Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Didn't Mean To Take Up All Your Sweet Time..

I'll give it right back to ya one of these days hahaha ♪

Yes, I find it necessary to sing along with the laughter in songs as well :$ KAIFI! For those of you who aren't familiar with the song, SHAME ON YOU!

I mean, It's Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix♥ Amazing riffs. Word.

I can't concentrate walla I really do not KNOW how to study, please don't ask me how that's even possible, I just don't! I have no attention span whatsoever when it comes to holding a book/paper/whatever and understanding ot acknowleging that I read any of the information. I think I'm going to resort to sleeping with the book under my pillow in hopes of magically absorbing the info into my brain by the end of the semester. Thank you, Noodles. Seriously summer semester is shite, I think I can almost see my brain cells escaping from my head and dying midair.

Oh, Oh, and I remembered why I don't let myself wear shorts much, my thighs are too distracting! Not on the "Fudge, I have sexy thighs!" sense, noo! They just look so cleaaan.. and such a good place for me to draw on :( So I'm "studying" for my quiz, right? And I read about Spot Markets (ftw?) so I have my pen in my hand, underlining the definition and any other words that seem important and it goes something like this..

"Spot markets are terms that refer to markets where assets are being bought or sold for OMG I WANT TO DRAW ON MY THIGHS!"

Needless to say, after that I abandoned my handout and focused on my canvas. When I was convinced that I had sufficiently graffiti-d my thighs enough, I uncross my legs and stretch them to see how it looks like from a different angle (don't ask, you don't wanna know *rolls eyes*). THEN, I realize that my legs are strangely long for my height? I'm not short or anything, I'm like 165 cms, even though the pharmacy insists I'm 160, mu kaifkum? yes? kthxbye. But I digress, anyway! Yeah, so I walk about my room shwaya, hiking up my shorts even more in hopes of discovering that it's all in my head, but no! So I decided to study, satasfied with my newfound discovery and then I uncross my legs, again -.- And then I start wondering how high up my legs can go? so I spend half an hour, give or take, trying to hook my right foot behind my neck so that it rests on my left shoulder? Naturally, every time it ends up with me rolling all the way back and dissolving into fits of giggles -.- I can't stop laughing, seriously, what's going on?

People should not post on saturday.. cuz I will ditch studying and read your updates instead. But please continue doing so anyway, you guys rock ♥

I want a baby dinosaur like the ones in Ice Age 3? So cute, I die! I keep saying it and getting the response of "THEY'RE EXTINCT" from my sister.. Inzain, I still want them? God, people *rolls eyes*

I just realized I should've posted this on my other blog, it is rambling after all -.-

I apologize to anyone who read this thinking it's related in any way to my story *looks around* but secretly, I have the desire to point at you and go "kaaaaaaaaaaak!" Yes, I will resort to kaaaak-ing, I've been hanging around Kuwaiti guys far too long. I'm not complaining, they're cool, they're cool.. Oh did you guys know I'm not Kuwaiti? :O

I don't even know why I'm sharing that, I don't wanna get up and change. My quiz is at 8, so that ship has sailed, I hope my friends don't read this til they get home.. I wonder if I can use the whole "I overslept!" excuse on them? Problem is, they know I don't sleep! I will not underestimate your intelligence and lie to you guys, I love you guys *flicks halo back in place*

W bas? Yes? Oooh new blog? Yes? I feel all lonely being the only follower, so read and FOLLOW:@

I love you guys! *insert huge goofy grin here*

Thanks for reading? Or whatever?

Hahaha I just got a message from Noodles saying she might not do the quiz either.. aaaand I'm out of the doghouse! YAY! I change anyway, class at 9.20 -.-

Peace! :*



❛❛Heroine❜❜ said...

Oh yeah if i don't meet you no more in this world then uhhh, I'll meet ya on the next one ♥

You probably have ADD.. Life would be so much funner with ADD, you'd have a legit excuse to be out of it 90% of the time...If it's any consolation, I can't study for the life of me. My head vein, whatever vein is actually up there starts to throb, I feel it throbbing. So, for the sake of my health, I stop..and kaaaaak is very becoming, use it more often it's the new LMFAO .. but cooler, way cooler.

Where are you frooom? @@

Carpe Diem said...

Meh. Studying. Whatever for. We already know everything.

1. Never leave your phone uncharged.
2. Never wear white pants on period week
3. Always have an extra set of headphones. The time will come when you will have to pretend you are listening to something.
4. Stay away from molesting pedophile. Google the pedophile look. It exists.
5. Never ever overdose on cinema cheese and nachos.



Good Luck with it all.
Uni starts soon for me. And I don't want to give up this haven of doing nothing!

slouchypants said...

You shouldn't be studying :O

You're Saudi! you're supposed to get married when you're 18, drop out of college, have a kid by the time you're 20, have no job, sleep all morning, dump your kids 3ind the nannies, travel all year long, and last but not least have really bad plastic surgery.

You're 19, so you're late :@ GET BACK ON TRACK, MISSY! Don't you dare bring shame to our wonderful country! Oh did I tell you I'm pregnant with my 7th child? I am :) or was is this my 8th? heh, I lost track after the first..

M said...

First of all, really? You're not Kuwaiti? Hmm.. never knew that..

Spot markets.. eew.. I used to not wear shorts for similar reasons, until I discovered drawing on my ankles, and then toes.. I did smiley faces on each toe u know from the bottom? not the nail part no.. not cool.. the ankle I did a flower drawing, like a tattoo.. weird I know but my masterpiece would take 1 hour atleast which means I could then get up and say I did enough work for today :D so with the thighs.. great job!!

Lilo said...

Heroine; LOL me? ADD? Not quite! ;p I do agree though, it would give me a kickass excuse, unfortunately, that's not the case :( I hate kaak-ing! I like your excuse, safety first, huh? lol I'm saudi!

Carpe Diem; LOL surprisingly, I wore white tops/dresses throughout my last period and fretting constantly over it but yeah, not so smart :$ At least it wasn't pants though! Omg overshare much.. don't read that *whistles*

Thanks lol I'll be needing it -.- That sucks, I'd complain about that too but I only had 4 days off before this semester, I never even got to have a haven of doing nothing :( Hate. Uni. Good luck and things!:*

SlouchyPants; LOL! hahaha so true! My grandmother keeps looking at me pitifully when the whole marriage thing comes up, like the ship has sailed or something ;p I'm way behind, I'm afraid I'm destined to become an old maid *sigh* I shall have nothing to accompany me in my old graying years but a handful of cats and my hair! Yes, I plan on keeping my hair, kaifi :(

LOL mabrook! Name it after me? Yes? :D

M; I'm not! I've been living here since forever though and I adopted the accent.. and by adopt I mean teased mercilessly into dropping it in the third grade -.- Yes, I was quite the sissy. I speak Saudi at home/with family though!

LOL quite creative! you just gave me a bajillion new ideas! I'm afraid I'm going to class a little late tomorrow :$

slouchypants said...


One of my grannies is Armenian and the other one is Jordanian!!! I never got to experience that :( w my parents are a disgrace to the Saudi community! I come live with you for a while, yes? I live with your granny and learn how to serve Arabic coffee the RIGHT way :O In return, I shall be her maid... and secretly hook up with one of your cousins and have hot forbidden "encounters" with him! One condition though, his name has to be .... 3abdilmalik. Yes? no? fine, I'll settle with whoever is available.

Question, where are you from exactly? I remember you said Riyadh, lol you aren't one of those "Halah wallah wishlounik wisha5barik wish tibeeeeen a7ibbaH yal sa5eefaH" people, are you? :P BAHAHAH I have a mental image of you now... with that accent :O WAW INTI MARRA CUUUUUTE! Teehee!

That's a longass comment, innit? admit it, you like it *wiggles eyebrows* in a non lesbionic way, that is. We aint no homoseksuals!

I shut up :(

❛❛Heroine❜❜ said...

@@ Don't drop your Saudi accent, it is by far the sexiest thing in the universe! Please, use it, you actually can use it... This girl always had a normal accent, then faj2a qarert tetkalam in an Al-S3ood accent(I heard that was the technical name).. You know, lama yemdooo-o-o-n el-kalaaa-aaam maaa-raaa o ytkal-mooon re-ally slo-oooow.. yes, she adopted that and she's not even from there -.-

Anonymous said...

"satasfied" ha?... definitely saudi.

slouchypants said...

Anonymous... definitely a douchebag.

Lilo said...

Slouchypants; LOL I'd love that but my grandma and all my cousins except 2 preteen girls live 3indikum! *sniff* So you wouldn't exactly be living with me! :( But, you can live with me for august though since I plan on going there. I love how I decided all by myself without informing anyone -.-

LOL! Yeah I am, but rest assured, I can't ever imagine those words leaving my mouth! I've never crossed paths with the famous "marra ecute" yet and I'd like to keep it that way :(

Hahaha I like kilshay from you! Again, in a non lesbionic way, we like boys! Pinkie swear! Don't shut up, your comments are always more than welcome <3

Heroine; LOL I've met a lot of girls like that! Ultra annoying! And some people refuse to talk to me unless they're using a saudi accent, shda3wa? I understand what you're saying dumbass, not like I have to decode anything.. except for shway. Cuz my arabic is not so good. But that's a different story! I feel too self conscious using it now, people make a big deal when a couple of words slip accidentally so I try to keep it to a minimum :(

Anonymous; I'm going to take that as a compliment :)

SlouchyPants; LOL I love you <3

Noodles said...

hahaha i love u ;*

❛❛Heroine❜❜ said...

LOOL whoa, dumbass much? And don't let anyone make you feel self-conscious about using that sexy ass accent of yours. Baal enty ta3ali hne, you'll be welcomed with open arms ;p Bas 3ashan wa7da uses the term "ya 7beelk" the entire university has converted to Saudism. Agoolch n7b alahja hnee ;p!

The Girl said...

You see I have the same problem when it comes to study and concentrating on anything. Seriously. It's so hard for me. Even when I'm having a normal conversation with anyone I seem like I'm really concentrating but in reality, I'm in my own little world thinking about what I should do tomorrow and wear and so on.

Studying, can't remember the last time I actually studied. Sometimes I beleive that I just don't know how to study. The thing is when I don't study I get a better grade then when I actually do. So my excuse for not concentrating and actually studying, I'm street smart. :P Yeah a lame excuse I know. But the people in show's like the apprentice who are street smart, are soo smart.

I just realised I said the word smart way too much.

I don't know if what I said above has anything to with your post but I dunno my hands have a mind of their own. :x


Lilo said...

Noodles; I love you more my little goldfish<3

Heroine; LOL! I believe you haha wanasa, I wish I could *sniff* stupid summer semester *stabs self repeatedly* Everyone's traveling this weekend and my teacher scheduled the midterm for Saturday, evil, I swear -.-

The Girl; :O Omg I'm the same! When I studied for my first quiz, I got 11.5, next time, I forgot to and got a 15, seriously? -.- I always have a "que sera sera" attitude about it all but then I feel guilty and pick up a book in hopes of SOMETHING registering. Yuck.

Lol! I bet you are and in actuality that's all you need! yay for street smart people! *bumps fists with myself* you're not next to me, I must manage by myself :(

I yay and aww excessively, if it makes you feel any better?;p

Ditto that, I hope I replied to at least some of what you said? I suffer from chronic word vomiting -.-

The Girl said...

LOOOL! I think I suffer from something quiet similar to it too :P .. Anyways I came to say when are you going to post your new post? soon I'm hoping O=)

Cupid ;* said...

Lilo mama!! Gabastay 3ala el blog el bint sakirta allah ehadach:p and have I ever mentioned how much ur sense of humor knocks me off? And yup tried the legs thing, one slight change though I don't end up giggling I end up with injuries!!! And um um ummm I kinda figured that your non kuwaiti seeing that sense of humor of yours, no offense to none but I'm a girl that sees humor as sacred! It a necessity I tell you!!!!

Cupid ;* said...

but hey!! never lose hope I'm kuwaiti oo shofay shzeeni!:p eee and i miss you!!!

Lilo said...

The Girl; lol blogger's block? *hides face* as soon as I can, I promise! Madri shasawee feehum.. I might end up making them die in a tragic car accident at the moment.. I'm THAT out of ideas -.- Sorry :(

Cupid; LOL! Omg! No more da3ayat for me :| I'm sorry person whose blog I unintentionally sakkart :( How conceited of me to assume I had anything to do with it lol kaifi, can't sleep, I shouldn't be expected to make sense -.-

I need to stop saying kaifi, my friend says I say it more than I breathe :( And that I'm not allowed to talk anymore.. e.v.i.l. LOL injuries, I love you, we'd be an awesome pair walla;p and AWW *blush* I thought I was only funny in my head, awesome ;$ I concur, it IS a necessity, hmph.

I love kuwaiti people <3 especially you, can I adopt you? :( I miss you more gorgeous *sniff sniff* hope you're having fun!:*

Sara Beasnett said...

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