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Foolish Games.. (19)

Khalas. I'm dropping out of jam3a. Kil youm? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Hfft. Wija3. I don't care that it's awal youm of the fucking week, I'M DROPPING OUT, who's with me? Anyone? No? Okay :(

Inzain, I need to say a few things before ilstory, mu lazim you read bas yeah, here goes :

1. Stitch/Lost- I love you wayid and I've been where you are right now and it majorly sucks, hang in there *hugs*

2. Jam3iiya(L)- are you still alive? I miss you like... wayid :( Do you hate my story now? Is that it? *sobs hysterically* I love you *sniff*

3. Gutter Flower- I miss you wayid :( Please come back to us? *holds up razor to wrist* please?

4. SlouchyPants- LOL kaifi, I just wanted to mention you again ;p I love that girl -.-

5. My friend just started blogging ilyouuum.. she's telling "her story" fa if you're interested.. commentaw!

W ba3ad? I want to mention wayid things but I have to write now or I'm going to forget my ideas and leave you postless! Oh you guys, I'm loving all the stories walla, you guys have no idea how much, but right now.. let's all stand up w give a round of applause to Cupid;*! w 3ashat cupiiid, 3ashat cupiiid *giggles* so talented mashalla and incredibly sweeet! love youu :* bas khalas, time for the post!

A7ibkum! Thank you for all your comments walla, couldn't kamil if it weren't for you peopless :*


"You have 2 hours, keep your eyes on your papers, good luck." The professor announced and sat behind his desk.

He signaled for his watchdog, the TA, to go make her rounds around the room to ensure nobody was cheating. Yeah right, like that was going to help. If there's one thing most college students learn how to perfect before their time is up, it's cheating. Everyone excluding the small majority of people like me who can help others expertly, but are too chicken to as much as glimpse at somebody else's paper. Can you say pathetic?

For 30 minutes, I sat down quietly taking in the atmosphere of the silent room. I saw students attempting to copy off each other's papers and shifting their eyes guiltily. I saw others staring at their papers with horrified expressions plastered on their faces and I saw Joori, seated two chairs down from me shooting me worried looks. I tried smiling reassuringly at her but it did nothing to lessen her uneasiness. I decided to put her out of her misery and opened the question booklet.

Half an hour later

Ah, the joys of being prepared. And by prepared, I mean tutored relentlessly by a sadistic but hot boyfriend. I smiled at the thought of him and took out my phone to text him. Naturally, fate had another plan in store for me, my lack of attention brought me face to face with yet another embarrassing encounter; I ended up walking right into a pole. I felt a pair of hands holding me up, I wobbled a little on my feet as I regained my balance.

"Are you okay? A frantic voice asked. I looked up to find Yousef's bewildered face staring back at mine. I couldn't resist the urge to laugh at his concern.

I met Yousef during the first month at university in our TA's office. We had been given assignments straight away by our math teacher and being oblivious to this, he had rewarded himself with an extra week of vacation before starting classes. He had missed the homework and asked me if I could give him mine as the professor had ran out of copies. To his misfortune, I had forgotten to bring mine that day. He asked me if I could possibly e-mail it to him. I immediately sympathized with him and agreed, us newbies had to stick together after all. He e-mailed me back a thank you and struck up a random conversation, eventually he added me on his buddly list and we became fast friends. He was now one of the very few people in university I felt like I could trust and felt comfortable around.

"Yasoof! I've known you for almost two years now, how can you still manage to be surprised every time something like this happens?!" I asked, amused.

"Shasawee ba3ad, allah hidach, you should be surrounded by orange cones at all times, you're a disaster waiting to happen!" He exclaimed

I pouted exaggeratedly. "Shda3wa! I have my guardian angels, they're just taking a break most of the time!"

He flashed his winning smile at me, "Hey! I'm done with finals, how about I volunteer my services as one?" He asked. "Free of charge ba3ad and I'm willing to work into the wee hours of the morning if needed!" He concluded his statement with a wink.

I laughed at his attempt, "I won't be needing them anymore thank you very much, but good try!" I replied encouragingly, "Keep working on it, you just might fool some poor girl into accepting your advances 3ala youm." I teased.

"Afa! Are you trying to tell me that you're off the market?" He asked, surprised. "Laa shino hatha? 7a6amty amaaly!"

I loved his dramatic streak and found myself laughing at his theatrics, "We both know that's not the case Ywaisef, it's always about the chase ma3ak a9lan!"

"You know me too well Ghalooy." He replied as he chuckled, "So tell me, mino sa3eed il7ath?" He asked as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

My face broke into a huge grin. "3azeeeeeeeeeez!" I exclaimed. Just saying his name made me happy, I resisted the urge to throw up at my sudden mushiness.

He laughed at my excitement and waited expectantly for the rest of the details, "Aaand..?"

I blushed and looked down at my feet as I answered, "And he is heart! Walla Yousef he's so sweet and caring and tall and umm.. right there." I concluded in surprise as I looked up to find 3azeez walking through the gates.

"Huh?" Yousef asked with confusion written all over his face.

"He's right there!" I repeated excitedly as I walked over to him.

"You don't have "final-face"!" He announced.

I burst out laughing, "I told you, I never do!" I said with a smile.

The night before during our conversation, I told him the best part of exams is finishing early and seeing people's faces when they leave the exam rooms. Most of them manage to acquire "final-face", which is very similar to the face one would have after being anally raped. Then there's the few who can't manage to have an appropriate reaction, namely me, who leave the exam room smiling and cheerful, regardless of how they did.

"I can't believe you're here! Stalking? Really? Is that what we've come to?" I teased.

"You really do think the world of yourself, don't you?" He asked sardonically, "I'm here to pick up my cousin Joori? Skinny? Pouty? Lots of eyelashes?"

My face burned up at my misplaced presumptuousness.

"Ya chathab! You just texted me asking if Ghala khali9at imti7anha!" Joori came out of nowhere and announced. I laughed and raised my eyebrows inquisitively and opened my mouth to blurt out "I told you so!"

Joori interrupted my victory dance in its tracks, "Wintay 3ala6ool t9adgeen?? Are you forgetting that I picked you up this morning?" she asked incredulously.

"Ooops?" I offered lamely. She rolled her eyes and asked how the exam was.

"Piece of cake!"I replied as I shot 3azeez a grateful smile and motioned for Yousef to come over.

I made the hasty introductions, they exchanged pleasantries and Yousef excused himself to go to a family gathering.

"Tro7een witrideen bilsalama, stay out of trouble!" He called out as he walked away.

"Allah isalmik, I always do!" I replied defensively.

He rolled his eyes disbelievingly at me and made his way to his car.

"So what really brings you here?" I asked 3azeez as we all walked to the parking lot.

"I wanted to spend time with my girlfriend before she travelled, mamnoo3?" He asked.

I smiled widely, "What did you have in mind?"

3azeez rudely stared at Joori and motioned for her to leave. Joori remained oblivious and stood there waiting for him to answer. He cleared his throat. She pretended not to notice. He looked at his watch, she informed him that it was 12.35.

Finally after 5 minutes of 3azeez dropping hints that Joori purposely pretended not to understand, he gave up. "Shrayich t'thlfeen baitkum?" He asked in a polite tone.

"Was that so hard? All you had to do was ask!" She replied teasingly as she got into her car and drove away.

"Do you wanna go back to my place? My sister took 3abood and his cousins out for the day so it should be empty, we can watch a movie or something?" He suggested.

"Yeah.. or something sounds great." I replied as I winked at him.

"Don't start." He warned.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" I replied innocently and pretended to adjust my invisible halo.

He shook his head and laughed at me, 10 minutes later we arrived at the house. To our utter dismay, his sister's car was parked out front. We went inside to find her lounging on one of the chairs and the children playing in the pool with their little floaties.

I hesistated a little at the door, 3azooz reached out to hold my hand and reassured me I had nothing to worry about. I instinctively trusted him and followed him inside. "Insalim w ni6la3 bas." he whispered.

"Isn't that a bit rude?" I asked worriedly.

"It's my last day with you and I'm not in the sharing mood." He clipped.

I smiled, strangely satasfied with his sudden possessiveness. I gave his hand a quick squeeze and I let go to straighten out the creases in my top and make sure there wasn't any dirt or dust on my jeans.

"Nooro? I thought you were going to be out all day ma3a your sister in law w 3abood?" He asked.

She turned around and eyed me curiously while she answered, "That was the original plan.. but Hind got called in for a meeting and I volunteered to bring the kids back here instead, the weather's warm enough for swimming today."

I was taken aback by how gorgeous his sister was. I expected her to be, but nothing could've possibly prepared me for this. I took in her neatly swept up hair, her sharp features, her perfectly applied makeup and manicured nails and felt incredibly frumpy. I could've been wearing rags for the level of self-consciousness I was suddenly in. Out of nervousness, I started biting my nails. There was something in the calculating look in her eyes that made me feel like she thought I wasn't good enough for him. Where's my fairy godmother when I need her? 3azeez smiled at me and motioned for me to come forward.

"Come closer, I won't bite.. Ghala, is it?" She called out nonchalantly.

I nodded and laughed nervously, "I didn't think you would. I'm just not sure what the appropriate way of saying hello is under the circumstances.." I said with a smile.

She smiled coldly, "Well, you can't go wrong with a handshake."

"I guess not." I replied as I stuck out my hand. She shook my hands and I quickly let go.

"KIDS! ta3alaw, there's someone I want you to meet." 3azooz called out.

They immediately made their way out of the pool with the help of their nannies and came running over.

"3abdulla, Nadia.. this is my friend Ghala." He said and pushed them forward.

Nadia leaned up on her toes to try and kiss me, I bent down to pick her up and bring her closer to me.

She leaned in closer to me and cupped her hands around my ears, "You're pretty." She whispered.

"Awww! You're prettier, you have very nice eyes." I whispered back and she blushed and hid her face in my chest. I laughed, hugged her and put her down.

3abdulla stared fixatedly at my hand the entire time. He pointed at them and I understood later that he was pointing at my red nail polish.

"FIRE!" He screamed and pushed me in the pool.




Cupid ;* said...

thank you thank you la da3i la da3i:p

Teenager At Sea said...

Shfeeha his sister? Laish mo 3ajbat'ha Ghala?? Looool He pushed her into the pool!?! Meskeeeena;p

Cupid ;* said...

laykoon she has her period?:p
and i don't like the sister:p
and you know what would be amazingly cool having a whole space on the side that runs along the whole post so I could comment randomly after reading each statement or funny part:p and sharing my thoughts of course, and no not all of them are perverted you pervert! Walla think of it, it would be so HIP!:p

i love youuuuu:***

SlouchyPants said...

AWWW!! I love you too! wallah I love it when I'm mentioned here :D be careful though, you don't want my inner Narcissist to unleash itself to the general public.

I. LOVED. THIS. PART! I love this story :( w oddly enough, I love Yusif! I know this is the first time you mention him bs 7ABBEITO! make him one of the major characters? please? *sobs* PRETTY PLEASE?

And I hate 3azeiz's sister, I have a feeling she's going to be a major pain in the ass.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

DD said...

that happened to my friend once :)

keep up the good work :p

love you xx.

A*MODE said...


the sister is getting on my nerves, but i like yousif !

*S.W ~ said...

Aww, such a cute post
I LOVED it !
omg, he pushed her into the pool xD .. Can't wait for the next one !

Aishah said...

hahaha :P pushing her into the pool
kilish mo wagta hal yahil!!

o the sister...why the nathrat? mo 3ajbat'ha Ghala? I think Ghala's pretty :P and 3aziz's neice agrees with me!

CuteandCuddly said...

okay i will never wear red nail polish :( after what i read :P

lol love the post
thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pearla said...

plz plz plz plz post part 20 very soooon and i'll promise u , i'll drop out of college with u ;p !!
I wana know what they're going to do on her last daaay , awww they're so CUTE !! yala plz post :D start writing heheh ,,

and yeah i didn't hate his siter kther , she seems okay , mdre we'll see right ? lol ;p

Mwauh i love your stooooory ;* and n7bk akthaar ;* MWAUH

3anooda said...

hahahahha thats sooo cute - maskeena akeed miftashla. LOOOL

Noodles said...

i just commented about everything <3
this is the best story ever!!!
i <3 u

Starlight<3 said...

Yasoof is my new crush, I've decided since 3azooz is very much taken I'd rather not 'steal' him from Ghala ;p *Wiggles eyebrows to add emphasis* Haha, I love it when people wiggle their eyebrows, I look sad when I try, my eyebrows don't do the dance very well! :(

Fireee! I don't like his sister, She's another Cruella in making except she's pretty.

Post soon,


Jam3iiya! said...

I HAVENT READ YET, BAS I READ THE INTRO! me??? forget YOU??? no-freakin-way girl! me love love lovee you! forgetting you, pssssh! dont make me laugh! You're at the top of the court, my no.1 fav fav blog in za whole wide world! THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! you hear that? i adore you!
chinni giragt wayiid? and its not even about the story!! bas im not done yet (i dont even think i continued reading the comment about me :$ i had to come comment! (ligafa)) anywayyyyyys:
1. i love you
2. i willl drop out of schoool for you any day, you name it and i will leave this stupid useless school and follow you to the end of the world!
3. i really should go read now
tata pretty girl;**

Jam3iiya(L) said...

omg!omg omg omg! the pool! hahahaha! how do you come up with these things you little pure piece of talent? no ritaj in this post? or 7ammod? :( bas there was stilll pleeeeeently of 3azeeez, enough to mae my pathetic heart flutttter! Other than the usual smile that was plasterred throughout the post, I actually giggled when 3azeez was dropping hints to tell Joori to go home! haha eshaweeeg!

^man that was too cheesy and mushy, even for me.. ukh.. :/

oh im rambling arent I? I just love your blog that much.. the thing is I have nothing to say, but thats not keeping me from shutting up and posting the humongous comment!
but first i have to say goodbye love;** until next time, you will be misssed, and dont you dare question my loyalty to your blog ever again?? you understand me missy???

Gutter Flower said...

7ayati =( miss u more walla =( umbaih walla u guys a7ibkum kilekum.. 7adi not worth all of this =( and would you please drop the razor? plz =( *stands on the edge of a cliff* plz? u cut i jump =(

7abait this post wayed 7ada adorable! yousif eyanin.. oo joori! i love her! the part where she was ignoring all the hints 3azeez was dropping 3ashan she leaves cracked me up.. i always do that hehe =$.. oo shsalfa his sis?? narfezatny.. bs OMG ma9adeg he pushed her into the pool! shit! bs a7is barnamaj haha.. 7ada 7ada cute el post.. and the previous one as well.. what he said about her smile.. *sigh*

a7ibich =( 7adich ur the cutest thing ever! *hugs Lilo tightly* galby intay! ;*


Cupid; LOL you're welcome, ta3ali kil youm ;p

TeenagerAtSea; Madri, she obviously has a stick up her ass *hmph* lol 7ad'ha, gotta "love" children ;p

Cupid ;* ; LOL! Dear God, I hope not ;p Wala ana! *kicks her fictional ass* kalba.

LOL that's actually a great idea! bas in my case ma ra7 akhali9 itha chithee ;p I didn't bring up pervertedness, you did (A) lool

love you mooore;**

SlouchyPants; LOL! Shasawee ba3ad, I can't help it! I'll take my chances ;p

lool seriously? Ma 6alabty shay, khala9!:* *hands you tissues* no tears zone!

I know right? We so hate her. I LOVE YOU MORE!!!

DD; LOL! really? Maskeena ;p thanks hun, love you too :*


A*MODE; aaah I miss you more! <3 :* Ya7laila, he has fans! Who would've thunk it?! lol

*S.W~; Aww yay! lol shiftay shlon? *sigh* kids these days. Soon inshalla:*

Aishah; 7abeebti you, hi! lol I know, right? awww Ghala thinks you're pretty ba3ad! ;p She better. Mu kaif'ha -.-

CuteandCuddly; LOL! Shda3waness ;p aww the post loved you <3 why are you thanking me? ;pThank you 3ala ilcomments!:*

Pearla; LOL! @@ Khalas, tonight I start working on it! ;p lol! you seem to be the only one ;p bas yeah, we'll see! aww walla I love youuu mooore! ;***


3anooda; lol inti ilcuuute :* I would imagine so ;p

Noodles; LOL I know, I was there ;p 7abeebtii thank you *blush* I <3 you aktharr, have fun toniiiiight ;p

Starlight<3; LOL awww cuute! 3afya, respect for boundaries are greatly appreciated ;p

Omg me too!! Ta3ali wiggle them ma3ay, we can look sad togetherrr <3

I don't like her either, hmph. I will inshalla :*

Jam3iiya!; AAAH!! 7ayaaatiiii <3 *blush* I missed you so much :( I adore you aktharr! *blushes more* You'd do that for me? *tears up* aww I love you man -.- well woman but yeah! Okay bye, I'll see you in the next comment! ;p

Jam3iiya(L); lol HI! Madri, I have a lot of time on my hands *hides face in shame* well not really, but yeah. *glares at homework waiting to be done* Eee mako! :( I'll fill the next post with both of them inshalla ;* LOL la takleena ba3dain ikhalli9 *sniff* then who will I write about!

lool we all have our moments, 3adi ;p RAMBLE AWAY I MISSED YOUR COMMENTS ;p *zips up mouth* akhir marra, I promise! Byeee, don't be a strangerr ;**

GUTTER FLOWER; :O Shino not worth all this? You're worth MUCH MUCH MORE! Mu kaifich, we love you :( You jump, I jump warach! How about I put down the razor, you keep blogging, and we all live happily ever after? Hmm? Hmmm? *sniff*

aww it was only a good post lana it was dedicated to you :( they all love you akthar <3 LOL reallyy? I love you more now too, you're like Ritajo and Joori put togetherr.. you're like Ritori! or Jootaj <3 Ew no, that sounds like jooti and you're not a shoe. Strike that, khaleena 3ala Ritori.

Madri what's up her ass -.- I kill her off? Murder her with her nail file? Yes? Yes? Glad you liked it baabes ;**

a7ibich akthar! *hugs GF back tighterrr* aww thank you *blush* you're cuter, come back to us! We miss you wayid :(

N. - kk said...

Oh my God! The pool!
LOOOOOOL 7aram! :O :O Evil -.-
Dude, what's up with Ms. Attitude?
That's what I'ma call her. Why was she giving cold looks and stuff? And she's pretty as well???? Allahu akbar! :O Short post? Malich 5ilg this time? ;p I still love, though. Glad you posted :* More? Thanks ;D mwa :*


N. -kk; lol! does she have a real name 3ad? Nasaita, khalas I'm going to call her that bilstory ;p lol I thought it dragged 3ad! Khalas next time longer! aww yay I love you, soon inshalla;**

Stitch said...

OMG LOOOOOOOOOL KHARA! i actually gasped! :O LOL ok kent ga3da yammich n u saw me gasp but yeah!

huff. mu chinna tawna radeen min 3aza khara 3alainna -.-

anyway, ee, I LOVED IT! as always!

chalba -.-

omg ill totally drop out with you :(

i love you so much more galbi :( curse math 98 -.- plus side, if i fail i can retake it with n.-kk!.... if she like... u know... fails with me...



inshalla not maskeena la ada3y 3alaiha!

huff. a7eb il khara hatha 3azeezo -.-

LOL i was gonna type 3ajeelo! LOOOOL

LOL OMG WATCHDOG, made me laughhhh!

abi agra blog ydeed cuz i totally know who she is @@

yummmm yousef 7aggy!!!

i mean... 7ag ritaj!!!!

she can skip Mshary madri shifma 7abeebha! i bet he's short -.- with tiny eyes... -.-


i. love. you.




Blat said...

seriously.. one of the best blogs i read.. mashalla ur super talented.. keep them coming :)


Stitcho; laish all the insults ya3ni? -.- LOL yousef 7ag slouchypants she called him min awal shay ;p besides I DO NOT CONDONE CHEATING OF ANY KIND ON MY BLOG! even the fictional cheating, hmph. I. Love. You. Too. :* LOL!! I know <3

Blat; allah new commentator ;p aww thanks babes :*

MOTH said...

OMG kids! LOL gotta love em

great post hun :* u manage to keep me utterly captivated


MOTH; love them.. fantasize about suffocating them.. yes kila wa7id ;p aww thank youu, you manage to inflate my ego a little (and by little I mean A LOT) more every time!;*

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