Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Foolish Games.. (11)

Oooo confession time? For those who haven't figured it out yet, tara ana Lilo! I keep getting confused and commenting from wrong accounts so just wanted to let you guys know! enjoy.. or not, kaifkum!;**


We walked hand in hand along the shore. Our footsteps fell into rhythm, our heartbeats melded into one and we threw caution into the wind as we took the first steps into what was bound to be the beginning of something wonderful. He spoke of his dreams and I saw a future so bright in his eyes, I had to mentally blink several times to withstand the intensity of it all. He told me secrets he's never shared before and I saw another side of him, a vulnerable one that allowed itself to manifest, showing me that he trusted me implicitly. I silently vowed to never abuse that trust and to put as much faith into his character as he was putting into mine.

For a few hours, the world disappeared and gave us some much needed privacy. It was as if we stepped into a parallel universe where we were in our own little bubble, free of any distractions from the outside world. My ears tuned out all noises and amplified the volume of his voice. My breathing automatically synced itself to his. My senses limited themselves to his overwhelming scent and the feel of our intertwined fingers.

"Your feet must be killing you," he said as he nodded towards the direction of my shoes.

"What, these?" I asked as I looked down at my feet, "I don't know what you're talking about man, they're sneakers!"

He gave me an incredulous look. "You mean to suggest that you're COMFORTABLE in them?" he exclaimed.

I laughed at his shock, " No, but I am trying to convince myself that my feet aren't in an excruciating amount of pain! You know.. walking on a flat surface is hard enough, can you even begin to imagine how much of an effort I'm putting into not falling down?" I asked.

He laughed, showing off that adorable dimple. "7asafa 3ad, I was hoping you would fall," he said, flashing a mischievous grin.

I gasped theatrically, "What? Laish inshalla!"

He smiled sheepishly, "'Cause.. It would give me an excuse to have my arms around you again.." he trailed off.

I blushed and laughed nervously, "Well, in that case.."

I purposely stood on the heels of my pumps and automatically lost my footing. Sure enough, his arms reached out and held me around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck for extra balance and looked into his eyes. Bad idea. The smoldering passion in them robbed me of breath.

"My hero." I managed to whisper

"You're crazy, you know that?" He whispered back

Words were beyond me at that point but I found enough strength to nod weakly.

"And I'm crazy about you.. you know that?"

This must be what melting feels like. I couldn't move a muscle, I didn't dare to. Nor did I dare take my eyes off of his. I couldn't blink, I couldn't breathe, all I could do was helplessly close my eyes as he inexorably drew me closer and brushed his lips ever so gently against mine. Even though I had been expecting it, the contact still managed to startle me into pulling away from him. My eyes fluttered open to find him staring right back at me, questioningly, waiting for a decision. I couldn't formulate any thoughts to express the turbulent state of mind I was in. All I could do was gaze longingly at him and get sucked into the depths of his big brown eyes. Out of its own volition, my gaze dropped to his lips giving him all the permission he needed to pull me to him closer than before and meld his mouth into mine. This time I didn't hesitate and I kissed him back with all the passion I had locked inside of me for so long. I was instantly transported to another place, a nameless one where nothing existed but this man, these arms and those lips.


I looked back into the shocked faces of 6 girls with their jaws dropped open, listening avidly as I finished recounting the events of the day.

"YOU DIDN'T!!" Ritaj exclaimed, clearly in shock.

I blushed and shoved my face into a pillow, "I SO did!"

"As much as I hate to be saying this about my own cousin, but awwwwww!!!" Joori said enthusiastically.

"You sure you don't mind?" I asked tentatively as I peeked at her from behind the pillow.

"Mind? Are you kidding? I've been fantasizing about this ever since the day I met you and found out you knew him!" She replied excitedly.

"Really?" Darine asked, amused, "You've been fantasizing about your cousin kissing your friend for 3 weeks now? Don't you find that a bit odd?"

"That's not what I meant!" Joori clarified as we all laughed, "I meant I've been waiting for them to finally get together!"

I was taken aback by what she said and looked up from my pillow. "But.. we aren't together.." I said confused.

Sara gasped from across the sofa, "What do you mean you're not together?? Granted we only re-connected but I refuse to believe that you go around kissing random hot guys at the beach!" Sara was the mutual friend me and Joori had that I lost touch with, I introduced her to the group and they all automatically took a shine to her adorably innocent face and bubbly personality.

"It's not like that!" I quickly defended, "It's just that the topic of us being 'together' was never really discussed.. I don't know what we are!"

"Ask him!" Haifa spoke up.

"What is she supposed to do? Call up the guy and go 'hey! I was just wondering, are you my boyfriend or what exactly?'" Ritaj shot back.

"Eh.. good point." Haifa replied.

"You guys.. I think we're all missing the important issue here!" Dana said.

We all looked up at her expectantly, waiting for her issue to be verbalized.

"Was there or was there not tongue involved??" She asked impatiently.

We all simultaneously threw pillows at her.

"Hey! It's a legitimate question!" She defended herself.

"And a very personal one, don't you think?" I said, trying to dodge the question.

"Hey, don't be mean!" She said and attempted to pout, "I need to live vicariously through you, now tell me!" She replied insistently.

I looked up at all 6 of them who suddenly seemed very interested in the answer. "Well, at-"

The sound of the doorbell interrupted my almost confession and I smiled gratefully at the sky and got up to see who it was. I laughed as the pillows were now being thrown in my direction and walked to the door.

I opened the door to find 3azeez standing there looking at me, I was taken aback, to say the least, by his unexpected arrival.

"Is that how you always answer the door?" He asked as he took in my attire.

I self-consciously pulled down the shorts of my PJs and cleared my throat. I wasn't quite able to look him in the eyes without blushing about what happened earlier.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, trying my best not to make it sound like my heart was about to fly out of my chest.

"Well," he started with a sweet smile, "I kissed this girl at the beach today and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all day."

"Oh?" I said as I bit back a smile, "And you have the gall to show up at my doorstep and tell me about it?"

He laughed, "Well, it occurred to me as I was smoking, replaying the scene in my head over and over again, that I've never officially asked this girl out.. and I was wondering if that made her feel a little insecure or unsure about my feelings for her.." He trailed off.

I would've laughed if he didn't look so serious, how did he know? "I'm sure the thought never crossed her mind.." I assured him.

"Yeah? Well, just in case she has any doubts about anything, I was wondering if you could deliver a message for her from me?" He asked playfully.

"Depends on what the message is.." I said, playing along.

He took a few steps towards me and closed the distance between us and took my hand into his, "Would you tell her that I've been feeling strangely possessive of her from the moment I laid eyes on her and that those kisses earlier on only reassured me that she is mine now and for always as far as I'm concerned? And that if she wouldn't mind, I'd like very much to take her out tomorrow and show her off to the whole world?" He whispered into my ear.

I blushed and looked down at our hands, "I'm sure I can find a way to let her know." I whispered back.

He tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear and tipped my chin up, "You do that. Good night."

"Good night." I replied.

Just like that, he kissed the top of my head and walked to his car and drove off. I went back inside the house, closed the door and leaned against it. I found Juju, Joori, Haifa, Sara and the Double D's looking back at me, obviously they had witnessed the whole thing. I finally let out the smile I was hiding from him, squealed and melted against the door. My message tone beeped and I looked down to find a message from him, I opened it.

1 New Message.


I quickly hit the reply button and answered back..

Outgoing message.



Lost b2amreeka. said...


Lost b2amreeka. said...

ok i was first, if F was gabli i would've slaughtered her :( ok i read now!

Lost b2amreeka. said...

awwwwwwwww omg my eyes are watery! FUCK YOUUU LILOOOO (L) 7mara only story ever that has this affect on me! I can imagine everything in my head wallah damn uuu guuurl you gots to ge2 dis shi2 poobleshed!

TeenagerAtSea said...

Ye7laiilhom they're so cuuute.. Oo 3aziz ye7laila a7iba!! iyaniiiin!!

3anooda said...

aaaawwwwwww how cuuuuttteeeee - lakin na7na wain ga3deen?? he shows up at her house chee bas???

Noodles said...

awww! my fav. post eveeer!
and dana ;L pervert haha

Anonymous said...

Laaaa2 5alaaaa9 im melting yaa rabyyy wayeeeed cuteeee mshallaaahhhh :)

3sht el 7adath oo 9dg ya3ni ur writing is AMAZINGGGG mshallaaaah again :P

Wallaah kela in the blogging world they write about those perfect guys... where the hell r they in the world im living in ?! heheheee

Anyways u deserve a round of round of applause * Clapping *


Anonymous said...

u deserve a round of applause *clapping *

Typo mistake :P


Starlight<3 said...


Cutest scene ever, picture-perfect and although I don't believe things are ever perfect, since it's not realistic, this is the realistic kind of perfection, not like edward cullen! ;p

In fact screw Edward Cullen, I want 3azeez!

Once again I love Ritaj :
"What is she supposed to do? Call up the guy and go 'hey! I was just wondering, are you my boyfriend or what exactly?'" Ritaj shot back.

Haha and this time I love Dana too!

Best post yet, love it.

post soon, and I talk alot but I'm trying to keep it at a minimum I just have so much to say =(


Wa7da Qabiya said...

You wanna know something. Scorpio and Pisces are like totally perfect for eachother!

RainDrop said...


that's all i could do or say .. sry so out of words!

Anonymous said...

Umbay!!! AWWWWWWW!! Can I borrow him for a day? Bss one day oo I'll be happy for the rest of my life... XD ...

Mashalla you're writing style is mind-blowing oo your extensive vocabulary gives the story a touch of class and reality...

MWAH! :* G...


Lost; lol you first, don't worry! ;* 7abeebti, thank you! uber-flattered *blush* it really shouldn't but thanks lol love you <3

TeenagerAtSea; aww intay ily tyanineen;*

3anooda; lol it's fiction, besides I mentioned in earlier posts that her parents are MIA for the most part hehe

Noodles; 7abeebtii thank youu! ;** 7ad'ha lol abeeha she reads it w asma3 her feedback!

Anonymous K; aww so flattered 7abbeebti thank youu *bows* hehe they're non-existant for the most part babes, aw they exist for 2-3 weeks w turn into different people ;p

Starlight<3; lol aww 7abeebti cutich! Ritaj is Lost w she's loving the love lol I'm glad you loved it!! I will inshalla w 3adii you can comment as much as you want lol all feedback is welcome ;p

Wa7da Qabiya; Aww yay<3 gives me hope! lol ;*

RainDrop; lol! cuteyou;*

Anonymous G; awww that seems like a reasonable request.. sure! ;p 7abeebti thank you *blush* so flattered! ;**

3anooda said...

LOOOOOOL adry bas ana chee kileh wayid a3eesh ildor wiyahum - 3ady 6ansheeny


LOL noo no 6anishing ;* bil3aks wanasteeni 7asait you're wayid into the story hehe

Jam3iiya(L) said...

why am i always last to know these things, laish tawnii a3arif inich lilo? ; l

anywayss..loved it.. as usual..

Aishah said...

I was wondering where u went ;)

I think everyone is commenting with an aaawwwwwwwwwwwww la2ana this is soo sweet :D

wallah I suggest u seriously suggest publishing cuz 3yooni gam tithba7ni min mjabal the computer screen :P
I get so close min il indimaj china the characters will pop out if I concentrate :P
Well im going to sleep and u will definately give me good dreams "INSHALLA" as a result of this lovely post ;*

as always I ♥ U and UR Talents ;*

Gutter Flower said...

lilooo!!!! its u! hahahaha.. okay.. first of all.. W O W.. right.. now 2nd of all.. W O W.. hmmm.. now 3rd of all.. did i mention ina W O W? ur writing never ceases to amaze me.. no no.. STUN me.. it just blows me away.. and this post? Oh My God.. the definition of a perfect post.. Mashalla 3alaich! it just sent shivers thru my body.. ili.. 3azeeeeeeeeeeeeez (L).. *sigh*.. ur choice of words had my heart thumping oh-so-loudly! count me in as one of ur new loyal fans ;*

Pearla said...

OMG OMG seriously this story should be on tv or something ! I love it,, i really doo !!!
3azeez is just so hot and their kiss omg WOW .. aaaa5 ur killing me i sweaaar , i neeed a BF asap now !!! LOL ..
plzz plzzzz poost part 12 as soon as possible plzzz i really can't get enough ,its getting so inersting and jst WOW !!!

Eliza said...

Aziz = Romeo!!
I want a real version of him :(
Love, love, love the story Dandoon!
Keep it up!


Jam3iiya(L); I didn't tell anyone initially, I wanted unbiased feedback min my friends, then I kept using wrong accounts and stuff so I came clean lol sorry! Yay, glad you did ;**

Aishah; LOL, don't underestimate the power of concentration, I firmly believe I can make objects move if I try hard enough, don't lose hope! they might pop out ;p 7abeebti glad you liked it ;*

We ♥ you akthar! ;*

Gutter Flower; eee, it's meee lol *blush* walla extremely flattered, I'm speechless, thank you! so proud to have you as a fan, yaaay ;**

Pearla; LOL aww thank you! 7abeebti ma 6alabty shay, inshaaallaa! ;*

Eliza; yay!;* lol I'll create a real version of him for you :( I'm not Dandoon lol adri it says so on scarletlights for some reason bas I'm not, I'm Lilo min another blog hehe thanks for the feeedback<3

M said...

hmmm you're Lilo! That explains laish wayed 7abaitech :**

And as usual amazing post.. :*

Gray Goose. said...

AWWWWWWW! I love it I love it I love it! The scene was so cute and romantic! since it was at the beach and all;] And I love her friends ;p w I love her and 3azeez.
Post soon;*

-Crystal Spankbomb.

Silhouette Crime said...

mine yours wl a7 kela!

SlouchyPants said...

Ahh 3azeeeeeez I just love him!
The perfect thing to do after an annoying hour (or so) at Riyadh's airport is reading your blog <3



M; awww! *blush* a7ibich more <3 thank youu ;*

Gray Goose; yay, yay, yay! lol i will inshalla ;* I love your name ;p

Silhouette Crime; lol!;**

SlouchyPants; YAAY! Again, welcome back!! <3 glad you liked it..


honeylove said...

AWWH,I loved this post:D

I love Ritaj,shes just too cute;)
I love all of them too;)

I love you too,for writing suuch amaazing blogs:)

Cant wait for the next part.


honeylove; lol aww, so flattered, thanks hun! sorry walla I just saw your comment, next post is up!;**

Vanessa said...

awwwwwwwww omg my eyes are watery! FUCK YOUUU LILOOOO (L) 7mara only story ever that has this affect on me! I can imagine everything in my head wallah damn uuu guuurl you gots to ge2 dis shi2 poobleshed!

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