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Foolish Games.. (18)

Alrighty! So, this was supposed to be posted like.. 2 days ago? But I totally got sidetracked and stuff! *slaps self* bad Lilo! But there wouldn't have been anything to post anyway since I just started working on it, so yeah -.- I'm sorryy, I'll askit now and start typing. You know, there's this purple ribbon thingie I wear around my wrist everyday and I took it off yesterday before going to "sleep" and by sleep I mean reading in bed, anyway I couldn't find it this morning! I just found it wrapped around one of the porcelain dolls' heads, bandana style, and now I can never get it back! :( They creep me out, akhaf I reach out to untie it and it suddenly comes to life and bites me or decapitates me or something along those lines *shudders* creepy! I hate those dolls wai3 wai3 -.- Someone come untie it for me? Please? *sniff*
But I digress! Next post now? Yes? Alright! Mm this post is very blah? Inshalla next one will be better, I just really don't know where things are going now so I'm buying time shwaya until I do! Love you guys! :*
Ma7ad proof-read this, itha fee mistakes, let me know!:(


Ritaj's procrastination ranged from constant coffee/chocolate breaks, to removing her nail polish and suddenly acquiring the memory of an elephant and telling me stories she conveniently "forgot" until she had to answer a question or recite a formula. Even through her exercising every method available to deter us from studying, we miraculously managed to finish the previously agreed on chapters with time to spare.

"That's it?" She asked disbelievingly with widened eyes. "No way!"

"Yup and we would've finished about an hour ago if you would've paid attention for more than 10 minutes at a time!" I admonished.

She rolled her eyes and threw an empty water bottle at me, "Shasawee?! It's boring! Kila numbers w formulas w tables w definitions and YUCK!" She defended.

"Well nobody forced you to take it, you're majoring in English Lit. and you insisted on wasting a free elective on it! What possessed you to do so, seriously?!" I asked incredulously for the millionth time that semester.

"Madri, I thought it'd be a piece of cake! I figured a-ccounting.. counting! Who can't count, right?" She asked as she got up and stretched.

I stared at her blankly for minutes in silence.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing, your logic just knocked the wind right out of me, that's all." I replied.

"What-e-verrr, I'm gonna go take a shower, 1o minutes I promise, I feel like my hair stinks of numbers!" She exclaimed as she walked away shuddering.

Instinctively, I knew there was no way Juju would be done in less than 20 minutes and I debated the merits of calling 3azeez for about a split second before I picked up the phone and punched in his number. It rang once.. twice.. three times... I felt like I was being too pushy and was about to hang up when I heard his groggy voice through the phone.

"Hello?" he barely whispered.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry! Khalas go back to sleep!" I whispered back.

"Hmm bossy, I like it." He teased. "Hala bilGhala kila."

I giggled involuntarily and ignored his comment, "Did you know that there isn't a word in the english language that rhymes with month?"

"La walla?" He asked surprisedly, "Wait.. Bonth, conth, donth, fonth, sonth, tonth.. ee walla, chena mako? How'd you know?"

"I have a lot of free time on my hands, I read it somewhere online I think?" I replied.

"Hmm interesting, but I doubt you called to share random facts with me, what's up?"

"Nothing.. I figured I'd play the part of the dutiful girlfriend and let you know I'm going out.. and there might be a slight chance that I'm using that as an excuse to talk to you 'cause there might be an even SLIGHTER chance that I might be missing you. Bas shway. Stop smiling."

I heard his contagious laughter through the phone and resisted the urge to slap myself for my uneccessary confession.

"Baby, I miss you more, trust me." I smiled a little smugly at his insistence, "Wain ray7a?"

"Chocolate bar.. It's Juju's reward for finishing the first 3 chapters of the final! Joori's picking us up in about 10 minutes or so." I added.

"La walla? How'd she get out of the family gathering?!" he asked.

I laughed at his irritation, "Madri but I'm so glad she did! I love that girl, she's such a sweetheart!"

"I'm beginning to think maybe you hooked up with the wrong cousin.." He trailed off teasingly.

"Me too!" I joined in and laughed, "Wait, she's calling me, this is my cue to ditch you!"

"Khalas 3ayal 7abeebti, go have fun. I love you."

My heartbeat accelerated to a frantic pace, I don't think I'm ever gonna get used to hearing him say that.

"I.. uh.. love your dimples." I replied awkwardly.

He burst out laughing, "WHAT?"

I blushed and berated myself for my lame response, "I gotta go, take care, bye!" I said quickly and hung up. I covered my face with my hands while I waited for my heartbeats to return to normal. I looked up to find Ritaj looking at me questioningly.

"You love his dimples?" She asked, amused.

"Chub. Joori barra, yalla!"

I applied concealer and blush in record timing, threw on a grey cardigan over my white top, pulled a pair of grey boots over my jeans and ran to the car.

"Call waiting, haa?" She asked as she wiggled her eyebrows, "Who were you talking to?"

"Who else?!" I asked exasperatedly and attempted to pull my hair out.

She laughed, "Laish?? Shimsawee!"

"Nothing, he's just so.. madri!!" I replied and proceeded to communicate in sound effects and "aww"s

"Umm.. ee 7adda!" She replied confused.

"Nevermind me, how's you?" I asked enthusiastically, it felt weird talking to Joori about her cousin so I seized the opportunity to change the subject.

"I'm great! One more week left til freedom, any plans?" She asked.

"EE! Baroo7 London 3ind Khalood for 2 weeks!" I exclaimed as I drew hearts in the air.

"Aww yaay! Allah i3een 3azooz!" She said teasingly.

I laughed and replied, "I'm sure he'll do just fine. I told him to come with, don't think he's going to though."

Ritaj finally decided to join us and we made our way to chocolate bar with Joori providing entertainment in the form of lame jokes.

At the table..

Joori was acting strangely jumpy the whole time. She kept checking her face in the mirror or looking around the place expectantly.

"That's what's different!" Ritaj exclaimed suddenly, "I've never seen you with that much makeup on before!"

"Is it too much?" Joori asked worriedly as she checked her face again.

"Noo killish!" I reassured her, "It's just different than usual, you look really good."

"Aww thanks!" She replied and turned around to scan the room again.

I exchanged confused looks with Juju, "Are you expecting someone?" I asked curiously.

She hesitated a little before answering, "Ha?" She asked and giggled nervously, "Why would you think that? I'm not."

Ritaj shot me a knowing look and turned to give Joori her undivided attention, "What's his name? Spill!"

She still seemed a little hesitant to share any details about whoever she was waiting for. I forgot that she might be put in an awkward position considering that I'm her cousin's girlfriend.

"You don't have to worry hun, whatever it is, it's not my story to tell!" I reassured her.

She smiled understandingly, "Wahab." She said as she turned 7 shades of red.

"Awwwwww!" We exclaimed in unison.

"What are you awwwing about! I still didn't say anything!" She said as she mock-glared at us.

We burst into a fit of giggles and composed ourselves before waiting patiently as she filled us in on the details. Apparently they had met 2 years ago and have been together ever since. They were both attending the same lecture and he encountered her on the stairs where he told her, and I quote, "Tara intay 7ilwa." Joori was caught off guard by his random statement followed by his laughter, missed a step and fell on the stairs. She ended up breaking one of her heels so she stayed put and he sat down next to her. She kept on ignoring him but it didn't stop him from talking to her, she eventually gave in and they spend the hour in the quiet stairway talking about everything and nothing.

"Aww are you clumsy ba3ad? I think I'm falling in love with you more and more!" I said.

"Haha, sorry but no! I was just shocked, I mean, who says that!! You know?" She explained.

I laughed, "Yeah, we get it." Ritaj replied smilingly.

Joori's eyes were staring at something by the door, we followed her gaze to find a guy standing there smiling lovingly at her. We silently whispered awws to eachother as she motioned for him to come to the table. He didn't as much as look in our direction, it was clear that he only had eyes for her. He belatedly realized she wasn't alone and took a step back, she told him it was okay and he came over. She blushed as he kissed her forehead and sat down.

"Wahab, this is Ritaj and this is Ghala.." She made the hasty introductions.

"It's nice to finally put faces to the names! Wait.." He said as he turned to face Joori, "THE Ghala? 3azooz's girlfriend?" He asked and she nodded.

"Wow, I'm famous!" I joked lamely to hide the surprise that he knew about me.

"I grew up with 3azooz, we're good friends, it's not like the whole world knows 3annich, bas ana, I didn't even know your name ila min Joori." He clarified.

I sighed in relief and smiled. Juju managed to work her magic and break the ice between us and Wahab very quick and we got to know him a little better. He was funny, easygoing and very down to earth. Most importantly, he seemed to worship the ground Joori walked on, and she told him with every look she gave and every secret smile she hid that she felt the exact same way. It didn't take a genius to see that they were a match made in heaven.

"You know what would be funny?" Juju asked out of the blue, "If 3azeez was to come in here to surprise G and find his close friend sitting with his cousin all lovey dovey and what not.. okay maybe not funny as much as OH EM GEE but yeah!"

"He wouldn't..would he?" I asked Joori

She exchanged a secret smile with Wahab and told him she'd call him when she got home, we said our goodbyes and he left. The moment he left Joori let out a big contented sigh. She remained that way for most of the day, she was on her little happy cloud, barely acknowledging anyone's existence, lost in her own thoughts of Wahab.

I waited expectantly for 3azeez to "surprise me" but he never showed up. I didn't even go to sleep early in hopes of him coming through my window at any moment. No such luck. I was just about to call it a night when my phone vibrating.

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Remember Me?

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I should be asking you that, I was beginning to think you gave up on me ;p

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Not in a million years :*

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You expect me to believe that you'll always be waiting for me?

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For as long as it takes, yes.

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My phone vibrated again. Incoming call. I took a deep breath and answered.

"Hi." I whispered.

"Because your eyes disappear when you smile."

"Huh?" I asked confusedly.

"Your eyes, they disappear. And your smile takes over your face, and for those few moments, nothing in the world matters as much as keeping that smile plastered on your face." He paused to take a breath, "You're worth the wait. Goodnight."

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Foolish Games.. (17)

As promised! :* Feedback is encouraged! Midterms were major rapeage and I'm not allowing myself to care lana I'm SO glad they're over! This post is 7ag my very special study buddy Noodles aka Joori ;p Anyway yeah, story time? Yes? Ok :D It's a little shorter than usual but I promise another one within the next 2 days, love you guys :*


"OH. MY. GOD!" Ritaj exclaimed as she jumped excitedly on my bed. "What did you say?!"

I muffled my response through a pillow as I filled her in on my reply to his confession.

"Ha? Speak up I can't hear you!" She ordered as she smacked me with a pillow.

I lifted my head from pillow and repeated, "I said, 'Am I being punk'd?'"

Her eyes widened and she covered her mouth after she let a horrified giggle escape, "You didn't!"

"Don't start, please! I already feel like a big enough idiot, I think I've filled my requirements for the millenium!" I pleaded.

"Awwww baby laiiish?" She asked as she hugged me.

"Madri! Lana I wanted to say it back?" I confessed.

Ritaj's eyes widened even more and I instinctively knew what was coming next. I shot her a warning look to prevent her from saying her inevitable response, needless to say, my warning was completely ineffective.

"AWWWWWWWW!!!!!" She screamed and hugged me tighter, "You're in love with him? How did that happen? WHEN did that happen? How did I not know!"

I tuned her out while I let her come to her own conclusions as she fired one question after another and escaped into my own thoughts. I hated that I couldn't trust his words and let myself bask in the warmth of his quiet, confidently spoken statement. I hated that I had to bottle up my feelings and leave him waiting for me to form a coherent response. Most of all, I hated that I couldn't allow myself to be vulnerable for a millisecond and tell him what was in my heart.

The Day Before..

"I love you."

I froze. I didn't know what to say. I looked away and stopped breathing and waited for the punchline, for him to take it back, anything! No such luck. The silence stretched out between us, I could feel his gaze burning holes into my head as he patiently anticipated my response. I looked up into his expectant face and offered a lame attempt at lightening the atmosphere.

"Am I being punk'd?" I asked.

He looked at my quizically.

"Punk'd? The tv show thingie? Ashton Kutcher? That 70's Show? Dude, Where's My Car? No? Nothing?"

"I know what punk'd is, I'm just confused about why you'd think I was joking." He clarified. "I meant what I said Ghala. I don't expect you to say it back or anything and I understand if you're not ready, I just.. had to say it."

I bit back a smile. "La walla? Was someone holding up a gun to your head ya3ni?" I asked teasingly.

He smiled at me. A smile filled with tenderness, love and promises. "Actually yeah, you did. Your words, your actions, your character, all the little things that make you who you are. You've had your finger on the trigger since the beginning and I've finally found the common sense to let things be."

His response tugged on my heartstrings and unleashed the sissy within. I felt involuntary tears stinging my eyes and belatedly attempted to blink them back. The attempt proved to be futile and I settled on smacking his arm instead.

"You need to stop saying things like that!" I exclaimed.

He laughed and pulled me closer to him. I rested my head on his shoulders while he spoke.

"I don't mean to scare you, I really don't even though I know you're thinking of escaping this very moment. And I want you to believe me when I tell you that I don't want you to feel pressured into saying it back. I'd rather it came from you when you felt the time was right rather than you saying it for the sake of doing so."

"I really got lucky with you, didn't I?" I asked as I stared at the tiles on the floor.

I could almost feel the presence of his smile. "Yeah, you did. You better sink your claws into me baby, from what I've been hearing lately, I'm considered a catch!" He teased.

I laughed and playfully smacked him again, "Laygi9oon 3alaik! You should be thankful you have me, madri who else would have the patience to deal with you!" I teased back and faced him, "Besides, you're not going anywhere. You love me, remember?" I asked as I put my arms around his neck.

He smiled and leaned in closer. "It's kinda hard to forget." He whispered as he kissed me. It was a different kiss than our earlier ones. It wasn't passionate, just infinitely sweet. More than anything, it was his way of reassuring me that everything was going to be okay.

"I really have to go now.." He said.

I nodded my understanding and he kissed my forehead before getting up. "Take care of you." I called out.

"You too 7abeebti, I'll call you later tonight if you're still up." He replied.

And just like that he was gone. I sat on that floor for the better part of an hour contemplating how it could've gone differently. What the outcome would've been if I confessed that I did indeed love him back, but I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact I was lucky enough to be loved by him and that stopped me from being capable of doing anything other than smile at the memory of his words.


"So how long are you going to make him wait?" Ritaj asked curiously as she was stirring the melted ice cream in her bowl.

"I'm not MAKING him wait!" I defended, "I honestly don't know if I can say it back."

"May I make a suggestion?" She asked and continued before she got my permission, "Tell him how you feel! I know you can't help but make comparisons between him and Assface, but they're completely different. Besides you and 3azeez.. you just make sense! I don't know how to explain it! And I've never seen you this happy before, I don't know why you insist on punishing yourself like this!"

"I'm not punishing myself Juju, shako? I want to tell him I really do, I mean I look at him and I just know this is where I'm supposed to be. With him. He smiles and I automatically melt. He speaks and I die a little more everytime." I said as I twisted 3 strands of my hair into a braid, "Everything about him seems to have this gravitational pull on me and I find myself inexorably drawn to him and responding to him, the outcome was inevitable. I love him, I know I do, I feel the words on the tip of my tongue when I'm talking to him! But I open my mouth to say them and I choke everytime." I sighed in despair and fell back against the matress.

Juju mimicked my movement and turned to face me, "I don't know hun, I hope you figure whatever is holding you back from saying it soon. This amazing guy who you're crazy about just told you that he loves you! You shouldn't be feeling this way."

I smiled at how Juju always seemed to dictate the way I should and shouldn't feel/do. I sighed and got out of bed and forced her to do the same.

"Enough procrastination!" I exclaimed and threw a pillow at her, "We've dished, we've ice-creamed and we've self-therapized ourselves, studying time?" I asked.

Ritaj rolled her eyes, "Only cuz you asked SO nicely!" She said as she threw one back at me.

"You're not going to suck me into another pillow fight to avoid studying! Not again!"

"Am I that transparent?" She said as she pouted.

I laughed as I picked up all the pillows and stashed them into my closet, "No, I just know you too well. Yalla let's at least get 3 chapters done 3ashan we meet up with Joori for chocolate shots!"

And just like that I grabbed her full attention, she immediately sat down and opened her books. I felt bad for my white lie and decided to make it happen, I knew there would be hell to pay if I didn't deliver on my promise. Joori confirmed my plan and said she'd pick us up at 6.

I beamed at the sight of Juju reading the accounting book and punching numbers into her calculator. I went to get my book from my stand and turned around to face her. Her face was transformed from the serious mask she had on to a giggling one.

"Since when do you find accounting amusing?" I asked as I raised an eyebrow.

More laughter.

"Since I remembered that if you punch in 8008, it looks like boob!" She said and disolved into another fit of giggles. "And 55318008 upside down looks like boobless! Remember, G? Remember?"

I sighed, tied my hair up and took 2 tylenols. This was going to be the longest 3 hours ever.

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Foolish Games.. (16)

Okay, so after this post I won't be working on anything until after the 23rd! Sorry sorry *dodges tomatoes* don't be mean! I have midterms w they're really hard *sniff* stupid major subjects! I love you guys, be kind to me :(

Ooh oh! Warning! Fee a like semi-explicit part? Well they're only kissing bas details might be wayid? I'm sorry in advance w don't blame me! It's put specifically there for F, she's been requesting it min awal ma I started blogging, if you have any hate-mail, direct them to her. Keep loving me! Okay? Okay!


"So we have to book each other in advance is that it?" 3azeez concluded.

"It seems that way! I mean ilyoum dewaniyat ubook and there's no way in hell you can get out of that! Bukra I have to study with Juju all day for finals, the day after that you start your new job and you have finals, the week after that I start my finals w then the exams are spread out over 2 weeks? So yeah. See you in two weeks?"

I idly twirled a wet curl around my fingers while lying down on the bed discussing potential times to see my boyfriend. It still managed to surprise me everytime I said it.. Boyfriend. How bizzare.

"Don't even joke about that Ghalooy, shino two weeks?!" He exclaimed.

I smiled a little smugly at his outrage, "Ya3ni shino il7al? I'm open to suggestions!"

He mulled it over for a few moments. "Sh'hal imti7an ily bitdirseenla all day?" he asked.

"Accounting!!" I replied as I attempted to choke myself with my hair.

"Ulla! Ma yabeela akthar min sa3tain, dalaa3!!" He replied.

"HEY! IT'S NOT DALA3 IT'S JUST NOT FOR EVERYONE, OKAY??" I screamed into the phone.

His laughter boomed out. I could almost see his eyes crinkling and his dimple making an appearance. I resisted the urge to "awww" at my mental image.

"Ha! W ba3dain ma3ach? Ga3adtay ilneighbors, zain chithee? Wain your parents 3annich?" he teased. I heard rustling in the background.

"God knows, I think they're in Marbella? Could be mistaken.. they told me to join them there in two weeks so I'm guessing yeah. What are you doing? Sh'hal iz3aaj?" I asked.

"La walla? Msafreen? So much for romantic gestures!" He replied, irritated.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" I asked, confused over his statement.

I sat up in bed and stretched my lazy muscles. I looked around my room and spun my head back to something that caught my eye. My heart stopped for a few moments and my eyes widened in shock.

"No. Freaking. Way." I said incredulously.

He laughed and motioned at the window, "You planning on getting that?"

I ran over to the window and opened it. "Omg you freak! How'd you get up here? I mean where'd you get the ladder from!!" I asked, still talking through the phone.

"Malich shighel, I have my resources." He replied.

"Aww how very Dawson Leery and Joey Potter of us!" I exclaimed and jumped a little excitedly.

That seemed to effectively wipe the smile off his face. "You watched Dawson's Creek?"

I shifted my eyes around my bedroom and back to him, shrugged my shoulders and replied with a, "No?"

He stared at me for a minute and started to make his way down the ladder again.

I burst out laughing and ran closer to the window, "Hey! Yalla 3ad come baaack!! Stay!" I pouted.

He laughed and came back up, "I'll stay only if you kiss me." He replied impishly.

"HA! Ghal6aan, tara 3indina neighbors, ha? Yalla dish bsir3a before someone realizes there's a maniac climbing up a ladder to my room and calls my dad!" I ordered.

"Yes, ma'am."

I glared at him and waited for him to change his answer.

"I meant yes, beautiful young unma'am-like creature!" He amended.

I giggled and asked him if he wanted to hang up now, he replied by immediately hanging up.

I grinned goofily and whispered, "Hi."

He smiled back and came up to hug me, "Ahlain, nice glasses."

"Nice gesture." I retorted.

"Nice PJs."

I looked down to find my Winnie the Pooh nightshirt on and squealed. I tried to get out of his arms to go change but he wouldn't even budge, he just held me tighter and laughed.

"It's cute, leave it on. It actually reminds me of a joke.." He started.

I wasn't interested in hearing his joke, I was too busy blushing in mortification. My hair was probably pointing in a 100 different directions, I was in glasses and I was in my favorite childhood pjs that were washed so many times that they finally shrunk up to my knees.

"Why did tigger jump into the toilet?" He asked.

I raised my eyebrow and moved back to look at his face. This couldn't be the joke he was referring to, could it? "Why?"

"Because he was looking for Pooh! Get it?" He said expectantly, waiting for me to laugh.

I gathered all the strength I had and pushed him away. "GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" I screamed.

He laughed. I waited patiently.

"Come on, you know you wanna laugh!" He ventured.

"Na3am? Laugh 3ala shino inshalla! Where on earth did you get that from? This is strictly a no malaqa zone, BARRA!"

"I heard it from my nephew, you should've seen his face when he said it!"

I glared at him. "And you're repeating it?? He's TWO! You're turning TWENTY-THREE!"

"And since we're stating the obvious here, you're adorable when you're angry, come here." He invited.


He walked over to where I was and I backed away with every step he took til he had me pinned against the wall. He picked me up and threw me down on the bed and I squealed.

"Hi." he whispered and quickened my heartbeats.

"Hi." I said, trying to put as much hostility in my voice as possible.

"You're out of excuses, are you going to kiss me now?"

"No." I replied teasingly.

"Why not?"

"Why not? Because I have a very good reason and don't you for one minute think that I'm just dragging on my explanation by saying meaningless things to buy me some more time before I get right down to it, 'cause I'll have you know that the reason why I don't want to kiss you is that-"

At that precise moment my phone started vibrating. I grinned up at him. He sighed exasperatedly and rolled over.

I sat up and reached for my phone.

Unknown Calling.

My eyes widened as I instinctively knew who was calling.


"GHALOOOY!!!!!!" he screamed back in what was supposed to be an imitation of my voice. "How the hell are you! It's barely been a week bas walla lich wa7sha!"

"Aww, don't make me cry! I don't think I'm ever going to get used to you being away from here!" I replied. "Why don't you graduate already!"

He chuckled, "Well I would graduate a lot sooner if I didn't come back to Kuwait every single vacation I had and are you aware that when I graduate I'm going to be a pilot and travelling all over the world anyway?" He asked, amused.

3azeez sat up on the bed, put his arms around me and kissed my neck. I momentarily lost my train of thought. I looked back to smile at him and he smiled back.

"Umm.. no, I'm not aware of that! And if I keep denying it, it'll never happen so shh!!"
"Haha fine. Inzain what was that message you left two days all about?" He asked worriedly.

3azeez continued raining kisses on my neck and went up higher to my ear. Then he started nibbling on my earlobe, effectively killing my response on my lips and turning my carefully formed words into unintelligible "Umm"s, "Uh"s and other nonsensical syllables. I turned around to face him and looked at him pleadingly, silently imploring him to stop weaving his seductive spell on me. He replied by gently kissing my lips. At the first contact of his lips against mine, I forgot that I was on the phone and let it soundlessly drop on my mattress. I gave up all pretense of breathing , closed my eyes and kissed him back. His hands came up to remove my glasses and frame my face. He held me still while his tongue came out to teasingly lick my lips for a few moments. I couldn't play this game with him any longer, I was weak with desire and wanted him to unleash the full power of his sensuality on me. My lips parted under his without much prodding, he pushed my back against the bed and my arms came out to lock themselves around his neck.

We were transported to another world once again. We couldn't get enough of eachother, couldn't taste enough, couldn't feel enough, couldn't get close enough. We rolled around on the bed. Nothing could tear us apart, our legs were locked around eachother, we were wrapped in eachother's arms, nothing could've come between us or slow us down in those moments. Nothing except my back encountering my phone and magically activating the speakerphone button.

"Um.. Ghala? You still there?" Khalood's voice boomed out into the quiet room.

We immediately sprang apart like two kids caught doing something naughty. We exchanged guilty looks as I picked up the phone, deactivated the speaker and held the phone up against my ear.

"Yeah, sorry kani!" I said enthusiastically, I was so out of breath, not even I bought my own act.

"Um.. did you just run a marathon or something?"

I burst into a fit of giggles, "Yeah, something like that! What were you saying?" I asked as I attempted to fix my hair.

"The message? Two days ago?" He repeated.

"OH! Long story Khalood.."

"Short version being..?" He asked.

"Umm.. I sorta ran into S3oud and I uh.. I guess I finally got closure." I replied. "I'll tell you everything later I promise but I really wanna hear about you now!"

"Where do I start?" He began.

We talked for about 15 minutes, 3azooz left to go get "study food" for me while I caught up with Khalood. He told me about his new appartment and his roomate, who apparently wore a cape indoors at all times. He told me about the 2 hour phonecalls his mother's been having with him for the past 3 days, crying over how she missed him and he filled me in about some girl who's taken a shine to him and her desperate attempts to hook up with him. I glared into the distance as if she was in front of me and urged him not to settle for the first bimbo who's interested and not to give up on Haifa. I finally felt more comfortable talking about S3oud while 3azeez was gone and I told him everything that happened that day.

"Wow. Small world. Are you guys okay now? You and 3azeez I mean?" He asked.

"More than okay, we're great! He was um.. he was actually here a while back when I stopped replying.." I said as I blushed in memory.

"Oh? Khalood replied, I could almost hear his left eyebrow shooting up and I could see his knowing smile spreading on his face. "Well now everything makes sense, I guess it's safe to say you don't have virgin lips anymore, huh?"

I blushed even more as I giggled, "Shh!! We are SO not talking about that!"

He burst out laughing, "I'll take that as a yes. Are you happy babe?" He asked seriously.

I sighed in response. "Ecstatic, walla he's more than I could've ever wished for. He's a little lame and cheesy but yeah, I heart!"

"That's great, I'm really happy for you, I knew it would work out. Hope it stays that way. Do you think you could give him up for 2 weeks?" He inquired.

"Why? What did you have in mind?"

3azooz walked in with the supplies, I smiled to him and mouthed a "thank you". He looked surprised to still see me on the phone, I covered the phone and laughed. "Sorry, just a few more minutes I promise!" He rolled his eyes disbelievingly and smiled.

"Well, I was thinking maybe you could come here after your finals for a bit? How does that sound?" He asked.

"Are you kidding? It sounds amazing! Oh my god! I'd have to trick the parents into going there of course first but if they'd agree, that'd be incredible!!" I replied excitedly.

He laughed at my excitement, "You don't have to actually.. My mom's coming down with one of my brothers, not sure which one yet, your parents wouldn't mind if you came with her, we've travelled together before!"

"You are a genius. I worship you! Omg, I'm so excited!"

"Yes, I can hear just how much!" He said tauntingly, "I gotta get going to class but run it by your parents and let me know, alright?"

"Definitely!! Take care sweetie, I love youu!" I called out.

"Love you too babes, bye." He said and hung up.

"You know, if you're not careful, I'm going to end up being seriously jealous of Khalood." 3azeez said.

I laughed, "Why would you be! He's like a brother to me, unless you're into incest, I seriously suggest you drop all thoughts of jealousy this second!" I replied teasingly.

He sighed theatrically, "Fine!" He said resignedly then dropped his voice to a whisper, "So now that I finally have you all to myself, what do you wanna do?" He asked suggestively as he put his arms around me.

I bit back a smile, linked my hands around his neck and whispered back, "You know exactly what I want to do."

He laughed and pulled me even closer, "Maybe so, but I want to hear you saying it." he teased.

I feigned shyness, bit my lips and looked down, "Well.. what I really want is.. is.."

"Don't be shy, tell me." He said encouragingly.

I stood on my tiptoes and cupped my hand around his ear,"I really want you to teach me accounting." I whispered and pushed him away. I looked back to see his shocked expression and burst out laughing. "What were you expecting? Enough naughtiness for the day yalla!" I said in mock seriousness.

He sighed resignedly and made his way over to my desk and pulled up a chair, "Yalla cham Ghala 3indina!"

"Awww!" I exclaimed and put my arms around him, "Thank you!" I dropped a quick kiss on his left cheek and sat on the other chair.

That day proved to be a test of patience for both of us. He had to deal with my confusion over every little thing in accounting and I had to practice enough control to keep my eyes and hands off him at all times. I kept finding myself drawn back to the way his lips moved when he spoke. Or the gestures his hands made while he was explaining something. Miraculously, I managed to understand and answer questions despite my distracting thoughts.

We took a break 2 hours later and went downstairs to make sandwiches. He took a bite out of an apple while he waited for me to get the ingredients and motioned for me to take one too.

"Mabi, they hurt my mouth! Kila I expect to find all my teeth stuck on the apple when I pull the apple away!" I complained.

He laughed at my despair and motioned for me to take a bite again. I vigorously shook my head. "Yalla 3ad, I already started it, it's easier to bite now!"

I took a small bite to avoid his nagging.

"There, shoofay? Your teeth are still all in place." He teased.

"It's a valid fear!" I defended as I smacked him with the bag of bread. "Let's take all this stuff upstairs, I don't want to come back for it all later. Do you want anything extra?" I asked.

"No thanks, here let me help you." He said as he took some of the stuff away from me.

"Well, aren't you my knight in shining armani!" I exclaimed.

"Haha, I try!"

We made our way to the stairs and I managed to miss the second step and trip. To his credit, he didn't laugh. He wordlessly helped me back to my feet, then picked me up and threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"3azooz! Put me down!" I protested all the way back up to my room and he ignored me until we got there and he threw me down on the bed. I glared at him while waiting for an explanation.

"What? It's the only way I can keep you in one piece!" He defended. I hated to admit that he was right so I ignored him.

"So what were you so excited about on the phone?" He asked later as he took a bite out of his sandwich.

"I might be going to London after finals with Khalood's mom! I can't wait, I hope my parents don't mind!" I said and filled him in excitedly on the details.

"Aha, that's nice." He said when I was finished.

"No, please, you're killing me with your enthusiasm, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing's wrong!" He said as he chuckled, "I'm just going to miss you, that's all."

My heart melted on the spot. I resisted the urge to envelop him in a giant bear hug and never let go.

"Aww, you could always come with me you know.." I suggested.

He raised his eyebrow. "You serious?" He asked.

"Why not! If I know khalty Fay, she's going to be busy shopping for the next 10 years or babying Khalood, and Khalood has uni all day, so I'm going to be alone most of the time.. Not that I mind but it'd be fun to explore the city with you."

He grinned. "I don't know, I'll think about it. But I really have to go now.."

I pouted and pretended to sulk, "So soon?"

"Yeah, I'm afraid so babe, I have to go get stuff for tonight and I promised I'd be there early. But call me if you need help with anything and I'll talk you through it."

"I will." I said as I leaned up to hug him. "Yalla, I'll walk you down."

As we made our way to the door, my knees seemed to find the timing perfect for them to wobble and make me lose my balance. I mumbled complaints angrily to myself and crossed my legs.

3azeez burst out laughing. "I understand you falling down on the steps but baby what on earth did you just trip on!"

"Madri?" I said as I pouted, "Air? You know it really doesn't help being with someone so coordinated, tadri what you're supposed to do when I fall?" I asked.

He shook his head and I grabbed his leg and tried to shake it. My efforts proved to be futile, he barely budged.

"Baby, what are you doing?" He asked exasperatedly.

"I'm trying to make you fall so I look less stupid." I replied.

He burst out laughing again, "All you had to do was ask!" He purposely fell and landed on the floor right next to me, "There! 6ay7a a-la-Ghala. Do you feel better now?" He asked teasingly.

I nodded and grinned widely. He reached out, tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and did the unthinkable.

"I love you, Ghala."

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Foolish Games.. (15)

Yes! Another post =O See how good I'm being? T7ibooni? (a)


I knew I couldn't stand one more minute in that house without inevitably softening towards S3oud or stomping upstairs and demanding to know what was stuck up my "boyfriend"s ass. I settled for sitting on the steps leading up to the house and rested my head on my lap and thought about the drama-filled evening I just had.

I missed Khaled. I smiled at the thought of him coming to my rescue, marching up into the house and bashing their heads against each other and pummeling them to the ground. I rummaged through my bag and found my phone. I punched in his number and waited for him to answer. I got his voice mail. I sighed resignedly and left him a message.

I gathered as much enthusiasm as I could and injected it into my voice. I knew it wouldn't make a difference, Khalood always had this ability of picking up my mood from the way I said "hi". I decided not to burden him with my issues, he already had a lot on his plate so I settled for giving him a daily dosage of randomness.

"Did you know that if the steps on a staircase were off by as much as HALF a millimeter, it causes people to lose their balance and can cause accidents? So in actuality, I'm NOT clumsy, I blame modern architecture. Now all I have to do is find an excuse for tripping on air and I'll die happy. I love you, I miss you, hope you're settling in okay and that you're doing well. Call me when you get a chance, did I say I loved you? Yeah, well I love you! Bye."

I rested my head on my lap again and felt someone's arm wrapping itself around my shoulder. S3oud, no doubt.

"S3oud, go away. I'm all talked out. I'm not re-opening that chapter with you again, please leave me alone" I said as I shrugged his arm off my shoulder.

"W ana? Are you going to re-open it with me?" 3azeez asked.

My head snapped up and I was greeted by an adorable lopsided grin. This would be much easier if he wasn't so.. 3azeez. I'm doomed.

"No, but I will smash your head on the pavement if you touch me again." I threatened and turned away.

"Can we at least talk about it?" He asked.

"You can talk, I can listen." I clipped.

"I'm digging the attitude, its very reminiscent of us 3 weeks ago."

I didn't reply, I wasn't going to make this any easier for him. I still wasn't over the shock of his accusation and I wanted an apology. No, I needed one.

"Are you gonna look at me?" he asked.

"Are you going to get on with the explanation?"

"Ouch. Look Ghalooy, I'm sorry. I'm an idiot, I admit it. It's just that I really like you, more than I want to show, more than I thought I could. I walked in and saw his arms around you and I flipped, I know what type of guy he is and I jumped to all the wrong conclusions and I want to make it up to you if you'll let me."

I raised an eyebrow, "And what type of guy is that?"

"Ma lah da3y agool, suffice it to say that you don't fit the profile of the girls I usually see him with." He answered diplomatically.

"I'm going to disregard what you're insinuating and tell you that I was with S3oud for about a year, give or take, and other than the way we ended things and the last few weeks of it, he was nothing less than a perfect gentleman, things between us never escalated further than hugging, you kissed me after 3 weeks of knowing me, what does that tell you?" I replied defensively before realizing what I was saying.

"You're conveniently leaving out the part where you kissed me back Ghala, I wasn't exactly forcing myself on you." he defended.

I laughed derisively and stood up to walk away from him, he grabbed my hand and pulled me down on his lap. I struggled to get up and he forcibly wrapped my arms around my body and effectively stopped all my squirming.

"Wakhir!!" I exclaimed indignantly.

"Forget it, we've had misunderstanding after misunderstanding from day one and I'm sick of it. I won't let that ass ruin everything between us, fahma? Now you will stay there quietly and listen to my apology and accept it, we clear?" he asked angrily.

I resisted the urge to kiss that adorable frown away from his forehead and kept quiet.

"Ha! Ridday, we clear wela la2?" he asked again.

"Oh, so now I'm allowed to talk?" I replied

"You're such a brat tadreen?" He asked rhetorically as he lightly kissed my neck, "Yabeelich discipline."

I laughed nervously, "You are so not the man to be giving it to me." He replied with another kiss, "3azooz, your apology? The one I'm supposed to be accepting?" I reminded him.

"Ha? I'll get around to it, but you smell really good." he replied as he nuzzled my neck.

I couldn't take it anymore, I managed to free one of my arms and elbowed him as hard as I could, "3azooz! I want my apology! W use your words! You can't just kiss all our problems away!" Translation: You could very easily kiss all our problems away but I don't want you to know the effect you have on me.

He sighed and moved his head away from the general vicinity of my neck, "Fine. I'm sorry walla I just couldn't stand hearing you defend him anymore, not after I heard what he did to you. And no, I wasn't spying, I don't think you realize you were screaming at him. And I'm really sorry you had to go through that, he's an ass and he doesn't deserve any of your precious tears."

I was so close to throwing my arms around him and forgiving him completely but I didn't for two reasons. One, his arms were still holding mine prisoners. Two, there was still a question I needed to ask.

"But why were you so quick to believe the worst about me and think I was up to something? I mean, I understand it was a compromising situation to walk into but you should know better than that, the fact of the matter is; you don't trust me." I stated.

"Baby, no, don't think that, please. It was just a stupid overreaction, it's not going to become a habit, believe me. I trust you implicitly, it's just the beginning of a relationship and I don't know, there aren't any words to describe how beyond idiotic I was." He admitted.

I bit back a smile and eyed him suspiciously, looking for any signs of insincerity.

"Lail7een mu m9adga? Do you want it in writing?" He asked as he raised an eyebrow.

I giggled at the absurdity of his suggestion, "Magool la2."

"Is that a laugh I hear? Ya3ni rithaitay 3alay?"

"Ya3ni." I replied as I shrugged my shoulder petulantly.

I turned my head around to see his face break into a huge grin and mine couldn't help but to mirror his elated expression. No words needed to be spoken, it was clear that all was forgiven. He let go of my arms and hugged me. I hugged him back for a few moments then grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled it hard, he looked at me with a bewildered expression drawn on his face.

"If you ever, EVER think about accusing me of something like that again, I assure you, they will be the last words you will EVER speak, fahim?" I threatened.

"A7! Ghala, min wain nazil 3alaich hal violence?! Let go!" He exclaimed as he laughed.

I pulled his hair harder, "FAHIM?" I asked again, louder.

He laughed helplessly, "Fahim, walla fahim!"

"Good!" I replied as I dropped a quick kiss on his lips, let go of his hair and settled back in his lap. His arms encircled me and I put mine over his.

He laughed again, "Well, that was a side I've never seen before." He lamented.

"Yeah, I'm full of surprises, you better watch your back!" I said warningly.

"I'll bet." he agreed as we exchanged smiles.

"Oh yeah, there's something else I wanted to ask!" I exclaimed.


"I'm your girlfriend?"

"Yeah, do you mind?" he asked teasingly as he held me closer.

Melting, seriously melting. "Not at all." I replied as I blushed.

"Good, so what do you say we go back inside and try to salvage what's left of our evening?"

I burst out laughing, "Honey, I think we're WAY beyond that point, besides, unless I'm mistaking the vibrations coming from my bag for the past 5 minutes, Juju is outside. And unless you want her to come marching into here with an assortment of knives and shotguns, I think it's my cue to leave.."

He looked disappointed, I felt bad but it was his fault after all. I hugged him one last time, got up and straightened my dress.

"No goodnight kiss?" He asked.

"Hmm.. not tonight I'm afraid!" I replied, "Ba3ad, if I'm going to train you I'm going to have to put together a reward/punishment system!"

"Train me, huh?" He asked, amused.

I laughed and started walking away backwards, "Goodnight!" I called out and blew him a kiss. I turned around and made my way to the car.

I got inside, looked at Ritaj and smiled brightly, "Hi!"

She stared at me silently for a few minutes, unfastened her seatbelt and reached for the handle on the door.

"JUUJ!" I exclaimed, "Wain ray7a?"

"Ray7a as2al il7mar shimsawee, laish bachya??" She asked angrily.

I laughed, "Juju drive babes, it's a long story."

She studied my face for a few moments, concluded that I was fine, re-fastened her seat belt and drove off, "Can I at least get the Cliffnotes version?" She asked.

"Hmm.. let's see, S3oud was there, so screaming, crying, hugging.. 3azooz accused me of cheating so more screaming, insulting, restraining, hugging, kissing, pulling hair.. Oh and I'm his girlfriend!" I added enthusiastically.

She braked the car in the middle of the road, "WHAT?!" She shouted.

"Juju!!! Driiive!" I ordered, shocked at her impulsive move. "Maynoona? Shnawya 3alaina!"

"Ice cream and red bull?" She asked as she shot me a dirty look for not giving her details.

"Ice cream and red bull!" I agreed.

We spent that night in my room, having a spill session over our favorite snacks. We had our appropriately timed "OMG"s and "awww"s over different parts and just in time for the tale to end, 3azooz messaged me.

-1 New Message-

Thank you for waiting for Ritaj to drive off before telling her anything, I half expected her to walk into my living room with an axe at any moment.

-Outgoing Message-

Yeah, you got lucky this time! Marra thanya I'm unleashing the full power of Juju on your ass.

-1 New Message-

lol.. la 7abeebti, that's where you're wrong, I got lucky the day I met you ;*

-Outgoing Message-

Cheesy much? The bunny on my slippers could've done better than that.

-1 New Message-

lol, ee it's easy to feign indifference when you're hiding behind text messages, can you honestly say you're not blushing right now and smiling at the phone?;p

-Outgoing Message-


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Foolish Games.. (14)

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Okay, So I worked on this during my classes today! I surreptitiously dakhalt the earphones mal il IPod under my clothes, hid them carefully and wrote this down on my notebook w now I'm typing it up here! You better like it lana my hand is gonna detach itself from the rest of my arm.. seriously! Lana I wrote like half a page, decided I didn't like it and tore it up.. then I did that twice again before deciding on this one! So enjoy.. or not, kaifkum! Oh yeah, midterms soon, wish me luck :(


I will not overreact. I will wait for him to explain. I will not freak out. I will open my mouth and reply. I will.. I will stand there like an idiot and stare at him blankly. He looked at me expectantly, awaiting an answer. I couldn't offer him any. I couldn't find the words to verbalize the million feelings rushing through me at that moment. He gave up and turned his attention to S3oud who was yet to take his hands or eyes off me.

"Mi7lawa 7abeebti," He said as he pulled me closer, "I've missed you."

I involuntarily felt a lump rising in my throat, I forcibly removed his arms from around me and backed away. "You lost the right to say any of that a long, long time ago S3oud."

He reached out and grabbed my hand, "Ghala, wait-"

"S3oud, I've been patient so far, but would you mind taking your hands the fuck off my girlfriend and explain?" 3azeez asked angrily.

His question captured our full attention and effectively stopped S3oud's unnecessary touching.

"Girlfriend?" We asked in unison.

He ignored the question and waited for S3oud to answer his. S3oud still seemed to be shocked at the G-word 3azeez dropped so carelessly.

"Uh.. I asked Fahad if I could stay here while Noor was gone, I thought you were traveling for the week?" He asked, confused.

3azeez looked meaningfully at me before he answered. "I had a change of plans." He clipped.

I finally understood the situation I was in and looked for confirmation, "So he's your sister's.. brother in law?" I asked 3azeez.

"I think we established that," he replied snidely, "what we haven't is how you know him."

Now it was my turn to be all flustered and caught off guard again, this really wasn't the way I hoped this evening would turn out.

"S3oud's my ex." I answered in a small voice that sounded foreign to my own ears.

"Ah, I see.. and I interrupted you cozy, intimate little reunion?" He concluded as he eyed me and S3oud in all his semi-nakedness. "Well by all means, go ahead, don't stop on my account." he said as he leaned against the table and folded his arms.

"I don't know what changed or what I've done to deserve such a low opinion from you but I don't have to stand here and take this shit from you. Call me when you manage to pull your head out of your ass, or you know what, don't."

I finished off my mini-speech and stormed off. I took the stairs 3 at a time, thoughts were beyond me, I only knew that I had to get away from there and away from them. Only I would have the extreme misfortune of running into my ex on a date with another guy. In his house. Seriously, what are the odds? I quickly texted Ritaj the address and asked her to pick me up as soon as possible. She replied saying she'll be there in 10 minutes max, no questions asked.

"Ghala, wait!" S3oud called out again as he shoved his arms into the sleeves of a jumper and buttoned up his jeans.

I turned around to face him, "You know what S3oud, I DID wait. I waited hours on end for you, just stupidly standing there wishing you'd show up already so we could celebrate our anniversary together. But you didn't. You were too busy screwing one of my closest friend's brains out. So forgive me if I seem a little bit reluctant to wait for your explanation. What could you possibly have to say for yourself?"

And just like that, the recollection of past events caused the waterworks to begin. I didn't realize I was crying until I tasted a salty tear on my lips, then I felt it all. I felt the intense heat of the scalding tears running down my face. I felt my heart's poorly stitched wounds open wide and I felt it shattering into a million tiny pieces all over again. I couldn't breathe, I felt the suppressed agony of his betrayal weighing down on my windpipe, cutting off my air supply. I heard my tortured sobs echoing through the empty house and then I heard something else.

I looked disbelievingly through the layer of moisture covering my eyes to see his face etched with remorse on every single millimeter. I stood transfixed as he reached out to wipe my tears. He kissed the top of my head and whispered, "Baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I am so god damn sorry."

He reached out to hug me and I let him. I let him wrap his arms around me and hold on for dear life while I stood there lifelessly and remembered all the times he held me in the past. I remembered how he refused to let go of me after my grandmother's sudden death and how he cradled me in his arms all night long. I remembered how he lifted me up and spun me around when I got accepted into university and for a second, I closed my eyes and let myself feel how great it was to be held this way, to experience the amazing gifts of being loved and wanted. But then I saw something else, I saw the same arms wrapped around HER instead. I saw his hands running all through her body and I pulled away as if I was electrocuted.

I calmly wiped my tears away. "And I'm sorry that you hurt me so deeply enough to diminish the significance of those words. Goodbye S3oud."

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Foolish Games.. (13)

Okay, so ams some of you were under the impression that I posted and deleted it.. I didn't lol I just wrote the title and accidentally published it, realized my mistake THEN saved it as a draft ;p Bas here you guys go, as promised! Love youu ;**


"Why so far away?" He asked as he patted the empty place between us, "Ta3alay, gi3day yammy."

"La, I don't wanna crowd you while you're driving, I'm fine over here!" I reassured him. Translation: I want to hold on to what little self control I have left and moving as much as an inch closer to you will compromise that.

"Shda3wa, do you hear me complaining?" He said with a disarming smile. I couldn't keep looking at him, I shrugged and looked out the window, pretending to be absorbed with the scenery and eventually escaping into a daydream where no self control was needed. Until I was interrupted by the throbbing pain in my toes.

"Penny for your thoughts?" 3azeez asked, bringing me back to reality.

"Feet." I replied automatically.

"How romantic," he said sarcastically, "anything in particular or just feet in general?"

"Why would I think about feet in general?"

"Why would you think of feet on our first date?" He shot back.

I laughed, "Aww, did I bruise your ego? Were you expecting something along the lines of "your eyes" followed by a long sigh? Or your smile? Or your-"

"I get the picture," He interrupted my taunting, "mu 3an, but it was a very random answer."

I giggled, "Not really, I was contemplating whether it was acceptable for me to change shoes and whether or not you were going to rat me out to Juju if I did, hence, feet!" I explained.

He shook his head and laughed incredulously, "By all means, go ahead."

I was yet to fully grasp the situation I was in. I couldn't believe the obnoxious hottie from the sultan center was the same guy who held me tenderly while I cried my eyes out, the same guy who gave me my first kiss, the same guy who was taking me out on an official date.. and the same guy who was driving me to distraction with the lazy circular movements of his fingers around my hand. I quickly snatched my hand away from his and pretended to fix my hair. He gave me a confused look, I smiled to confuse him further. He shrugged and turned his attention back to the road.

I sighed inwardly and realized that he wasn't responsible for the state of my raging hormones. I blew my bangs out of my eyes, closed the gap between us and reached out to hold his hand and simultaneously wrap his arm around my shoulder. I snuggled in closer to him and breathed in his heady scent and heard him laughing. He leaned down to kiss the top of my head.

"I still don't know what to make of you," he confessed, "you seem to be the weirdest mixture of kitten, fairy and minx."

"So I'm a flying fur ball of sluttiness, dala3 and dependency?" I asked, thoroughly appalled as I moved away from him.

His bark-like laughter boomed out, "Shako!" He exclaimed, "I only meant you're a sexy, playful little creature who keeps me wanting more." He clarified with a wink.

I glowed over his compliments and repositioned myself under his arm. "So ma giltly, where are we going?" I asked excitedly.

"Impatient, are we? Why can't you just sit back and be surprised?" He asked.

"Lana, I need time to practice how to react accordingly! My face does the weirdest things when it's not prepared, I hate surprises!"

"Laa?" he said with a huge smile, "Now this, I've got to see."

"Noo walla I'm serious, chithee lazim I make a conscious effort not to have any facial expressions which is going to make me look robotic and.. well, constipated!" I blurted out.

He stared at me for a minute and burst out laughing, "Wow Ghalooy, you really know how to turn a guy on, first feet and now constipation? Ib9ara7a you're on a roll, an9i7ich, don't stop." He teased.

"Hey!" I exclaimed and pouted, "Don't be mean to me, I can't control my word vomit, I'm nervous! I know you must be used to it, but I haven't done this in over a year, I totally forgot how everything's supposed to go!"

He smiled tenderly at me, "It doesn't go a specific way 7ayati, just let things be, don't overthink it and just have a good time, there's nowhere else I'd rather be and I'd love it if you were to join me here instead of retreating into your own thoughts, is that too much to ask for?"

I smiled back and shook my head. How could I not be crazy about him? I belatedly realized we had come to a stop and looked out the window. We were parked in a garage. He really meant it when he said he didn't want to share me I guess..

"So is this okay?" He asked tentatively.

I looked around, "Um.. sure! A garage first date, can't say I've heard of one of those before, 10 points for originality!" I said, trying to pump up as much enthusiasm into my words as I could.

He burst out laughing, "You think this where I wanted to spend our first date?" he asked disbelievingly.

"I don't know what to think!" I confessed.

"You're too cute," he said as he got out of the car and came to open my door, "remember I told you I lived with my sister and her kid while her husband was away studying?"

I nodded, finally comprehending the direction he was heading in.

"Well, he's on a break right now and instead of coming down here, they flew out to spend the vacation with him.. I already asked her and she said she doesn't mind me bringing you here." He explained.

"OH! That makes sense." I said, relieved at the cleared up misconception.

He smiled and helped me down from his car. "Yeah, I've brought you back to an empty big house, I hope you won't take advantage of me." He said suggestively

I burst out laughing, "YOU bring ME to an empty house and YOU'RE afraid of me taking advantage of you??" I asked incredulously, "Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?"

"Right," he said as he stared me down from head to toe and back up again, "and aren't you afraid I'm going to be taking advantage of you?" he asked slyly.

"We'll see how the evening goes, you never know, I might wind up wishing you would." I said as I winked and twirled away from him.

He caught me around my waist and pulled me closer to him, "Be careful what you wish for, you might end up getting more than you bargained for." He warned.

My gaze dropped to his lips, "Calculated risk." I whispered and moved away from him.

"You're going to be the death of me, I swear." He mumbled, "I cooked dinner for us, do you want to brave it and be my guinea pig for the evening or do you want to order out?" he asked.

"Are you kidding?" I asked, "Of course I want to try your food! What did you make?"

"Well, I kind of asked Ritaj for help and she said your favorite was Chicken Alfredo, so I tried making that, haven't tasted it yet, I want you to do the honors!" He beamed, obviously proud of himself.

"Aww that was very sweet of you! Have you ever cooked before?" I asked, trying not to sound scared.

"No," he answered, "but I figured, how hard could it be? You just follow the instructions and that's it, it's like math, math of the food." He explained.


He led me to the kitchen and we made our way to the stove where he opened up the pot and held out a fork for me, I smiled and tentatively speared some of the pasta and held it up to my mouth. I saw the expectant look in his eyes and I stopped inhaling the scent, hoping that it smelled worse than it tasted. No such luck.

"Hmm, that's really.. wow, really! I think you might've discovered a hidden talent here, aww I can't believe you made this for me!" I threw my arms around his neck in an effort to distract him. No such luck.

He pried my eyes away from him and I saw his crestfallen face, "You hate it." he didn't ask, he stated it.

"No!! I don't hate it, it just.. has an acquired taste about it! I'm sure it'll taste better after a few more bites!" I said in what I hoped was a reassuring manner.

He raised his eyebrow at me, "And now you're trying to spare my feelings?" he said, with an amused inflection in his voice.

I gave up my pathetic attemps at making him feel better, "Alright, fine! That was the most vile thing I have ever tasted in my life, there, you happy?" I said as I glared at him.

I expected a wounded look, perhaps even a sarcastic comment, I did not expect him to wrap his arms around me and laugh. "Thank you for trying to sugarcoat it for me." He said, "Was it really that bad?" he asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

I held out the fork, "See for yourself." I watched his facial expressions change from excited to amused to wary to downright disgusted.

"I am so sorry for subjecting you to that.. that.. I can't even call it food!" he exclaimed.

Now it was my turn to laugh, "It's fine! Listen, let me go rinse the taste out of my mouth and fix my makeup, shh you didn't hear that part! Then we can cook something together, how does that sound?" I suggested.

"Perfect!" He replied enthusiastically, "Bathroom is the 3rd door to the left down the hall. No, wait, the downstairs bathroom is being remodeled. You can use the one upstairs, 2nd door to the right, inside my bedroom." He instructed.

"Ooo how forward!" I exclaimed, deliberately misunderstanding what he said.

"Baby, don't start." he warned.

I laughed, took my purse and made my way upstairs. I opened the door to his bedroom and looked at the photos on his table. They were pictures of him and his nephews and nieces and siblings. I found one of him and Khalood and held it close for a few moments. I kissed the picture and put it back where I found it and made my way to the bathroom. As I reached out to open the door, it pulled back by itself. Startled, I took a step back and a man emerged before me in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. I looked up to see who it was and I couldn't believe my eyes. I blinked a few times to make sure, but he didn't go away.

"S-S3oud?" I asked disbelievingly.

"Hala walla," He said as he looked at me appreciatively and smiled, "I always hoped you would come back to me, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would be this easy." He said as he put his hands around my waist.

I cringed and took a step back and heard 3azeez's voice calling from down the hall, getting louder with every step he took, "Babe, what ingredients do you need? Akhaf fee shay nagi9 aw-"

He opened the door and stopped mid-sentence. He took in the scene before him and raised an eyebrow.

"What's going on here?"
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