a long story."

She studied my face for a few moments, concluded that I was fine, re-fastened her seat belt and drove off, "Can I at least get the Cliffnotes version?" She asked.

"Hmm.. let's see, S3oud was there, so screaming, crying, hugging.. 3azooz accused me of cheating so more screaming, insulting, restraining, hugging, kissing, pulling hair.. Oh and I'm his girlfriend!" I added enthusiastically.

She braked the car in the middle of the road, "WHAT?!" She shouted.

"Juju!!! Driiive!" I ordered, shocked at her impulsive move. "Maynoona? Shnawya 3alaina!"

"Ice cream and red bull?" She asked as she shot me a dirty look for not giving her details.

"Ice cream and red bull!" I agreed.

We spent that night in my room, having a spill session over our favorite snacks. We had our appropriately timed "OMG"s and "awww"s over different parts and just in time for the tale to end, 3azooz messaged me.

-1 New Message-

Thank you for waiting for Ritaj to drive off before telling her anything, I half expected her to walk into my living room with an axe at any moment.

-Outgoing Message-

Yeah, you got lucky this time! Marra thanya I'm unleashing the full power of Juju on your ass.

-1 New Message-

lol.. la 7abeebti, that's where you're wrong, I got lucky the day I met you ;*

-Outgoing Message-

Cheesy much? The bunny on my slippers could've done better than that.

-1 New Message-

lol, ee it's easy to feign indifference when you're hiding behind text messages, can you honestly say you're not blushing right now and smiling at the phone?;p

-Outgoing Message-



Stitch said...

FIRST! Rerereading now! Brb!

Stitch said...

LOL i reread 5 times probably! w kil marra still smiling like a goof staring at the comp!!! a7ebbich w i loved this post! ;*****

SlouchyPants said...


See what your story does to me? it turns me into a glittery mess.

Anonymous said...


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

awwwwww ;**

i likey him again =D


Anonymous said...


don't kill me ... bas a7s ena 3azeez 6ar6oooor :p ya3ni ma3arf bas ana chee im analyzing his sha59eeya and im not liking it.

*runs away before someone hits her*


Noodles said...


M said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... awal shay wayed 3ejabny the violence and hair pulling lol o ba3dain he's so cute 9ara7a <3

TeenagerAtSea said...

Awwwwww Sooo Cuuuute!!

Cupid ;* said...

awwwwww I want a 3azeez:( Khalas it's official, 3azeez ALL the way;**

CuteandCuddly said...

Lol you made me laugh after i was crying from cupids posts :)
I loved the reward and punishment comment :)
Yalla another post please :)

Silhouette Crime said...

yaa waaaillyyy anaaaaaaaaa

nora said...

aawwww thats adorable!

Jam3iiya(L) said...

tadreen i love you sa7? well, if you dont well i love you! can we have a bit of khalood in the next post? i love khalood!

Gutter Flower said...

anasaaaa!! t7ibeeeeeeeeeenyyyyyyyyyyyyy! u pooooooooosted agaaaaaaaaaaain! adry mo 7agy bs still u POSTED!! anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! anaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaa! ANAAAAAAAAAAAAASAAAAAAAA! *staples her lips together* MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! febifbiupafeaf ibbfbfbfbfbfbfbf brifbria forbjefesbf sebfrbearururf ififcbibesfiuaeriueg.. *trying to speak thru her stapled lips.. very muffled.. sorry..*

translation: CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! see see! im glad i was loyal o didnt stop loving him... see see!! eyaninoooooooooon!! oo i liked the violence too! 7ada ana! so something that i wud do! m3a shwayat tubukes.. and TADAA.. uve got Gutter Flower! uff i seriously need some help hal aggressiveness ili feny is increasing by day..

and YES!! i think we're soul mates too! wanna run off and get married in vegas? *wiggles her eyebrows* I JOKE I JOKE! im not gay ppl! hahahahahahahaha.. la bs 9ij! and the song! i love! la.. i love the post.. la la.. i love U! ok u and the post ;*

Jacqui said...

I'm blushing and smiling ehny 3ad LOL! O kalba walla hehe he's so adorable walla hehehe yalla let's read more please :P or write more for us ;*

Sunset said...

I so lovedddddd this poooooooooost.
And yes I do love youu for posting more often.
I'm raaly starting to loveeeee this story. 3azooz 7ada yshawiiig o s3oud 7adaa kaaaaaaalb.
Yalla can't wait for the next one <333333

A*MODE said...

awwweeee this post waaaas theee besssssssssssttttttt...

Starlight<3 said...

Haha I wanted her to march in there and smack him :p
I'm in Maldives and the network is horrible but its probably because its an island.
Anyhow I'm drifting off topic, this post was amazing. I love love love it :D
Please post soon,
I'd praise you more buut my mom wants me to go enjoy the scenery so I will :)

P.s it took a lot of reloading to post my comment so I deserve a reply :p

3anooda said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i love the messages - hatha a7la shay fil post kileh. hes sooo right - how people hide their true feelings behind SMS msgs


Stitch; yay! ma7ad seemed to like the last one so awesomeness ;p lol we both love you more! ;**

SlouchyPants; lol! awww a7la glittery mess ;p HELOVESYOUTOO!!

Anonymous; IT LOVES YOU TOO!!

Dandoon; lol 7adda! -.- glad you liked iiit ;*

Anonymous K; LOL hey! *pulls you back* ma artha 3alaih :( I'm in love with his fictional self ;$ you wouldn't be saying that if you saw the person he's based on! *drools* but thank youu! ;*

Noodles; eeeeeee *sigh*

M; lol 9ij? I thought wayid overdone but yay 3ayal! lol ;*

TeenagerAtSea; Intay ily sooo cuuuuute! ;*

Cupid; lol he's all yours! So glad he's popular again, akheeran! ;**

CuteandCuddly; omg you cried too? I love her story :( lol inshalla soon ;*

Silhouette Crime; lol ;**

nora; tabeen I send him your way? Sawaita manwhore, I'm passing him around every 2 seconds-.-

Jam3iiya(L); aww ;$ I love you more!! Ma 6alabty shayyy babes ;**

Gutter Flower; LOL!!! I couldn't stop laughing I love you!! I'm so glad you didn't stop liking him! 7abeebi, he's just misunderstood <3 Noo khaly ilagressiveness, ma yinfa3 ma3ahum ila chithee -.- LOL yalla ;p ana w the post love you more walla!! w your comments, keep em coming <3

Jacqui; LOL aww cutich! Inshaalla, 3ala kil your amazing comments, how can i not?! ;*

Sunset; Yaay! Glad you did, I love you too *blush* yay again, fans are always welcome! Soon inshallaa ;*

A*MODE; 7abeebtii thank youu ;*

Starlight; awww you're commenting w you're away? flatterred! lol roo7ay enjoy the sceneryy, ma ra7 i6eer ilpost you can read when you get back ;p thank youuu ;** I want to go there :( hope you're having fun babes! <3

3anooda; LOL I know right? 7adda a convenient escape ;p



Jacqui said...

Shasawe ba3ad kela mn your writing ;p Hehehe amot bl bad boy who loves to tease LOL! O khasatan ili yaktebon these msgs they are sooooo adorable hehe

Keep up the great writing ;*


Jacqui; 7ad'hum, mu? *throws water bottle at 3azeez* .. I have a hard time expressing my feelings -.- Thank you 7abeebtii ;**

Anonymous said...

check out this blog

Aishah said...

Well i think love doesnt get any better ;)
3aziz and Ghalla = Love and Marriage ;) bas win5ali9 gabil ma tid5al 3alaina mashakil thanya :D

Anonymous said...

You should visit this blog

Gutter Flower said...

heeeey =( i miss u! i miss ur posts! how r ur midterms going? inshalla well.. 5al9ay ebser3a oo rij3ay =( we miss u =(


Anonymous 1&2; madri if you're the same person bs inshalla lol ;*

Aishah; lol glad you think so! Inshalla man I have no idea how this story is going to end -.-

Gutter Flower; 7abeebtii you're too sweet <3 I miss you more :( Midterms are going shiteous my love -.- they actually start bukra bas 7addi mthay3a and i'm having a staring contest with the book, I think it's winning :( All I can do is highlight a few lines w I lose interest w 7addi freaking out *sniff* I have 5 days bain tomorrow's midterm w the next one so I'll start working on a post for you guys bukra inshalla ;**

Elijah Taliaferro said...

heeeey =( i miss u! i miss ur posts! how r ur midterms going? inshalla well.. 5al9ay ebser3a oo rij3ay =( we miss u =(

Taliaferropsrr said...

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