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Foolish Games.. (5)

Hey you ;* ee intaw, my lovely readers <3 I honestly didn't think anyone would be reading this ghair my little advertiser/cheerleader, Lost! A7ibich ;** Basich da3ayaat! Anyway, I wanted to thank you for following/reading/commenting! Love you guys ;* This part was supposed to be longer but I have to leave now, so inshalla I'll post another one tonight, enjoy!


“And then what happened?” Haifa whispered with avid interest two days later in Human Rights. We had given up trying to understand what the professor was talking about lessons ago, his accent was too thick for us to even attempt to decipher. Besides, when we did stupidly pay attention, we’d end up laughing really loud and getting reprimanded for it and as a “punishment” we weren’t allowed to sit next to each other. We sat a few seats apart for a week, then gradually got closer until only a table separated us, technically we were still carrying out his wishes!

“And then nothing! Khift itha ga3adt I’d ask him to father my children, fa I said goodnight and walked away!” I answered as I banged my head on the desk in front of me.

I heard Haifa try to cover up her laughter with a cough , “Walla innich mu 9a7ya! I doubt you would’ve said that min awalha Ghalooy!”

I gave her an incredulous look, “Would you be willing to place money on that? You’ve known me long enough to see how much trouble my impulsiveness has gotten me into in the past! Maybe I wouldn’t have said that exactly, but definitely something to that effect..” I trailed off as I got lost in my thoughts once again.

I spent the last two days attempting to study for my midterm later on today and I succeeded, for the most part. But ever so often, I would find myself spacing out and thinking of him, then all prospects of continuing to study would be shot to hell and I suddenly develop the attention span of a goldfish. I wasn’t sure where my infatuation with him was going but I was dying to find out. I couldn’t wait to see him again, I didn’t know when that’d be but the thought of it gave me all kinds of butterflies and then some! As a result, I slept very little those two days and the added stress of the upcoming midterms didn’t help whatsoever.

I was debating whether I should go home and change after class as my dress was a little shorter than I originally thought. I was running late that morning and couldn’t find thick tights and opted for sheer ones. When I asked Juju that morning if it was okay I was given the reply of “LEGS!” accompanied by her widened eyes. That was the same response I got when I later asked her if I should change into flats at least, followed by a threat to decapitate me if I did.

I saw everyone in class gathering their things and walking out, i looked at my watch, 12.30, he let us out early for once! I threw all my books into my bag quickly, afraid that he’d change his mind if we didn’t get out of there fast enough. We were done with classes for the day and had our midterm next in 5 hours. The girls were meeting up at 3, I didn't want to go over the material yet again, I knew i would end up confusing myself, so to avoid temptation, I didn't bring the books with me. If I didn't know it all by this point, there was no hope for me.

Ritaj called to see if I was going to change my mind about joining them, after a lot of useless prodding on her part, she decided to give up, my refusal was beyond vehement.

"I think I'm either in the mood for coffee or McD's, but i can't decide!" Haifa announced.

I gave her an amused look, "Yes, I can see your dilemma, after all they are VERY similar!"

"Malat 3alaich, inzain? PICK or baroo7 atghada at home!" she threatened.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I said as i fluttered my eyelashes unrepentantly, "Coffee? Then have lunch at home and meet up with the girls, so khalty doesn't complain about you being out for too long?" I suggested.

"You're a genius! Ta3alay let's make nicknick," She said as she wiggled her eyebrows. I can understand how people may get the wrong impression of us sometimes, we're just messing around but it doesn't help that I have a friend that licks my hands still and another one that keeps propositioning me at every turn.

I giggled and feigned shyness, "Haifaaaa, not here! I'll make it up to you later though," I promised as i wiggled my eyebrows back at her.

She burst out laughing, "Kinky! Ghalooy, you're such a tease!" She said jokingly.

"Eee that's how I roll baby, always keep 'em wanting more," I said as I put on my sunglasses.

We giggled as we walked to the parking lot, well, she walked, i mostly barely kept myself from stumbling to the parking lot. My phone started vibrating in my hand. I looked down to see who was calling, it was Khalood! His kuwaiti number, I couldn't believe he was back! I squealed and picked up the phone.

"KHALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" I screamed into the phone.

"Aaii! Mu chithee Ghalooy, you warn a man before doing that so early in the morning!" He said in an annoyed tone, but I knew better.

"Bite me, you know you missed it! Besides, it's not morning anymore ya tambal, it's almost 1, GOOM!" I ordered him before i launched into a series of questions, "Laish ma giltly you're back?! When did you get back to Kuwait? How was your flight? Why didn't you call me? Is everything okay? You miss me? Did you get me chocolate? How's the girlfriend?"

I heard his laughter at the other side of the phone, I missed him so much it wasn't even funny. I haven't seen him since last year, he couldn't make it back for summer break. Khalood was a pilot-in-training, he was currently studying in the UK. He's always been my hero and the only man I could ever count on. My relationship with my father was practically nonexistent and painfully formal, suffice it to say it left a lot to be desired. I didn't doubt for a minute that my parents loved me, I just never saw them, my dad was a dedicated workaholic and when he finally got home, he would go out with friends. My mother always away at some social gathering or travelling with friends. I've tried to make an effort to be closer to her a countless number of times, but her world of fakeness, glitz and glamour is just one that I am not meant to be in. Being an only child, the void where my family is supposed to be was quickly filled up by Khalood, Ritaj and Haifa years ago and I thank God for their existence every day of my life, I honestly don't know where I'd be without them.

"EE! Shrayich 3ayal? Akeed I miss my energizer bunny, w yes I got you all the chocolate you can eat! The girlfriend is out of the picture, ma giltlich I'm back 3ashan i surprise you, adri mat7ibeen bas kaifich 3ad! I wouldn't have heard hal 9arkha il7ilwaa itha giltlich in advance. Ha did I answer all your questions?" God, I missed his voice.

"Ya 7maar I love youu! When am I seeing you?" I asked excitedly.

"Mita ma tabeen, ana ta7t amrich!"

I covered the phone with my hand, "Do you mind if Khalood joins us?" I whispered to Haifa. She looked a little hesitant but she nodded her consent.

"How does right now sound? Join us for coffee?"

"Fooga," He replied, "Mino wiyach?"

Shit. "Ma7ad, bas Haifa, meet us at Starbucks kaneesa?"

"Ah, okay. Alright babe, I'll see you in about 20 minutes."

"Yaaaay! Oh yeah, Khalood?"


"7imdillah 3ala ilsalama!!!"

"Hahahahah taw ilnas! allah isalmich 7abeebti, bye." Click.



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BOnita_LuLu said...

5laaa9 ana 2nd :Pp...loved it Cant Waiiiiit for the next post :**...

Anonymous said...

cant wait for the next post X

Limited said...


lol 7bait their relationship with each other .. its very open and relaxed .. the best kind!

Pearla said...

nice,, bs where is abdulaziz :p LOL .. can't wait for the next post !!

Jam3iiya(L) said...

mygod i love your blog! ;*


♥; LOL, kint barid 3ala myself, fashla ;$

BOnita_LuLu; lol ;**

Anonymous; inshalla you won't be dissapointed! ;*

Limited; lol yeah, it really is ♥

Pearla; LOL, i asked myself the same question while writing ;p soon inshalla ;*

Jam3iiya(L); aww my god, i love you! ;*

Lost b2amreeka. said...

YAY was gonna at7al6am about not being first :p ILOVEYOUILOVEYOURBLOGYALFANANA!!! ;**

Anonymous said...

so khalid is mino exactly???
cant wait for the next post

Jam3iiya(L) said...

I appear to have forgotten to state my lovely opinion.

First, please please don't let khalid be inlove with her!
We've had too many 'inlove with my best friend' cliches.

Oh ya,and most importantly, I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR WRITING TOO! Mashalla mashalla! ;**



Anonymous; Khalood is a friend.. ily min part 3? sandbox guy!

Jam3iiya(L); Nonononono, killish he's not in love with her! hehe it'll clear up soon! Thank youu 7abeebti! ;*

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