Thursday, April 26, 2012

Foolish Games.. (27)

I don't even know why I'm posting after so long, but I'm sorry :c I didn't even realise it's been over a year since my is-anyone-still-reading post. I get so caught up in things sometimes. *sigh*

ANYWAY. No excuses, but here's a post, so don't hate me too much, okay? Thanks.

Score, a parking space up front! I don't necessarily believe in signs, but this must be a good one. I peered through the tinted windows of the coffee shop and saw him standing by the counter. "What a gentleman." I muttered quietly to myself as I straightened out the wrinkles in my dress and walked in.
"Aww Fahad, you're such a doll, but you didn't have to wait for me to order!"  I cooed with fake-sweetness.

"I actually didn't order yet, I saw you pulling up and got up to wait for you here." he retorted in a matter-of-fact manner, effectively wiping the smug look off my face.

"Oh." I said as I looked away, trying to save face, "I was kidding anyway."

"Uh-huh, I'm sure you were." he replied and looked back at the waitress. "Hi, I'd like a cappuccino please, with soy milk." 

"Watching your weight, princess? have a big recital coming up? Shall I tell the maids to dust your ballet slippers and straighten out your tutu?" I joked, quite pleased with myself.

"For your information, it happens to be better for you and it's the only kind of milk I can stomach." he said as he raised an eyebrow, challenging me to reply.

"Also, I hear it reduces bloating while you're on your period." I added with a wink, "It's okay, it'll be our little secret."

"Wow, you really are a brat." he said with what I'm sure he thought was an irritated look, but his amusement was obvious.

"Fahad!" I exclaimed with a giggle, "stop spoiling me with compliments, not in front of the waitress!" He stared at me with incredulity for a few seconds, then laughed, almost involuntarily.

"Just place your order already."

I skimmed their menu and looked up. "I want something cold, what do you recommend, Joyce?" I asked, quickly reading her name tag.

"Try the ice-blended macchiato ma'am, is very good." She suggested with a smile.

"Then she'll have that, and if you can bring it in a sippy-cup, please, that'd be wonderful." he said with a wink. "She tends to have a lot of accidents."

I pretended to laugh and gasp for air, "Do.. you.. know.. what.. was.. funny.. about that?"

"What?" he asked with an expectant grin.

"This." I said as I elbowed his stomach and smiled as he let out a low groan.

 "Well played." he said as he shook his head.

"Don't mess with me, homeslice." I said as I paid Joyce and walked off to find a table.

I passed by three tables before smiling to myself and settling on one.

"Why didn't you just sit on the first table? Why do women have to make a process out of everything?" he asked, sounding genuinely perplexed.

"Don't generalise, it's unbecoming." I admonished, giving him my best stern look, "And if you MUST know, I chose this table 'cause it has male genitalia engraved on the side. It obviously has character."

"You have a lot of character. Characters, in fact. I'm pretty sure I've met several since I first saw you."

"I'm multi-faceted." I stated with a shrug.

"Or just crazy, in non-fancy terms?" he offered.

"Whatever." I replied petulantly.

"I'm just giving you a hard time, I actually do find you quite... interesting." he amended.

"I'm confused, that almost sounded like a compliment!" I gasped.

He laughed and I found myself unwittingly smiling along. "Give me some time to perfect it, I'm not used to being so nice. In case you haven't noticed, I'm kind of an asshole." he admitted ruefully.

"Nonsense! In fact, when we first met, I mistook you for a modern real-life manifestation of Prince Charming! Swept me off my feet, yo." I concluded with a sweet smile and batting eyelashes.

"I can do without the sarcasm, thumbelina. I'm trying here." he said earnestly.

"And what is it exactly that you're trying to do?" I asked, the suspicion was ringing off of every syllable.

He shifted in his seat, obviously uncomfortable. "To get to know you better?" he ventured.

I shook my head disapprovingly. "But why? Dig deeper." I encouraged.

"'Cause I want to ask you out." he admitted, "There's something about you, I don't know what it is. You're annoying, but you constantly make me want to smile. I heard opposites attract and I want to see if it's true."

"Ahh, now we're getting somewhere. You want me to be your relationship guinea pig?" I asked innocently.

"Stop deliberately misunderstanding everything I say." He ordered.

"Uh, yes master? I'm not misunderstanding everything, I'm trying to gather enough information before I pass judgement." I explained.

"Look, you're over-thinking this. I don't want to play your little game anymore, I'm not asking you for all your tomorrows, I'm asking if you feel like there's something here, too." he concluded, putting me on the spot.

My throat suddenly went dry. I'm not used to someone being so authoritative and direct with me. I'm aware that I tend to draw things out and beat around the bush, but I'm used to people catering to my silly whims, not calling me out on my bullshit. I didn't trust myself to speak just yet, so I gave a small nod and felt anticipation team up with adrenalin and race through my veins.

"Good. Now we actually ARE getting somewhere." he said, using my words against me. "Have dinner with me tomorrow night."

"No, thank you." I replied.

"Why not?" he asked patiently.

"'Cause I'm actually not interested in finding out what "this", whatever it is, actually is... If that made sense." I ended lamely.

"Bullshit. Have dinner with me."

"Are you ordering me to?" I asked, slightly annoyed.

"No, I'm imploring you." he said with a surprisingly charming smile."Are you seeing someone?"

I shook my head in denial. "Good. So you're having dinner with me?"

"Oh, my God. NO! What is wrong with you, how many times do I have to say "no"? get the picture already!" I snapped.

"Do you plan on having dinner tomorrow night?" he asked, changing approaches.

"Most likely." I replied shortly, upset over his lack of reaction to my little hissy fit.

"Then have dinner with me. It won't be a date unless you decide to name it that sometime during the evening. It doesn't have to mean more than you want it to mean. So, what do you say?" he looked at me expectantly.

I hated it when people were persuasive. I hate it even more when my voice betrays the rest of me and I hear it saying that we would go to dinner with Fahad tomorrow. He picked up my phone, dialed his number and returned my phone.
"Now, you can't run and hide from me." he said with a proud smile.

I finally came to my senses and realised what I agreed to. "Whoa whoa whoa, what just happened?" I asked him, completely puzzled by my confirmation for dinner.

He smirked at me an got up from his seat, "I believe I just won round one. Talk to you soon." he said and walked away, leaving me stunned and staring at the empty door.


Anonymous said...

Dont worry honey were still here and i bet alot of people read the post and didnt comment but i m being a good girl and doing it so yalla whens the next post soon inshallah and dont worry ppl are coming back bas i reeeaaaaaallllly want you to continue :*******

- chaklaaaayt from bgaaaar
P.s. i miss you :)

Lady M & Princess R said...

We totally agree with chaklaaaayt from bgaaaar. We're SO glad that you're back. Your words are like sprinkle of dust on perfection (mashallah) <3

Lots of Love

Carpe Diem said...

Adkfdlfkd. That was my reactions when you posted. And then I went back to post (1) so I wouldn't miss a single details from this post.

Sigh. I miss Khaled and 3azeez like crazy (in the story ofcourse). They could be my homeboys in a parallel literary universe where I'd be a literary slut? Hmmm.

Any this Fahad guy, he better be interesting, or else I'll...I'll think of a threat later. Hmph!

Lilo♥ said...

Aww you guys are the best. *draws hearts around comment page* Shall try my best not to disappoint! x

Lost said...


I truly honestly with every little ounce of my being LOVED IT.

you're sitting right next to me, so I don't know why i'm typing a comment. But, seriously, your writing makes me want to die. WANT TO DIE, FAHMA?!!!

abi amuut.

Amazing, as usual.

And Fahad sounds like the little whore you keep around to cheer u up on sad days.

I like. I love. I die.

Okay, chinna i'm being a drama queen?

Seriously, why are my comments always so long?

Some things never change...


R said...

are u planning to post? I'm a silent reader. Who's eager to read your next post. Btw best blog ever! But I want aziz back not fahad!

Lilo♥ said...

Lost: love. you. <3

R: aww thank you :D i definitely am! I'm just a bit over a week from graduating (hopefully) and i'm a bit busy. soon soon xx

Anonymous said...

Please 5al9ay the story and end it with a happy ending 7aram it goes to waste+ I really enjoy your writing there is something about it that is so passionate. Anyways thankyou for your amazing story although I really really want you to finish it I'm begging because I know its worth it, because its such a great story and you are truly an amazing writer!

D xox

Anonymous said...

Ohh yeah and btw I WAS a silent reader. But now NO NO uhh uhh not anymore+ I really enjoy posting... umfffff I'm on fire while waiting
D xox

Anonymous said...

PLEASE don't stop! I'm addicted to your story! Please post as soon as possible :P
Question: Are Ghala and 3azeez over? .. :(

Noura Al-mesned said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NouraM said...



Anonymous said...

What about 3azeez? :-( PLEASE post soon! Love you so much!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you going to finish it ? What's the surprise please tell me it's azooz :(

Anonymous said...

heyy im a silent reader!
ive started reading your blog today and its A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, been searching for these kind of storiess!!! cant wait for the next post!! make it shocking!!

SB ;)!!

Anonymous said...

I just recently read this story. Three words: I love it! It's truly amazing! You are a gifted writer, please continue writing! I know you probably won't since this post was like ages ago, but if you read this do it for me? Pleaaaase? :3 I am a silent reader, and don't usually comment so feel special. Plus this story scored the third rank of my favorite blogs of all time. LOVE IT!
XO! -T

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Anonymous said...

Please post sooooooooon. Don't forget about ur blog. I love it and so do other readers don't do this to us. Y aren't u posting ??? :(

Anonymous said...

pleeeeeease pooooost :(

hadeel khalid said...

omg!!! it's already 2015. please post soon and don't stop writing this blog, I really want to know what happens. I like your writing mashalla please post ASAP

Anonymous said...

I am seriously in love with your writing! Mashalla it is beyond perfect, I couldn't stop reading! Please post soon, I don't care if 3 years have passed but I got so attached to your amazing story. Pleaseeeeeee post soon

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