Monday, April 6, 2009

Foolish Games.. (14)

Hey you guuuuys;* I'm taking a cue from Change and mentioning Gutter Flower-O who has decided to stop posting until she gets more comments.. WHY AREN'T YOU COMMENTING? I feel responsible ba3ad lana kila minny w my not-so-bright ideas -.- I won't post til you comment 3indaha.. and 3indy! ;p sorry I love her posts!! She's amazing walla, tbacheeni! :( W I never understood the importance of feedback before blogging so yeah, even though my comments are infrequent and I AM sorry walla, kila I read things in a hurry and forget, but I do read! But I digress! So.. COMMENTAW... please (a)

Okay, So I worked on this during my classes today! I surreptitiously dakhalt the earphones mal il IPod under my clothes, hid them carefully and wrote this down on my notebook w now I'm typing it up here! You better like it lana my hand is gonna detach itself from the rest of my arm.. seriously! Lana I wrote like half a page, decided I didn't like it and tore it up.. then I did that twice again before deciding on this one! So enjoy.. or not, kaifkum! Oh yeah, midterms soon, wish me luck :(


I will not overreact. I will wait for him to explain. I will not freak out. I will open my mouth and reply. I will.. I will stand there like an idiot and stare at him blankly. He looked at me expectantly, awaiting an answer. I couldn't offer him any. I couldn't find the words to verbalize the million feelings rushing through me at that moment. He gave up and turned his attention to S3oud who was yet to take his hands or eyes off me.

"Mi7lawa 7abeebti," He said as he pulled me closer, "I've missed you."

I involuntarily felt a lump rising in my throat, I forcibly removed his arms from around me and backed away. "You lost the right to say any of that a long, long time ago S3oud."

He reached out and grabbed my hand, "Ghala, wait-"

"S3oud, I've been patient so far, but would you mind taking your hands the fuck off my girlfriend and explain?" 3azeez asked angrily.

His question captured our full attention and effectively stopped S3oud's unnecessary touching.

"Girlfriend?" We asked in unison.

He ignored the question and waited for S3oud to answer his. S3oud still seemed to be shocked at the G-word 3azeez dropped so carelessly.

"Uh.. I asked Fahad if I could stay here while Noor was gone, I thought you were traveling for the week?" He asked, confused.

3azeez looked meaningfully at me before he answered. "I had a change of plans." He clipped.

I finally understood the situation I was in and looked for confirmation, "So he's your sister's.. brother in law?" I asked 3azeez.

"I think we established that," he replied snidely, "what we haven't is how you know him."

Now it was my turn to be all flustered and caught off guard again, this really wasn't the way I hoped this evening would turn out.

"S3oud's my ex." I answered in a small voice that sounded foreign to my own ears.

"Ah, I see.. and I interrupted you cozy, intimate little reunion?" He concluded as he eyed me and S3oud in all his semi-nakedness. "Well by all means, go ahead, don't stop on my account." he said as he leaned against the table and folded his arms.

"I don't know what changed or what I've done to deserve such a low opinion from you but I don't have to stand here and take this shit from you. Call me when you manage to pull your head out of your ass, or you know what, don't."

I finished off my mini-speech and stormed off. I took the stairs 3 at a time, thoughts were beyond me, I only knew that I had to get away from there and away from them. Only I would have the extreme misfortune of running into my ex on a date with another guy. In his house. Seriously, what are the odds? I quickly texted Ritaj the address and asked her to pick me up as soon as possible. She replied saying she'll be there in 10 minutes max, no questions asked.

"Ghala, wait!" S3oud called out again as he shoved his arms into the sleeves of a jumper and buttoned up his jeans.

I turned around to face him, "You know what S3oud, I DID wait. I waited hours on end for you, just stupidly standing there wishing you'd show up already so we could celebrate our anniversary together. But you didn't. You were too busy screwing one of my closest friend's brains out. So forgive me if I seem a little bit reluctant to wait for your explanation. What could you possibly have to say for yourself?"

And just like that, the recollection of past events caused the waterworks to begin. I didn't realize I was crying until I tasted a salty tear on my lips, then I felt it all. I felt the intense heat of the scalding tears running down my face. I felt my heart's poorly stitched wounds open wide and I felt it shattering into a million tiny pieces all over again. I couldn't breathe, I felt the suppressed agony of his betrayal weighing down on my windpipe, cutting off my air supply. I heard my tortured sobs echoing through the empty house and then I heard something else.

I looked disbelievingly through the layer of moisture covering my eyes to see his face etched with remorse on every single millimeter. I stood transfixed as he reached out to wipe my tears. He kissed the top of my head and whispered, "Baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I am so god damn sorry."

He reached out to hug me and I let him. I let him wrap his arms around me and hold on for dear life while I stood there lifelessly and remembered all the times he held me in the past. I remembered how he refused to let go of me after my grandmother's sudden death and how he cradled me in his arms all night long. I remembered how he lifted me up and spun me around when I got accepted into university and for a second, I closed my eyes and let myself feel how great it was to be held this way, to experience the amazing gifts of being loved and wanted. But then I saw something else, I saw the same arms wrapped around HER instead. I saw his hands running all through her body and I pulled away as if I was electrocuted.

I calmly wiped my tears away. "And I'm sorry that you hurt me so deeply enough to diminish the significance of those words. Goodbye S3oud."



Reserved for Stitch <3

SlouchyPants said...


Well, second :p

shoug said...

WOW!!!!.... im left speechless! that was simply amazing! oo s3ood kisar 5a6ri (bes shwaya) a7isa hes really sorry! but that still doesnt justify what he did!

Cant wait for more!! :*

SlouchyPants said...

Wait, I didn't want to ask you this bas I have to :p

Who the hell is S3ood? min wein 6ala3? :/ I don't remember him at all.

Amazing post as usual, LURV YOU!


SlouchyPants; lol almost first! S3oud is Ghala's ex! I think I mentioned him ib part 5? ee I think 5! Yay, glad you did <3 LURV YOU!;*

shoug; aww 7abeebti thank you! ;** yeah it doesn't, bas kisar kha6ri shwaya ba3ad-.- 7mar!

sexy_sour_sweet said...

S3OUD;@@@@@@ GO DIE!!

3anooda said...

shfeeh 3azeez?? oo s3oud bil thiqa ilzayda malteh m9adig 3umreh ya3ny?? lo 7ad thany bygool "shyabich hnee" ma bygool "i knew u would come back to me" w3333

Sunset said...

S3ouuuuuuuuuuud wa7d kaaaaaaalb
Shal thiqa mn 8lbbb
Seriously o la b3d 3azeez!!!
Whats going on. shfeeehum
god men are such asses!!!!!
Loved you post btw!
Keep on posting yalla!

Lost b2amreeka. said...

awalan YA 7MAAARAAAAA TEARY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thaniyan 5al yakil tibin hal s3ood il chalb il 7mar il tais il zag! -.- 3indi more words bas hathail agollich iyahom on msn!

Thaniyan; amazing post as usual, a7ebbich w a7eb ur posts w a7eb kelshay ib baitich! madri laish :/

3indi this thing i gotta study for like a maynoona for hours 3ashan i ace it so thats why im not on msn! i hate F for reading this gabli. Yes i'm psychic! Anyway, lilo hal post 3ajeeb, shfeenna thnenatna tiny short posts ilyom?

anyway ee huh? bye!

Lost b2amreeka. said...

weeeeeee i had two thaniyans!

CuteandCuddly said...

"tears falling from my eyes"

I would love to hit S3ood what let me call my back up :)
SKipper, Rico , Kawalski , and private get your butts here and kick S3oods ass :)

S3ood bleeding to death
Ghala has her revenge and closer :P
Me admiring my gangs work they always make me smile :P

*Bella said...

*Sob Sob*

Where the hell is 3azeez ,, he's the one who should be hugging her not the bastard s3oud *sob sob*

Please dont keep us waiting !!
Cant wait for more ,, pretty please make it sooner & happier ^^

Jam3iiya(L) said...

*gasp* *gasp* *gasp*
s3oud..ghalaaa...aziiiiiiiiz...akhhhh akhhhhhh..
1. 3ajeeeeb ilpost 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeb!!
2. so s3oud is married to azizs sis? or s3ouds brother is married to azizs sis?
3. aziz, you ass, akh.. i still freakin love you yal khayiis! so dont turn out to be bad!
4. i dont think this list will finish ; /
5. last one, promise, ba3d 3omrii ghala, a7iss ritaj is gna kill them!! ;p

waiting for your next post..
ooh and good luck 3ala imti7anatich hun;**
adrii bas giragt wayid ib this comment ;l

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


wat are the freakin chances!! =\

oo hatha 3azooz l7mar wat the hell? ya3ny lets talk logic here shwaya..betyeeb her ex to the place she didnt know shes going to with the guy she likes just for a reunion?!

ambaih guys are IDIOTS!! =@

i was starting to like him...till he turned into one of them!!

ambaih ambaih 7addy m3a9ba! i think ill go find a guy to kick


TeenagerAtSea said...

W 3ziz wain ra7? Ga6oo ba7ar meskeen

Starlight<3 said...

This was a drama-filled post but I liked it alot.

Stupid s3oud, why does he have to come back now?

3azeez is such an ass for assuming things but heck if I saw the same thing I wouldn't probably know any better.

I can't wait for the next past,

We need Ritaj in the next post :(


Pearla said...

OMG htha ish jabaaah :| i was excited to see how will their date end up bss u555 s3ood just had to ruin it ;s urgh !
i love 3zeeez he seems liek a great guy ,, plzz let them bee lol ;*
i reallyyy love ur stooory ,, poost more often babe ;*

love ;** said...

what are the odds, what a small world buts 3zeez narfazany his reaction was annoying, what does he thik she was doing ya3nee, she left him for a couple of!


Anonymous said...

Ohh nooo.. Oh boo why! Blah if Aziz takes this he's a pussy man.

Gray Goose. said...

Woah. Strong;O I LOVED IT! how awkward. It's funny stuff like that happens to me too. Poor s3ouud, no poor ghala. And what's with 3azouz ;( I still like him tho;o !:P <3 Post sooon;*

-Crystal Spankbomb.

Lilo said...

sexy_sour_sweet; 7araam? Shwaya? No? Okay fine *picks up knife* GO DIE!!:@

3anooda; walla 3azeez allah isalmich apparently has a stick up his ass, I'll make sure to remove it next post inshalla -.- W I know! *smacks him* 7mar!

Sunset; lol I'll kill them both off and make Ghala a lesbian itha taboon! Since my mens mu 3ajbeenkum anymore, or I'll take slouchypants' idea and make the guys fall in love, they deserve each other at this point, no?;p yay, it loved you too ;*

Lost; lol aw thx, yay glad you liked it, it's not tiny, I worked on it all day, HANDWRITTEN TWICE! *sniff* okay, maybe not all day but lissa.. shhh, il7een they all tell me it's too short ba3ad :( love you ;*

CuteandCuddly; LOL a7la backup <3 what a lovely image you painted for me, I appreciate it lol ;*

*Bella; lol aww, next part inshalla! Ma 6alabty shay;*

Jam3iiya(L); uh YAY glad you liked it!! thank you thank you ;$ S3oud is brother is married to 3azeez's sister! lol yeah ritaj probably will ;p lol 3adi i love your commentss! i'm not supposed to have favorites bas 7adda you're one of them<3 thank youu ;**

Dandoon; lol very slim bas it is fiction after all! but yeah GUYS ARE IDIOTS! No, inshalla you'll like him again :(

TeenagerAtSea; lol ee walla maskeen!! 7abeebi :( *hugs him*

Starlight<3; :O exactlyy!! That's what I've been trying to showw but like.. it didn't come accross that way lol.. oops? Maskeen 3azooz! Soon inshalla, and she'll be in it akeed <3 ;*

Pearla; lol aww I will, I promise!! ;* 7abeebtii thank youu, it loves you akthar, I will inshalla, working on it ;*

love;**; lol exactly! wai3, unnecessary assumptions suck -.- ;**

Anonymous; LOL yeah 7adda-.-

Gray Goose; yaay IT LOVED YOU! I love you :( i love your comments.. and your name! <3 I still like him too lol Inshalla I will ;**

Gutter Flower said...

1st of all.. no im NOT ignoring u, bs been going thru stuff lately ili i sorta disappeared mn kil mokan, not only mn il blogsphere bs 7ata in real life.. so i repeat, NO im NOT ignoring, bs all ive been doing is accepting comments o thats it.. 7ta i hardly read.. *slaps self*

2nd.. a7ibich ya7mara! wayed wayed wayed WAYED wayed! ur post made me cry mn awal kalma till the very last! is this ur payback for making u cry? is it? is it is it is it? r u trying to get back me at me? huh? r u r u r u?? bs 9ij.. ur dedication.. that was like.. madri.. I LOVE U! it means the world to me walla.. BUT "note its a big BUTT.. oops, i mean BUT" anyways.. YAWAAAILIICHH ya suwad lailich ya Lilo if u even think of not posting! I KILL U! I murder u.. I throw u to dogs.. U see.. U wait and see.. seriously.. im DRYING to know what happens next!

3rd.. i dont really need to tell how beautiful that was, do i? i mean, u made me cry, which could only mean ina that was AMAZING.. 9a7? u already know ina every post blows me away.. 7ata ga3da afaker ina i shud comment without reading kz i know that ill be left speechless by the end of every post.. and btw.. i still like 3azeez.. 9ij thor, bs what was he supposed to think walking in on them in that cozy situation? still.. thor..

4th.. did i meantion ina i love u? inzain i love u.. ur like the cutest thing thats ever walked this earch.. hahahahahaha.. ;*

5th.. LOST! a7ibich too! and if ur trying to help Lilo spam my blog, 7ALALICH TARA! ;**

Gutter Flower said...

was that comment good enuf for u? ;p

Gutter Flower said...

shino y3ni im DRYING to know what happens next.. ahahahaha '6a7akny il typo..


AAAAAAAAH!! 7ABEEEEEEEBTIIIII!!! I'm so sorryy :( welcome back! Hope you're feeling better hun ;* a7ibich more, I'm glad you liked it!! A7LA COMMENT I MISSED YOU!! yeah maskeen 3azooz, he's gonna be nice again! ;p I'm typing up another post il7een for you again <3
I won't stop posting, bas you have to start again :(

Gutter Flower said...

UR TYPING UP ANOTHER POST! UR TYPING UP ANOTHER POST! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! *runs around the house so fast you could mistake her for roadrunner- BEEP BEEP* *trips over the carpet and falls flat on her butt*.. remind me laish i did that when i KNOW that im so clumsy? plz longer post =(.. oh oh! oh! and inshallaaa u ACE ur exams! ;**

Anonymous said...

So I've been a silent reader for a while now i just HAD to comment :)
You're story is SO FUCKING AMAZING ..
well i think that about describes it, hahaha.
I'm looking forward for you're next post ;)

Gutter Flower said...

theeeeeeese fooooliiisshhh gaaaaaaaamesss r TEEEEEEEEAARIINNN' me apaaaaaaaaaarrrttt.. yoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuurrrrr thoughtlesss wordssss r breeeakiiinggg my heeeaaarrrt... you're breaking my heart =( haahahahahaa was listening to the song oo tethakartich! ;p


Gutter Flower; I AM, I AM! lol I was working on it at uni, w now batghada and work on it again, part 15 by tonight inshalla ;** LOL I love you, you're too cute! I was writing something about clumsiness bil post 3ad! I'M CLUMSY TOO! hopelessly ba3ad, are you my soulmate? yes? yes? I think you are *blush* thank you! AND OMG, tadreen, that's the song I was listening to when I made hal blog, so I just katabt the story title as that? :| Coincidence? I think not! A7ibich ;**

Anonymous; 7abeeeeeeeeeeebtii!!! Thank you, thank you *blush* i so totally heart you! next part tonight inshalla ;*

Aishah said...

I think were over s3oud and need to get 3aziz to be understanding of the situation and get him back in the picture ;)


Aishah; lol he's back, he's back <3

Amyvrpx said...

S3ouuuuuuuuuuud wa7d kaaaaaaalb Shal thiqa mn 8lbbb WTH! Seriously o la b3d 3azeez!!! Whats going on. shfeeehum god men are such asses!!!!! Loved you post btw! Keep on posting yalla!

Rachel Hunley said...

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