Thursday, May 7, 2009

Foolish Games.. (20)

Alright, as I mentioned on my other blog, I'm going through a slightly wai3 time right now? I'm saving up all the adjectives for the story so "wai3" will have to suffice for now *rolls eyes* anyway yeah, I'm not really up to writing Ghala&3azeez's story right now.. unless you guys don't mind me killing off all the male characters ;p so I'm leaving you all with one final long post for now. I admit it's not my best work so if a lot of you guys don't like it, let me know and I'll rewrite perhaps? I love you guys, I'll be back soonish inshalla :*


I sat on 3azeez's bed shivering, covered up in his sister's oversized bathrobe. I silently envied the beautiful giant for her looks and physique as I waited for my clothes to dry. To my consternation, I kept seeing Noor's laughing face and 3azeez's shocked one and blushed in mortification all over again. I was relieved for the option of hiding up in here away from everyone. My relief proved to be short-lived a few moments later when I heard a light tapping on the door.

"Ghalooy.. are you decent?" 3azeez's voice called out.

"No." I snapped as I hid my face in his pillow. I wasn't quite ready to face him yet.

He ignored me and came striding into the room, smiling as he nodded at my attire.

"3azeez! What the hell?!" I exclaimed, outraged. "What if I was naked ya3ni?? Ha?"

He raised his eyebrows and lifter a corner of his mouth in a crooked smile. "Then I'd be considered one lucky bastard." he replied with a wink.

I grabbed my bag and threw the contents at him individually as he laughed. I finally hurled my bag at him and hid under the covers and repositioned my face into the pillow. I couldn't help but catch a whiff of his lingering scent on it and breathed it in.

"Aw, come on baby, 3adi!! We've all been pushed by 3baid in the pool at one point or another!" He said as he attempted to lift the covers.

I tightened my grip around the corners of it but my attempts were unnecessary and ineffective, given the inevitable outcome. He threw away the covers and hugged me tightly. I hid my face in his chest the instant he let go.

I felt his chuckle vibrate through his chest as he attempted to push me away. "Wareeni wayhich!" He demanded.

"Mabi!" I mumbled, my response was muffled by his clothes.

"7abeebti we both know you're no match for me, I'm about three times your size! I will resort to tickling if I have to." He threatened.

I immediately lifted my head and looked at him. He burst out laughing again and I attempted to hide my face in my hands. He intertwined his fingers in between mine, taking away that option.

"Uff! Kil hatha mista7ya?" he asked teasingly. "I haven't seen that shade of red anywhere outside the tomato family!"

"Fashlaaaaaa!!" I whined, "Broo7'ha your sister seems to hate me and now this!"

He looked caught of guard as he replied sheepishly, "Oh, you noticed."

I looked at him disbelievingly, "Seriously? I would've had to be blind NOT to notice. You know what, 3abdulla probably noticed and pushed me purposely into the pool to amuse her!" I concluded.

"Yeah! I totally witnessed them communicating that by blinking!" He played along.

The door opened and I immediately jumped off his lap and landed awkwardly on the floor. I got up quick and sat down on the bed away from him as he shook his head and chuckled quietly. Noor came in closely followed by an apologetic looking 3abdulla.

She put down my clothes on the bed and nudged 3abdulla forward. He stared at his hands as he came up to me and shyly whispered an apology.

I smiled at him and bent down to his level, "I'll forgive you if you give me a kiss!" I offered and he readily accepted, giving me a big sloppy kiss on my cheek. He immediately giggled and ran away the second he was done, leaving me alone with 3azeez and his sister. We sat in awkward silence for a few moments before Noor cleared her throat and spoke up.

"Um.. Ghala, I wanted to apologize for my rude behavior earlier. I was quick to judge you based on what I've heard from other people.." She admitted, ashamed. I instinctively knew she was talking about S3oud's brother, he never liked me and had no problems making his feelings clear every chance he got. "I'm extremely protective of my baby brother but I can see that you have genuine feelings for him and if you don't mind, I'd love a chance to get to know you when you come back."

I had a feeling 3azeez had something to do with his sister's change in attitude but I didn't question his part in all of it. I smiled at her and replied, "I would love that too."

She beamed back at me and 3azeez, "I was hoping you would! Alright then, I'll leave you two alone now.. behave." She added as she gave 3azeez a warning look and she left.

I grabbed my clothes and ran to his bathroom to change as soon as she left. "Finally!" I exclaimed as soon as I came out, "Allaaah, my clothes are so warm and toasty!" I said as I hugged myself.

"Umm.. Would you like me to leave so you can feel yourself up in private? Or do you mind if I sat and watched?" he asked teasingly.

I laughed and smacked him playfully. "Ghala, you're really starting to worry me. Hair pulling, choking, pathetic attempts at beating me up.. are you into S&M?" He asked in mock seriousness.

I burst out laughing and fell back on the bed. I tried to contain it but failed miserably time and again. It wasn't that funny, but the expression on his face was hilarious. I finally managed to pull myself together and stared at the ceiling, smiling,

3azeez broke the silence, "I love the way you laugh." He said

I hooked one of my fingers between his buttons and pulled him down on top of me, "I love the way you make me laugh." I whispered back.

"I love the way you blush."

"I love the way you smell."

"I love how your voice drops a few decibels when we're all alone."

"I love how you always manage to notice the little things."

"I love all the little things there are for me to notice."

"I love you."

My eyes widened the minute the words left my mouth. I seemed even more shocked than he was by the words I had spoken, which was saying something considering the disbelieving look etched on his face. I immediately got up and pushed him away.


"What?" I replied stupidly.

"Shgiltay?" He asked again.

"I said, "what"!"

He rolled his eyes, "Before that!!"

"Something about you noticing the little things?"

He glared at me impatiently, "After that?"

I gave up. He obviously wasn't going to budge no matter how dumb I played, I opened my mouth to utter the three words I never thought I'd be able to say back to him, "I love you."

I saw his face stretching into a huge smile and he leaned in closer to kiss me. I pushed his face away from me and got up.

"No! Wai3, stop smiling!! You better not have changed your mind and you better still feel the same way, you can't take it back! Also, don't think this changes anything or expect me to suddenly turn into the perfect girlfriend or anything or that you can control me in any way or dictate anything, 'cause I won't let you, inzain?" I said as I glared at him.

"You done yet?" he asked with a bored expression on his face. "I love you, too."

"Yeah well.. good." I finished lamely.

He laughed and pulled me into his arms, "Inzain, laish m3a9ba?" he asked, amused.

"Madri!" I replied honestly, "I never have appropriate reactions!"

"Really? You don't say?" he said sarcastically, "Is it alright if I kissed you now?"

"I love how you ask even though you're going to end up doing whatever you want anyway, you know, this is really starting to-"

He clamped my lips together and I tried to mumble protests. "Baby, sweetie, honey.. chub."

He leaned in closer and covered my lips with his. Every kiss with 3azeez was a new experience, the only similarity was the result of having me breathless and weak in the knees during its aftermath. This kiss was slow and sensual, he wordlessly conveyed to me the depth of his feelings and I savored every sensation as I responded and allowed his mouth to wreak havoc in every fiber of my being.

We eventually came up for air and he rested his forehead against mine as he tried to catch his breath, "How gay is it of me to be having the urge to beg you not to go?"

"Just about as gay as it is for me to actually be considering not going to stay with you." I answered. "I'm really going to miss you."

He sighed deeply, "Two weeks."

"Two weeks.." I echoed as he pulled me in for another kiss.


"Are you sure I can't tempt you to come spend your last night with me?" He asked as he pulled up to my house.

"Honey, you can tempt me to do A LOT more than that, which is precisely why I should spend the night in my own home, as far away from you as possible." I replied.

"Really?" He asked intrigued, "I'll be sure to remember that when you come back." He teased. I shot him a look and he threw his hands up in the air, "Kidding, kidding!! Do you need a ride to the airport tomorrow?"

"No, Juju's spending the night and she's dropping me off tomorrow before she goes home.. besides, I'm meeting Khalood's mother and brother 6alal there so it'd be best if I didn't show up with you, don't you think?" I asked.

"Definitely, I wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong idea of you.. So, I guess this is goodbye?"

I cringed at the finality that word represented, "Not goodbye.. just see you later! Don't scare me!" I exclaimed.

He laughed and kissed my forehead, "See you later, tro7een witrideen bilsalama 7abeebti."

I couldn't help myself, I threw my arms around him and gave him a final hug, "Allah isalmik." I promised to call him before I got on the plane and I made my way to the front door. He refused to leave til he saw me go inside, I unlocked the door and looked back to find him still waiting. I walked backwards into the house so I can memorize his face one more time before he left. He waved to me and I blew him a kiss.

"THERE YOU ARE!" Ritaj screamed as she slammed the door shut after me and leaned against it. "I've been waiting since forever!!"

"Juju, 3azeez is outside, wakhrayyy!" I said as I tried to move her.

"Mako! You're obviously not going to close the door 'til he drives off and he won't drive off 'til you close the door, so I took matters into my own hands. Now march before me young lady, up you go!" She said, pointing at the stairs.

I pouted and sulked all the way upstairs, I kept trying to go back to the door and Ritaj would stop me and threaten to decapitate me if I disobeyed her again. I sighed resignedly and walked into my room.

"Hach, this is my list." She announced.

"List? List of what?" I asked as I looked down at the piece of paper she handed me.

"The list of things I want you to bring back from England, duh!" She answered.

I quickly scanned the contents and looked back at her, "Juju, I can't bring you back Orlando Bloom." I said as I rolled my eyes.

"Why the hell not!" She screeched.

"Ouch, Juju, volume control! Lana awalan, wai3. Thaniyan, Haifa already asked and I said no!" I replied.

"Hffft, fine! You never do anything I ask you to!" She whined.

"Yes, I'm the worst friend ever." I added.

"Woy, no 7abeebti laaa2! You're the bestest best friend ever! I'm going to miss you wayid!!" She said as she pulled me in for a hug.

"I'm going to throw up hugs walla, I've been squeezed way too much these two days!" I said as I hugged her back.

"Oooo.." She said as she wiggled her eyebrows, "Do share!"

I laughed and filled her in on the details of the day, she inserted appropriately timed "aww"s and gasps and made threats when needed.

"Bitch. I don't care if she apologized, I still don't like her!" She announced when I was done.

"Well lucky for her, you don't have to! She's 3azooz's favorite sibling, I'm going to have to try to find away to get along with her and I could use your help, so be nice!"

She sighed theatrically, "Fiiiine! Let's go make brownies and eat them with cookie dough ice cream!" she suggested enthusiastically.

"You're trying to make me throw up bilplane, aren't you?" I asked suspiciously.

"Nooo, you're going to sleep bilplane which is specifically why I'm going to keep you up all night. We're eating that cuz I won't get another chance to pig out 'til you come back, so come on!"

She ended up sleeping half an hour after we baked the brownies but I took her advice anyway and stayed up all night. I took a nap at one point and she woke me up by throwing a water bottle at me.

"Goomay! It's 9, I can't believe you let me fall asleep! I only have two hours left with you!" She yelled.

"Juju, I'm going for two weeks and coming back, it's not like I'm going to drop off the face of the earth, enough with the drama!" I replied crankily.

She pouted, "Whatever, if I was 3azeez you'd probably be all "awww babyy, la tiz3al, ta3al let me flash you!" bas ana I get told I'm being dramatic!" She said huffily.

I laughed and threw a pillow at her, "First of all, ew? Second of all, 3azeez doesn't throw cold objects at me while I'm sleeping!"

"Fine, go take a shower, I'll get breakfast started and we can watch Finding Nemo, I already sent your driver to the airport with your bags so you don't have to worry about that, yalla bsir3a we're running out of time!"

I didn't dare disobey her. When Juju had a plan, she meant business. I ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower, I went back down 20 minutes later in a pair of jeans, a red hoodie and my kelly green converses. I saw Juju's face light up when she saw me.

"You wore them! You finally wore them! Aww you look like christmas, I LOVE YOU! Look at all the colors!!"

I rolled my eyes, poured some coffee and sat down to watch the movie. She french braided my hair while we watched because she insisted a bun would be too much of a hassle during the flight and before we knew it, the two hours were up and she drove me to the airport. Khaled's mother and older brother, 6alal, got there earlier than we expected so I didn't get a chance to call 3azeez.

"Deeraw baalkum 3alaiha!" Ritaj unnecessary asked them before she left.

"Shda3wa Ritaj, she's family, mala da3i twa9eenna 3alaiha!" 6alal replied defensively. 6alal was convinced we were lesbians and Juju's overprotective act wasn't helping him in forgetting that theory.

"I knoww but she's my baby! Akhaf 3alaiha!" She replied. "Call me as soon as you land, take care of yourself and if you come back with an accent, so help me god, I WILL murder you!" She hugged me one final time and left before she unleashed the waterworks.

I texted 3azeez explaining why I didn't call but he didn't reply, I guess he was still asleep. We boarded the plane and surely enough I was asleep minutes after takeoff. The events of the flight were a blur to me, I distinctly remember being woken up a couple of times by the flight attendants. And I remember being force-fed a stale croissant by khalti Sara at one point, but that was pretty much it.

I stumbled out of Heathrow Airport half an hour later to find Khaled leaning against a car, smoking a cigarette. I couldn't believe he was standing there in front of me, even as I saw his mother and brother greeting him and getting into the car, a part of me still thought there was a possibility I was dreaming all this up. He came up to me and snapped his fingers in front of my face.

"Ghalooy?" he asked. I took his hand and pinched it as hard as I could using my nails.

He yelped and snatched it away, "What the hell, Ghala! Laish??" he asked, surprised by my action.

"I was just checking if this was just a dream!" I defended.

"You pinch YOURSELF to check that, not other people!" he shot back.

"Oops?" I offered.

He shook his head and pulled me into his arms and twirled me around. Just like he always did. I squealed and demanded he put me down. Just like I always did. We pulled back and stared at each other and laughed for no apparent reason. I smiled at the familiarity of the picture we painted and snuggled back into his arms. He apparently had other ideas. He carried me like a football under his arm and walked towards the car.

"Mi'lady, your carriage awaits!" He announced.

"Yes, cuz nothing screams royalty like being manhandled at the airport." I retorted.

"Well Ghalooy, you know me, I always go the extra mile!" he said and threw me into the back seat of the car and grinned. "7emdellah 3ala ilsalama!"




M said...

ooooh 3azeez is so sweet!

and I love Ritaj!

A*MODE said...


*sigh* .. i still hate the sister though.

*S.W ~ said...

I LOVED the post, don't re-write it, it's amazing as it is! Waiting for the next one...

love ;** said...

how can you even doubt your writing, your talent and your BEAUTIFUL ideas? amazing, like always AMAAZING and I agree nothing should be changed I loved every single word ;**

Teenager At Sea said...

The Way Ritaj W Ghala Talk Reminds Me Of Myself W My Friend So Knt 7adi 3aysha Il Jaw;p

Don't Re-write The Post, It's Perfect The Way It Is... I Think I'm Liking 3aziz's Sister, Maybe She Won't Turn Out That Bad After All... She's So Cute Ma3a 5aled! A7is'hom 9ij Friends Mn 3omor!

Inshalla You Feel Better Soon... We'll Miss You =[

Jam3iiya(L) said...

me love ^^(perfection).


M; aww yay she loves you too <3

A*MODE; really? lol glad you liked it :* me too ;p

*S.W~; thank you 7abeebti :*

love;** ; *blush* aww thanks babes, you're too sweet walla!;*

Teenager At Sea; lol yay ;p maybe.. maybe not! Thanks hun, I'll miss you guys more:*

Jam3iiya(L); me love you :* thanks hun

Anonymous said...

Perfect post! Don't get why you think it's blah

Starlight<3 said...

You are one girl who obviously doesn't know when inspiration has hit her, and if this is you on the low I cannot wait to see you when your in a good mood!

Feel better though ;*

Ahaha Ghala is the most adorable thing in the world! :D

I quickly scanned the contents and looked back at her, "Juju, I can't bring you back Orlando Bloom." I said as I rolled my eyes

RITAAAAJ! Finally, she is back. Tell her, I missed her like crazy ;p If Ritaj is a real person, I need to get me some. 'Girl you my sugar, I call you candy and tonight I'm gonna get me some, get me some sugar..' Flo-rida has no talent but his songs are catchy =p

Khaled is such a sweetheart, I want to Ghala. Her life is frigging perfect >.<

Post soon,


Cupid ;* said...

awww this is amazing;** You know what I love best, the way their love is, it's like Edward and Bella, siighh

SlouchyPants said...


I'm going through a "I hate men" phase at the moment, too. But only because the dude at the Japanese restaurant messed up my order, fucking idiot (I'm noticing that food is always mentioned when I comment on your blog. It's not a coincident, though, I'm always eating and/or drinking)

Btw, I'm a very skillful ninja (nunchucks are my super strength) so if you need me take care of anyone *cough*murder*cough* I'd be glad to help you out, sista!

Khalid *jams her hand into chest and rips out her heart* GIVE THIS TO HIM, OKAY? *sniff* I LOVE HIM! I give you my full permission if you want to add me to the story as Khalid's weird yet lovable Saudi girlfriend. I'm serious.

Retaaaj! aww I miss her! you know that my friends actually do that to me? wherever I go there's a list and two things are always on that list.
1. A hot person from wherever I'm going.
2. A dildo.


S&M! .... my my! I confessed in a comment on one the blogs that I have a fascination with BDSM! It's so kinky and HOT and weird and KINKY? *hides behind her laptop* NEVERMIND! I was kidding, I don't think BDSM is hot. Hmph!


SlouchyPants said...

Fuck, that was one lengthy comment! SORRY, I got too excited :P


Anonymous; thanks hun!:* lana I thought it dragged wayid in certain places and jumped to different parts faj2a without any proper transitions? no? madri? lol yeah anyway thanks!

Starlight<3; Aww 7abeebti thank you :*

lol Ritaj is a real person! She's Stitch/lostb2amreeka ;p Flo rida has.. khaleeni saakta *zips up mouth*

LOL no you can't be Ghala, she's fictional, ba3dain who's going to leave all these great comments 3indi?? Inshalla ;*

Cupid;* ; aww yaay :* LOL is it you that mentioned twilight before ba3ad? you guys need to stop comparing this to them or slouchypants is going to stop reading my story ;p

SlouchyPants; LOL! Bil3afya my love :*

Really? *sniff* you mean it? How soon could you get here :( I have a long list, but I'll be happy if you can just take care of one person! -.-

LOL I thought you liked Yousef now! I'd make you his weird yet lovable Saudi gf but then I can't like you for a while :( I could meet you in London though, what should I call you? :D This is going to be challenging, but fun! ;p

LOLOL! a dildo?? I love your friends walla ;p LOL!! are you serious or not? I'm totally about to confess that I find it weirdly hot and kinky too, would never try it though! At least I think I wouldn't -.- But bondage is like.. *giggles* yeah, shh!

I L-O-V-E YOU MORE!! :* Comment as much as you want, 3adi!

SlouchyPants said...

I like Yousef! AND Khalid! I LIKE THEM BOTH (aand the fantasy of me having a threesome with two imaginary characters will be starting in 3...2...1)

Why wouldn't you like me if I was his GF? :|

W YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!PLEASE MEET ME IN LONDON!!!!!!! *swallows laptop and dies* (I'm always dieing when you're around :/)it would be like when two different series do an episode together. But don't add my friends, bas ana :P

W I'm totally serious about the BDSM thing! I was going to post a whole part in the story about a certain incident that happened that is about BDSM:P I even wrote it! but I deleted it so people wouldn't think I'm a kinky psychotic freak!
IT'S EXTREMELY HOT! my ultimate fantasy it like tying someone up and ..... oh yeahh ... !!!!!!
Whoever reads this is going to think we're total freaks :(

~eL3ashig eL'3ayyar::: said...

noo dont change it! seriously.. great post!!

3azeez is surprising her 9a7 ;p? he's gonna come to london?


SlouchyPants; LOL! aww <3 I wouldn't like you lana he's in love with Haifa min before :( Don't worry, you'll grow on me! ;p

LOL don't swallow it, I'm sorry!! Khalas I'm meeting you.. come back :( Inshalla, ma 6alabty shay ;p

LOL I have soooo much respect for you right now. POST IT!! I'm curious!!! OMG! me tooo, me toooo!@@ (And Lilo's fantasy will be starting in 3.. 2.. 1)

Yes they will, but they probably like it in secret too! hmph.

~eL3ashig eL'3ayyar:::; aww thanks babes :*

Hmm.. I'm not at liberty to say.. ;p

SlouchyPants said...

YAY! 5ala9 I'm back from the dead :P

Dude, I think you and I are the ONLY people who are interested in BDSM :P w the post would be WAY too R rated for my blog! I don't want people to freak out on me. Prudes -_-

I can't do NOTHING!!!


LOL you can't know that for sure until you post it *whistles* no? okay fine :( Prudes -.-

SlouchyPants said...

Hmmm, you know I might actually do it! I'll write it and ask my friendsies if it's okay for me to post it! R rated is fine, but X rated is a bit too much ;P

Gutter Flower said...

okay im DEFINITELY pmsing BIG TIME b3ad cuz this post made me cry oo MAFHAM LAAAISH lana may9aye7 y3ni! bel3ax 7ada cuute oo happy oo madri shino.. and i still cried!! what the hell is wrong with me?? uhwa it did bring back a few memories here and there.. BS WHY THE HELL AM I CRYING?!?! hmph!!!!

anyways.. fa ana b3ad abi khalid.. he's so cute!! a7ibaaaaaaa!! and Ghala finally budged and said those three little words! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! anasaaaa!! and and.. Ritaj!! a7ibha! HAHAAH orlando bloom? why?? hahaha =$.. and LOL @ "Whatever, if I was 3azeez you'd probably be all "awww babyy, la tiz3al, ta3al let me flash you!".. hahahaha.. i used to get that all the time =p i LOVE all the characters in ur story.. except his sister.. inty oo slouchy! adorable 7adhum!!

i absolutely LOVED this post.. eyanin walla.. dont u dare rewrite it.. not even CONSIDER the possibility of doing so.. it's perfect.. perfect just the way it is.. PERFECT I TELL U!!

*sigh*.. lai7een abi afham laish im crying? stupid hormones..

i really hope u feel better soon luv.. oo 7adi i understand the wai3 time =S im an expert in wai3 times.. a'6in my whole life consists of wai3 times hahaha.. bs the post IS one of ur best.. a9lan every post is one of ur best which basically means that all ur posts are the best.. they're incredible mashalla.. so shush ;* bs if u still feel like killing off ur male characters id be more than glad to help.. m3ana a7ibhum =( bs i feel like killing off someone too.. hmmm..

I LOVE U!! ;******

Jacqui said...


Bs I can't understand how Khaled treats her that way and she treats him that way and they not be together you know they would be the perfect couple because well they are :P\

Bs 3azeez is still 3athaaab!


SlouchyPants; LOL good enough ;p

Gutter Flower; You have no idea how much astanis when I see that you commented ANYWHERE <3

I'm so sorrryyy :( Stop crying!! *shoves chocolate in your mouth* Better? Ee? Shwaya? *squeezes you supertight* stupid pms :(

I'm so throwing Khalid's fictional ass in a ring w bashoofkum all fighting over him *insert evil laugh here* All the characters love you more man!! You're adorabler :** Walla you kabir rasee to frighteningly huge dimensions ya gutter flower ;p a7ibich walla lol stop cryiing *shoves cotton candy in your mouth* anything? no? not working? it tastes pink! *hugs you again*

ta3ali ilkuwait :( We can be all gay and have wai3 times together? We'll invite slouchy pants! We can go on a killing spree together, we all grab knives and go mental on their asses -.- We can start making lists, yes? We'll get everyone to tell us meen they want killed and go all over ilkhaleej slicing and dicing them, what do you say? Hmm?


Jacqui; YAY! :* Nooo noooo don't say thaaat *covers ears* lalalalalala.. no wait, *covers eyes* no wait, spelling! *opens eyes, squints at the screen* mayseer it's borderline incestuous! Besides, 3azeeeez <3 Yes? Yes? *sigh*

Gutter Flower said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAHAAHAAHHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAAHHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHA.. shit ur reply is making me laugh my ass off.. HAAHAAHAHAAHA.. ga3da bs at5ayelich shoving food in my mouth.. chocolate.. cotton candy.. kilshay without giving me time to chew! HEY ILL CHOKE TARA!! shit theba7teeny mn il '6e7ek.. "it tastes pink!" HAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAAA.. *wipes tears*.. oo aham shay u keep hugging me after shoving whatever it is ur shoving in my mouth.. walla walla ur the cutest!! i wrote mara madri in whos blog probably change ina ur one of the bloggers ili 7adi i want to meet! uffff i LOVE U kalba!

and erm.. throwing 5alid in a ring with me and slouchy? seriously?? have u lost ur MIIND woman? t3arfeen shlon ana oo slouchy are shway.. erm.. hmmmm.. psychotic? throw us in a ring oo we'll end up killing 5alid i think.. in the most brutal way u can ever imagine.. hmmmm.. la ma ynfa3.. abi alive.. plz! yes? slouchy has rayan!! i have... khalid? see! YESS!! khalid and waleeed and sultaaaan and.. huh? madri.. i didnt say anything?

oo 5aleee rasiiichhh yekbaaaar!! uve earned it!! 5aleee e9eeer 7ada 3od! b3dain inty oo slouchy bi9eer raskum wayed 3od ili ull both turn into hot air ballons and ul float on air =p anasa!

i totally mean every word i say lama agool ina mashalla ur writing is simply.. WOW.. 7ada one of my favorites y3ni ;*

and i absolutely LOVE ur killing spree idea!! *packs up a big filled with chainsaws, professional butcher knives, shovels, an ax (i only found one.. sorry)* YAAAY IM REEEEEEEEAAADYYY TOOO RUMBLLLLEEEE!! madri shda5al bs i just felt like saying it =$

oh oh! and *hugs Lilo back even tighter* YAAAY! ;**

Lost b2amreeka. said...

la t9adgoon 3omerkom i read it before u did bas didn't have internet to comment:(

ok lilo!

yal chalba. fucking loved it.

especially the

"I love the way you make me laugh." I whispered back.

"I love the way you blush."

"I love the way you smell."

"I love how your voice drops a few decibels when we're all alone."

"I love how you always manage to notice the little things."

"I love all the little things there are for me to notice."

"I love you."


god damn woman!!!!



ok i didn't really lick it and when she read that she was like "HEY!" and hid her arms behind her back LOOL


i made her orange juice, t7ebni akthar minkom! *glares*

GUTTERRRRR <3 a7ebich.

mmmmm what else is there to say?

slouchyyy pantssss i was watching Gossip girl ams w the girl bit chuck on his shoulder, totally reminded me of u, madri laish!:P



Lost b2amreeka. said...

i mean all of them***



Lost b2amreeka. said...

btw, kelkom ...

IM RITAJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


w lilo is Maha on my story!!!

go read it.


Gutter Flower said...

lost, stich: A7IBICH AKTHAR! MAYNOONA! nafsy =$ a7ib!!


Gutter Flower; LOL *blush* inti cuterrr ;** I wanna meet you too.. ta3alay -.- I LOVE YOU MORE!!

lol la 7aram shway shway 3ala khalid :( Discuss it with her ana ghasla eedy min ilsituation *whistles and slowly backs away* LOL! if we're hot air balloons we can go 3indich <3 7abeebti thank youu ;* LOL ana kily great ideas man (H)

Lostb2amreeka; LOL no licking ya mama -.- A7la orange juice yum. LOL awww ana a7ib ily i7ebich too.. kinda.. for the most part ya3ni! Eee go read her story!!

Gutter Flower; LOL yeah, you two would get along great ;p

SlouchyPants said...

Gutter Flower: Thank you for calling me psychotic behind my back :P
w NO! you can't have Khalid :@ I don't care if I have what's his face (:P) I WANT KHALID, TOO!
SHARING? YES? I don't want to fight you :( we's sistas!

Stitch: Hmmmm, that's really nice :P it seems like everybody's reminded by me when biting and/or licking is involved! mummy would be very proud :P

Lilo: I am SO in on this killing spree idea! I have such a long list! we should probably start off with your lists and keep mine a5ir shay :P


LOL done!! so freakishly excited lol chena we're doing it for real =(

CuteandCuddly said...

Keep on the good work !!!!!!!!!
walla you story is amazing and now we landed in London :)
yeah a change of scenery :)

MOTH said...

I love khalid so much
and i Love ritaj shes so me
and i love 6alal whos such a weirdo
and i love ghala whos so funny with her pinching thing that made me laugh out loud
i love the whole story !!
wow lots of love in this comment (A) :P


CuteandCuddly; 7abeebti thank youu :* Change of scenery, yes bas madri what to do there! :(

MOTH; LOL yes, I can see that! Me, the characters & the story love you even more! Bas mako any love for 3azeez? :O Maskeen, someone needs to love him :( Everyone's more interested in Khaled and Yousef now! ;p

MOTH said...

LOOL akeed 3aziz i LOVE the most... bs i dunno why marad so im a bit put off :P i feel ignored (obviously taking the whole living the part of ghala way too far, bs thats cos ur such a good writer u cn draw us in ;) )
and no i barely even noticed yousef except for a cute aww y7laila and move on back into the arms of 3azooz :* :P

keep going babe please get over the hiatus soon :*

(sad) Jam3iiya said...

remember me? I read your blog, or what i thought used to be a blog..but when your favorite blogger doesnt post in a month, it makes you wonder. where is she?!
love you hun ;**
come back soon? pretty please?

Poker Face said...


MOTH; LOL! Omg I can't believe I didn't see this comment before, 3ama! I'm sure 3azeez'll stop ignoring you soon ;p I am, I am! Ulla, this reply is late, sorries!:*

(sad) Jam3iiya; of course I remember youu :(
I'm busy with stupid uni stuff and I tried writing but was completely uninspired -.- Couldn't come up with anything at first :( But I did eventually, and I should be posting tonight/tomorrow!
Love you more babes :* I will, I promise!

Poker Face; .. it doesn't exist? :(

Cupid ;* said...



Cupid!;* 7ayati, I miss you more:(
I'm posting soon, I promise *sniff sniff*

andrea chiu said...

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