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Foolish Games.. (12)

Hola! Shorter than usual, I know :( But I do plan on posting another one within the next 2 days or so? I promise! Bas itifaqt ma3a Lost to post a part tonight, so here goes, love you guys! ;*


My sweet, adorable, loud little friend has been taken over. By whom you ask? NaziJuju. My parents were away for the weekend and Ritaj intended to take full advantage of the situation.She really gets into the roles of her alter egos, I'd like to say I was surprised to see her marching into my living room in army-print cargo pants and a bandana wrapped around her head, I really would, but I'd be lying the biggest lie of the century. I bet soldiers don't rock the smoky eye makeup like she does though, but she always does have to add an extra touch to everything. She ordered me to go take a shower and to "report right back for duty". Douche.

-1 hour later-


I whimpered a little and pouted, did I mention that I was terrified of NaziJuju? I made a conscious effort not to move a single muscle and was rewarded later when she finally let me look at myself.

"Now do you wish you would've stayed still in the first place like I politely asked you to?" She asked snidely.

I laughed, "Actually, I still wish I had the common sense to lock the door."

She glared at me. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" I quickly ammended. I reached out to touch my straightened hair as I studied my reflection in the mirror and marveled at the stark difference between my appearance now and how it was back when I was with S3oud. S3oud. How typical of him to pop up in my thoughts on a day like this. I quickly shook the thought of him away. I'm over him, He can't hurt me.

"What are you thinking of?" Juju asked, raising an eyebrow.

I quickly plastered a smile on my face, "My outfit, duh! Have you decided which one I'm wearing yet?" I asked, feigning eagerness.

"Yes. And don't lie to me, I know that look. You were thinking of S3oud, weren't you?"

"Mmm, I plead the fifth?" I ventured.

"Uh-uh, not gonna cut it, spill! Why now hun?" She asked as she plopped down on the bed.

"Madri Juuj, I guess I'm feeling a little blah about this whole thing with 3azeez? Madri, madri."

"Honeyyy, don't do this to yourself walla I'm telling you, 3azeez is NOT a S3oud." She stated. Once the wounds had healed initially, we turned S3oud into an adjective, a synonym for asshole.

"Yeah, but who would've suspected that S3oud would turn out to be a S3oud to start off with? Madri, I know everything's perfect and when I'm with him, I don't have a doubt about where I should be.. but when I'm left alone with my thoughts, I can't stop myself from over-analyzing everything.. it shouldn't be this way, right?" I asked uneasily.

"Bil3aks, you're at the beginning of the relationship, I'd be surprised if you DIDN'T have any doubts, don't overthink it hun, everything's going to be amazing, mark my words, 3ala goltich, "you're in it for the long haul", mark my words!" She said reassuringly.

I found her words comforting and felt a much better once I had her input. I put on the cream colored babydoll dress Ritaj laid out for me, the purple tights and the matching 4 inch cream stilettos. I stood up and wobbled a little bit.

"Juju? Shnawya 3alay?" I asked, confused at her choice of shoes.

"Whaaaaaat?" She said as she flashed an angelic smile, "I just figured that losing your balance worked SO well for you last time, might as well repeat the scene!" She winked at me suggestively.

I blushed wildly and looked away, "Chub Juju! Inti shayfa his lips? You so would've done the same!" I defended my actions.

"Oh, I have no doubt that I would've! I'd gladly do the same any given day ba3ad!!" She said, a little too enthusiastically.

I glared at her. "Hey!" I picked up a pillow and threw it at her as I pouted, "Go fantasize about kissing your own man!"

3azooz showed up half an hour later in a shirt that complemented my dress. Sigh, we're so in sync. I held on to the banister for dear life as I slowly walked down the stairs, careful not to make any sudden movements. It was consuming every last drop of my energy not to abandon my senses and go running to him. He looked good enough to eat. Maybe I'll just settle for chewing on his lip. Yum. Snap out of it, G.

"You look.. stunning." He breathed.

The way he was looking at me made me forget to breathe for a while and intensified the effect of the butterflies in my stomach. I tried not to blush and failed miserably. Note to self; thank Juju profusely for her efforts later!

"You look.. clean." I replied, surprised.

He burst out laughing, "Was I covered in mud the last time I saw you?" He asked teasingly, I opened my mouth to explain myself but he interrupted me, "I'm just kidding babe, chill. I shaved." He clarified.

I remembered the scratchy feel of his stubble against my face when we kissed and blushed involuntarily. "Na3eeman." I said quietly, still lost in my thoughts.

"Allah yin3am ib7aalich, are you going to come say hi properly? Or are we going to remain 10 paces apart all evening?" He taunted.

I laughed and walked over, I wasn't sure what he meant by 'saying hi', so I just reached up and kissed his cheek. Even in my stilettos, I still had to reach up. Sigh, this man. His lips curved into a smile and my thoughts returned to our kiss. Okay, this needs to stop..

"Come on now, you can do better than that!" He urged on.

I was surprised at his prodding, "3azooz! We can't.. in front of Juju!"

He laughed again, "I was thinking more along the lines of a hug.." His voice dropped to a whisper, "But it's good to know the direction your thoughts are heading towards tonight."

Embarrassment, much? I smiled and hugged him and stifled a sigh when he hugged me back. I was feeling a little lightheaded. I stepped back a little and he kept his arms around my waist.

"Hi." I whispered to his chest.

"You know, my buttons aren't gonna reply to you, if you have something to say to me, I suggest you look up." He said cheekily.

I grinned and looked up into his eyes, "Hi." I repeated.

"Hala walla," he replied with an answering grin of his own. "You ready to go?"

I nodded and turned around to mouth a "thank you" to Ritaj and left.He opened the door for me, helped me up into his car and got into his own seat. I was impressed, chivalry wasn't dead after all!

"I made a little change to my plan.. I know I said I wanted to show you off, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I don't want to have to share you with anyone, do you mind?" He asked out of courtesy, it was obvious his mind was already made.

I smiled gratefully, I wasn't too thrilled about the idea of having to compete with the other girls for his attention, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

He reached out and held my hand, our fingers intertwined and I waited anxiously to see what he had planned for our first date..

1st commentor place reserved for lost! Forever! lol


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

foolish games... (12)
1 minute ago

what are the chances? ;)

Pearla said...

wow i'm sure their first date was amazing and so all wow ! lol
i love ur story btw ;* love how u write it everything ;*

SlouchyPants said...

I LOVE RITAJ!! I really really do! She's my favourite character!
3azeez is just amazing! the only thing missing is a can of whip cream! 3azeez+ whip cream= PERFECTION!!!

You should think about posting more often, tis crucial that I have my daily dosage of your story.


nora said...

i completely agree with slouchypants; post more often.. you dont know the effect you have on your readers!! ok maybe not all readers, but to one in particular. ME!!

i will be patiently waiting for your next post:)

F said...


awal shay S na6ratny bara bs i had to read n comment

as usuaul LOVE LOVE LOVE IT bs u know its kinda missing the hatha 3ad fihmeeeny ;p inshalla ilnext post (A) mithel ma giltlich please ;p

and umm wat else im not in the mood to leave so 3ade i stay ? no ? ok i go now

ilmohem im so proud of u for being able to walk in heels n i love the way u think .. talking to G btw ;p

luvsich xxx

F said...

did i mention i love ur writing cuz i do ?? mashalla AMAZING ;***

ok im really going now bye ;p

Lost b2amreeka. said...

F i loved it first -.- go away! MINE *grabs lilo!* hmph.

as usual yal 7mara, love your writing love ur vocab, LOVE UR STORY:@ omg 30 mins to a class elli 3indi a warning feeh w ga3da agra ur blog LOL lovesich fo'eva ma ho ;*

P.S. abi a3arf shi9eer bil date! We write, switch posts 3ashan we read before anybody? 7arra F! bye ;*

Silhouette Crime said...

mised u!!!

love the sexinesss of 3azeeez

clean hahaha

Aishah said...

Now this is what i call Romance ;)
Loving it ;**
Yalla i want to hear about the date "Im living the scenes here :P thats how captivated I am :D"

Gutter Flower said...

Aaaaaaahhhh.. Well that intensified the butterflies in MY stomach!! I think I died.. Yup.. I'm dead.. Well actually I'm out and I was going thru my my dashboard checking for updates and I found 1 from u! 7adi stanast! 1st I thought I'd read it whenever I'm back home but then decided that I CUDNT wait so I read it while I'm out! And thank God that I didn't wait kz I'm in such a bad mood and ur post was the perfect getaway.. I love it! Love every detail.. Everything! Mashalla 3alaich walla.. I love u Lilo! Xxx

Starlight<3 said...


Ahaha, I adore that girl! Every post you write just increases my fondness towards her! ;p Maybe it's because she reminds me a bit of myself (A) ahem ahem ;p

Chivalry is definitely not dead, not with 3azeez around anyways. I hate those guys who forget to hold the door open for us, I always expect them too but I walk smack right into the door alot of the times >.<

Post soon,


Jam3iiya(L) said...

no no no, this is unacceptable, way too short, waaay tooo short!

BTW: 9irtay 0.9 posts a week :'(
dont you think you should raise that up a bit?? ;p post today!! pleaseeeee!

Lilo said...

I'm already signed on min this account w I'm too lazy to sign out :(

Dandoon; lol freakiness @@

Pearla; yaay 7abeebti, I love you :( walla your comments iwansooni wayid! ;**

SlouchyPants; LOL! she loves you too, w I know right? *drools* is it possible to write someone to life? *rolls eyes* 7abeebti, I'm trying to, blame stupid uni, they're 7adda sending me to an early grave, hatha w I'm studying business, law rocket science chan sh9ar? -.-

Right back at ya babes ;**

nora; lol aww, new commenter? Heart you, wayid! ;* I will post very soon inshalla!

F; LOL put some ice on it F -.- lol yeah, I got that part since I can't walk in heels, period, shoofay what I'm gonna make her do!;p galbii, intay ilamazing! ;**

Lost; LOL! madri meen byitjara2 yakhithni minnich anyway babes ;p Thank youu, 7ada you're kabiring rasee man, bassich ;$ I love you more ;* w sure, tonight inshalla!;p

Silhouette Crime; aww i missed you ba3ad;* w your comments <3 3azeez is all yours.. and everyone else I gave him to:( bad lilo, bad!

Aishah; lol aww, really love your comments man lol thank youu! soon, soon ;*

Gutter Flower; 7abeebti yayy, i'm really glad you're feeling better! intay ily mashalla 3alaich! I love your comments w I love your posts w I love you more! ;**

Starlight<3; lol! I know the feeling!!! -.- She adores you too, w so do I! a7ib anyone with any resemblance to her, bas you rock anyway so yay! ;*

Jam3iiya(L); LOL now that you point it out, ee I should ;p I'll definitely try 3ashanich bas!! ;**

*Bella said...

I am sigh-ing over here (L)
I heaaart your storyy <3
What G & A have is sooo true & pure <3

I look forward to your upcoming post ^_^ But make it sooner Pretty Please *_*

honeylove said...

Ghala wanted to chew on 3azeez's lips;p,thats soo adorable.But if I had a chance I would do that cuz he sounds soo cute;p

I love Ritaj!!
Shes too cute.

Post soon,

Anonymous said...

for a second, i thought i saw a part 13! :(

Cupid ;* said...

haha you posted part 13 oo shaklich ta7asaftay:p
babe i loved this so much 3azeez is just so mm sizzling I guess;*
and thank you so much for ur support it means a lot to me;*

TeenagerAtSea said...

7adda cuuuute!! Ishawgooon I cnt wait to read abt their frst date!!
Keep It Up=]


*Bella; lol thank you 7abeebti!;* Is now soon enough?;p

honeylove; lol i know right? *giggles* next part is up ;*

Anonymous; accident lol sorry :( explained why bil next post!

Cupid;* ; i posted it mistakenly. I kind of have wayid blonde moments sometimes, shh don't tell anyone! ;p 7abeebti walaw your story is amazing, keep up the great work! ;**

TeenagerAtSea; Thank you sweetie, your comments always make me smile <3 ;*

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