Saturday, July 11, 2009

Foolish Games.. (22)

Hello! I have a quiz tomorrow, so naturally, I chose to type up a post instead of studying! Procrastination at its best *sigh* I love my blog. And my new layout. I hate the color pink, but I do love my layout. In fact, I dedicate this post to my layout *blush* Even Ghala's outfit is a tribute to it! Sad, I know. Kaifi!
I had to delete the thingie I posted yesterday cuz blogger is being a bitch and not posting this? Kept saying "Finale?" was my latest post! Then I found out that deleting it didn't work either -.- Don't question the logic, made sense at the time?
Enjoy! Or not..? Love you guys! ;*
And I love cherry tomatoes.


I woke up to the intrusive sun rays shining through the curtains and immediately hid back under the covers. I was hoping I could trap my sleepiness under the covers before it completely went away but it was no use, once I was awake, it was practically impossible for me to go back to bed again. I contemplated the merits of spending the whole day vegetating on the bed for a few moments before hauling my tush out of bed, showering and getting ready for the long day ahead of me. None too quietly, may I add. I grumbled enough obscenities to make a sailor blush. I couldn't help it, isn't the point of a vacation to laze around and do nothing? Not to get scared out of your wits and wake up cranky with only an hour of sleep.

I made my bed and picked up the phone and called room service. Mark, the concierge picked up.

"I can't believe your shift isn't done yet, it's been almost 24 hours now!" I exclaimed when I heard his voice.

"Haha, I don't mind! I volunteered to pick up 3 extra shifts so I have about 6 more hours to go. This way, I get to have a whole week off." He explained.

"Oh hey, that sucks. I'm not gonna get to see you anymore before I leave!" I whined. Granted I've only known the guy for a day, but he was a sweetheart. He kept me company for a while in the lobby and he did try to unsuccessfully calm me down for half an hour last night. He was in his final year of college, studying hotel management and taking an internship in the hotel as a final project. He alternates between different places for the duration of the semester, I was lucky enough to catch him while he was filling in as a concierge.

"That's what phones are for, love! You'll get to see me don't worry, I haven't had my fill of crazy stories from Kuwait just yet."

I loved his accent, I could literally listen to him talk all day. It used to make my ears bleed but it grew on me! Note to self: make 3azeez pick up the British accent.

"Yay! Okay, the day after your many shifts are up, we'll go out, you show me the real London and I'll tell you all you need to know about K-town, how's that?" I suggested.

"It's a date! My supervisor is glaring at me, did you want something specific? Or are you still having trouble with sleeping?" He asked.

"Oh oops!" I forgot he was still technically working, "Sorry! I actually managed to get in an hour, I'm calling about breakfast! I want hash browns. And bagels. And red bull!" I added.

"Red bull? Are you sure? That doesn't sound very healthy, love. Can I interest you in some grapefruit juice instead?" He offered.

"You may certainly not! I'm on vacation and I plan on getting fat and ugly." I declared huffily.

"Haha, I don't think that's possible. Alright then, there's a package that came for you this morning too, do you mind if I have them send it up with the breakfast tray?"

A package? I wonder who it's from. I crossed my fingers and hoped it was from a psychopathic secret stalker. It could make for an interesting twist for my short vacation. Get a little, "the call is coming from inside the house" action going on. It's easy for me to joke about these things when the sun is up, where was my sense of humor last night?

"Not at all, thanks Maaark!" I called out and hung up.

I rummaged through my bags for my clothes and settled on my grey leggings and light pink pullover. I towel-dried my hair, brushed it and left nature to run its course and afrosize my curls. I grabbed my laptop and jumped excitedly on the bed. Anticipation was building up as the blue and green fat msn icons danced around each other indicating that I was signing in. I shut my eyes tightly and crossed my fingers, hoping to find 3azeez online and squealed when my laptop pinged, telling me I was online and I saw his name across the screen. My excitement was short-lived when I realized his status was set to "Away". 3azeez was one of the very few people I knew who actually meant it when they set their statuses to "Away". I sighed and signed off quickly before anyone else would start talking, forcing me to make idle chatter.

I heard a knock on the door and called out for whoever it was to come in while I put my laptop neatly back in my bag smoothed out the creases I left on the bed.

"Good Morning Miss-" the bellhop stopped mid-sentence as he gazed, stunned, around the room. "I'm sorry, the room looks cleaner than it did when you checked in!" He stated sheepishly.

I laughed at his comment, "It really isn't, just more organized! I have a mild case of OCD, no biggie!"

I flashed him a smile and took the tray from him and set it down on the table. He stepped outside for a minute and came back with a box. I took it from him and waited for him to turn his back before bouncing excitedly with it in my hands. I forgot he was still in the room and proceeded to mimic the freaky throaty sound the spirit makes in "The Grudge" and shake the box simultaneously. I looked up to find him staring at me quizzically. I quickly dropped the box and grinned widely, hoping to make him forget the scene he just witnessed. He shook his head and left the room, chuckling quietly. I felt my face burning up, why do I do these things?

I opened up the box and felt my heart constricting. The amount I missed 3azeez at that particular moment was too intense for me to withstand. I picked up the stuffed penguin with the goofy grin and hugged it as tight as possible. I could smell his scent on it. I looked down to find that there were more things in the box. I picked up the DVD cases and laughed hysterically. It was too cute for words, he put in Madagascar 1 and 2, Surf's up, Happy Feet and March of the Penguins. A note fell from between the cases. "Didn't know what you were in the mood for, so pick your poison! Am I forgiven?" it read.

"Hell yeah you're forgiven!" I yelled at the note as I ran my fingers over his handwriting affectionately. I almost wanted to throw up at how sentimental and mushy he makes me, but I have to admit that I secretly enjoyed it. I was belatedly baffled at how he managed to get a package sent here all the way from kuwait in less than 4 hours. I suppose he could've ordered it all online and had it shipped but the note was handwritten.

It didn't occur to me that he may have hand delivered it until I heard a light tapping at my door. I instinctively knew it was him and felt my heart racing, trying to break through my ribcage and run into his welcoming arms. I placed both my hands over it, trying to contain its excitement. But the pumping only got louder with every step I took towards the door. I managed to free one of my hands to open the door and was greeted by the man I love leaning against the door frame and flashing me one of his devastating lopsided grins.

"Hi." I said in a barely audible whisper.

"Come here." he commanded as he pulled me closer and wrapped his arms around me.

This moment, I want to freeze this moment for all eternity. I'm mourning its loss even as I find myself engulfed in his warm embrace, but I quickly push that thought to the back of my mind as I inhale his distinct scent and surrender every entity of my being to this man.

"Aakh." He breathed out. That single sound effect caused my heartbeats to escalate even more.

"That much?" I asked, intuitively knowing what it meant.

"W akthar ba3ad." He simply stated.

"I missed you more." I said as I pulled away to look at him. "I can't believe you're actually here. Kharoof." I teased.

"Na3am?" He asked in mock-seriousness.

"Kharoof? Not familiar? The animal? Sheep? Baaa baa?" I clarified. I really needed to stop it with the sound effects.

"No, baby, I know what a kharoof is, I just can't believe you actually pronounce it "kharewf"" he shot back.

I glared at him, "No actually, I pronounce it like this!" I said while flipping him off.

He burst out laughing, "Intay w ba3dain ma3ach? Mita btit2adibain?" He asked.

I rolled my eyes at him haughtily.

"La khala9, I've appointed myself to give out some disciplinary action. How do you feel about a little spanking?" He joked while wiggling his eyebrows at me.

I laughed at his comical expression, "How do you feel about hugging me again instead and we'll call it even?" I asked

He quickly obliged and we moved our little reunion back inside my room.


tigerlilly said...

I vote for Happy Feet. W waaay too cute, 3azeez, ya7laila.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

Anonymous said...

i really love aziz they are so cute togther

M said...

lol that's so sweeeeet!!

Silhouette Crime said...

Aba 3azeeez

Charmbracelet said...

Ur writing ehabiil!=*

Pearla said...

Really sweeeeeet ;*

Cupid ;* said...

yah yah yah sh'hal new lay out il kha6eer 7arakat;) and 3azeez *sigh*

Carpe Diem said...


He a sucrumptious peice of man!
This is the time to consider male cloning. It's now or never :P

P.S. I liked Surf's Up. But the penguins from Madagascar are one of a kind too!

Please read the second post in my blog. I would be interested in your comments :P

Thanks ;)
And keep posting!

Lilo said...

tigerlilly; in the presence of madagascar? blasphemy! isn't he? kalb.

Anonymous; aww inti ilcuute! ;*

Anonymous 2; he loves you akthar! <3

M; mu nauseatingly so? awesome lol glad you liked it;*

Silhouette Crime; LOL he's all yours!

Charmbracelet; aww 7abeebti thank you *blush*

Pearla; omg I miss you! inty ilsweetness kila babes;*

Cupid;*; thank you I made it myself *blush* and by "made it" I mean chose it. Which automatically makes it my creation in my book. Kaifi :( sigh indeed! lol miss you :*

Carpe Diem; LOL I concur! :( *googles cloning literature*

The penguins from Madagascar are love! So adorable. I want to go see the damn penguins here <|3

I did hun but it won't let me comment there though! I think there's a problem with your new layout, which I love btw. I think you should totally go for it, you have a great way with words and I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves!

Thank youuu and will do ;*

slouchypants said...


*jumps in the air in a very gay manner*

YOU MADE HIM COME! *SIGH* I LOVE YOU FOR DOING THAT! I hope you don't finish this story soon, it really satisfies my inner gay person. If you insist on doing so, then you better start a new one right away missy :@

Carpe Diem said...

Sorry about that. I do mourn the loss of my old layout, but I guess this one will do fine too. *sulks heavily*.

Anyway, can't wait for the next post

Anonymous said...

please la tna6reena wayed

Lilo said...

slouchypants; LOL aww! glad you liked it, I'll try not to, just for you!:*

Carpe Diem; I like this one too! 'Tis so clean, makes me happy <3 Soon inshalla!

Anonymous; I won't hopefully:*

❛❛Heroine❜❜ said...

Ahhh kill me now, I think I just died and went to blog heaven. 3aziz mb 6abee3e, he's like Ryan Gosling a la Notebook and James Bond. Seriously unbeatable combo right thurrr

Dude, its been 5 days. Spare us the heartache and post!

Lilo said...

Heroine; LOL aww! Come back to life, please? I need you to keep posting :( mamnoo3 any form of dying!

I'll try to post soon, I promise! I have stupid midterms this week, totally swamped but I'll try to post! :*

3anooda said...

ur story has been greatly missed - i vote for another part.

The Girl said...

You know I thought I left a comment for you but apparently not, so here goes. :P

I read your whole blog in like a day and told all my friends about it! Love it! and your writing is really good mshallah

And 3azeez is a whole other topic, I adore him, he's like the guy every girl is looking for.

Yallah 3ad! I've been waiting for days for you to post, so don't keeo us waiting :**

Lilo said...

3anooda; aww 7abeebti thank you, I'll start working on the next part when I get back from my midterm on saturday!:*

The Girl; Aww *blush* thanks babes!

If you succeed in actually finding one, will you ask if he has a brother and send him my way? pretty please?

Saturday night, I'll start! pinkie swear!:*

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